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Chapter 8

Seconds later I’m on a hospital bed and I hear voices saying she’s awake. I see some doctors, cops, parents and Lucas. “You ok sweetie “says mum, I look very confused and ask “where am I? What’s going on?”. “Someone tried to kill you, they broke into your house, do you know anyone who might want you dead” says the cop I think he is Lucas’s father they look very alike, I shake my head. The doctor asks everyone to leave so that I could get some rest.

After a while Lucas sneaks in the room. “Are you ok? My dad rushed over, he said that there was a girl that call who was in trouble and when I heard it was your place and jumped in” he says with a concerned look on his face. I told him what happened and how I didn’t see the face of the convict, I also told him that I thought it was an ominous spirit. “Just don’t tell them...” he says as someone entered the room “don’t tell them what exactly” his father says, “Lucas.... please do tell me I’d like to know” he says continuing. Lucas quickly says “that Lucy and I are in the float committee for the June festival, I didn’t want you to meet Lucy like this but I guess fate had a better plan”. “It’s ok, my name is Antonio Angelo. Sweetie please do tell what had happen to you vital if you want us to catch the bad guys “he says , I tell him what had transpired leaving out the part that I thought it was a ghost.

Well... then I guess the cops are going on a man hunt for spirit they don’t know of ironic though if I change the ghost into people suddenly everyone believes me. The next day I was getting a discharge from the hospital and grandma Perle seemed a lot more quite than usually, she avoided any eye contact with me and tried her hardest to hide from me. I think she knows the truth and I wish she would just tell me. The person I thought she was is a complete different person. Mum and dad were treating me like a baby and they made my favourite dinner that night, the whole I did nothing besides lay in bed by the next I decided that I would go to school. When I get downstairs my parents tell me to stay home but, I refuse to stay home and told them that I want everything to be normal. Besides after the ordeal I didn’t want to be alone at home. My dad got Lucas to pick me up; I guess he didn’t want me going alone. Maybe he feared that the attacker might come after me again, only if he knew that the attacker is ominous.

Lucas drove up to pick me up, we went to fetch Blair when we were closer to the school Lucas had passed the school and drove on a road leading out of town. “Umm what are you doing???? Schools over there..... Hello dudes you taking the off ramp” says Blair annoyed and frustrated. “Were not going to school” states Lucas. “Are you crazy? Oh my word we cannot miss school! I am not a delinquent and I need to be student body.... besides I need to get accepted in a good university because I’m the only one in my family graduating, you are going back to the school this instant....Can you hear me or am I just speaking.... wait why are to stopping the car?”Says Blair as Lucas pulls up at the side of the road. “Because we here to see some ghost hunters from out of town. Last night I sent them an email and Blair this is a scientific research issue for you so that’s why you here if you want to go to school I could drop you off” says Lucas. “We already here and I won’t give up a major scientific research for anything” replies Blair

We all get off the car to enter the diner at the filling station, we go towards this couple who seem like they in their thirties or so the lady is dressed very neat with her brown hair tied up, the guy also dressed neatly. They don’t look like the type of people who would be ghost hunters.

“Hi I’m Karen Davis and this Toby Davis my husband, we’re professors from the University Of Cape Valley, and we deal with paranormal, legends and myths. You must be Lucas right??”Mrs Davis introduces herself; “hi” we all respond “this is friends Lucy and Blair, Lucy also experienced some paranormal activity and Blair is here for the research” says Lucas. “Nice to meet you guys, when we heard your story we had to drive down this might be something big” states Mr Davis, “Mr and Mrs Davis, have you guys seen a ghost?” says Blair holding her phone out to record them, “You can call us Karen and Toby, Mr and Mrs make us seem old and we’ve never seen one directly but your guys issue might be a link between us and them and could a key factor to help us with a scientific discovery” says Karen.

We all were sitting at the table, Toby and Karen asked us many questions on our past like if we had lost anyone we loved, Lucas surprisingly had a sister named Jenny who used to live in town before she and the mayors son decided to leave town to study together but on their attempt were killed in a car accident. Lucas blamed himself for the whole thing he was only ten when it happened, they found one of his toy cars in the exhaust which caused the car to implode.

Although Karen and Toby told us that they would try and find more research and would tell us if they find anything a part of me thought they we not convinced. They told us that usually spirits don’t show themselves but said there must be a reason why we could see them. We left the gas station and drove back town, the drive back was almost an hour so we only missed around three hours of school. We were contemplating going back to school.

Blair really wanted to go back so that we wouldn’t get into trouble; luckily it was lunch time when we got back so when sneaked into the school. Lucas said he knows a guy who could mark us present for the classes we missed which were a big relief for Blair that girl really wanted to move out of town and get accepted at that university.

When we got the school, we all went our separate ways. I first went to my locker and while I was busy Sasha walked towards me “Oh there you are... we’ve been looking all over for you, I signed up for the dance committee and OMG you won’t believe the theme its.....” says Sasha and stops as Lucas comes towards us , “hey... I got detention so won’t make it today” he says I nod my head in agreement. Sasha a look and smiles “what?” I ask, “oh nothing you two umm??” she says, “no we friends” I respond. The rest of the day was normal besides for the creepy genitor that looks like one of the ghost I seen, when I seen him panicked a little. Maybe this ghost is his ancestor or something.

Since Lucas got detention I had to walk home, while walking Sasha and Jack offer me a lift but I told them that I was going to pass. Besides I needed to get ready for work at the book store. I decided that I would go one time to the book store and texted Lucas to pick me up after my shift. “Why did you get detention?” I ask Lucas while driving home “Mr Phillips hates me and I was talking to my friend at the back of the class.... what???? His boring” he replied. When we arrived by my house it seemed like Grandpa had got really sick, we rushed him over to the hospital and the doctors said he had gotten a heart attack and had slipped into Acoma. Grandma wasn’t talking to anybody she didn’t feel like eating and seemed very distant.

I decided to go to bed that evening and notice a page on the floor in my room it was from the night I copied the journal. It must have fallen during the excitement. When I picked it up there was a map on it of the whole town it had certain places marked with certain days, it was like a scheduled map that had times and markings all over, I quickly texted Lucas to tell him about it, we decided that we would go check it out in the morning. He asked me more about the map. I told him the map was like a schedule, which on a Tuesday and Thursday had a marking that looked the same with the same times. The rest of the symbols were all similar but different they all had 3a.m. written next to each symbol.

I started my school work which I have missed earlier in the day and my pen decided not to write. I went downstairs to my grandparent’s room, I knew grandma had a pen somewhere; they were both at the hospital so I just went looking by myself. While looking I dropped this book and paper fell out of it, the paper had the same symbols like on the map only difference was that the map was map this just had the symbols and times. I take out my phone from my pocket and take a picture of it. Suddenly I hear someone coming I think its grandma so I quickly hide under the bed. She walks in the room and sits on the bed now there’s no way of me getting out of here, I hear her speaking on the phone “J there has to be another way they can’t find out it would 1960 all over again” she says, by mistake I drop my phone she puts her phone down and stands up, I speedily dial the house telephone she walks out of the room to answer and I leave her room as fast as possible once I’m out of her room I hang up the phone and make my way to my room.

I lock my room door and sit with the laptop on my bed. I search 1960 the only thing I found was the dawn of the golden age, John F. Kennedy, deaths, fight for civil rights and wars. Which to me doesn’t make sense? What does this have to do with anything? Besides what was grandma talking about???

With a hundred thoughts going through my brain, I could concentrate it seemed that I was so busy trying to figure this out that nothing seemed to stop me. I went down stairs and made myself some coffee so that I would stay up. There was a lot to read about the 1960s but it seemed like a waste in a sense because I couldn’t find anything. I decided to type out 1960s ghost myths all I found was over a million myths and ghost towns.

Our town happens not to be on the map it stated no civilization for over 1000 years so it would be considered a ghost town in a way I thought to myself. But what I don’t understand it, nothing makes sense. Why does grandma have the same symbols and times? What does it all have to do with the ghosts? Who’s J? What does everything have to 1960?

I fell asleep these thoughts on my mind, I literally passed out with my laptop on my lap and papers all over my bed, and the floor I had a system which I spent almost the whole night doing, With geographic maps, notes and pictures. I colour coded the papers so that we could differentiate the areas and days. It was really systematic each stack of papers was layered in front of my bed neatly on my rug.

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