Field Trip

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Chapter One: It Just Happened

“Carol!!” She desperately yelled, tears flowing down her face. Carol’s face was filled with panic, unlike her; Carol wasn’t crying. She was too scared to.

“Diane!!” she screamed, while desperately trying to reach out to her. “HELP ME, PLEASE!” Diane could see him behind her. His eyes soulless, filled with rage. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ His expression was calm, collective and un-phased but the flakes of dried blood falling off of his face as he reached out and grabbed Carol’s arm.

“Here!” Diane saw him raising a bloody fire ax with his other hand. “Take my hand!” as soon as their fingers touched, the floor beneath them collapsed, a steel pipe launched out, hitting Diane on the head, knocking her unconscious.

The water hitting the small puddles created a nice rhythmic sound that was almost soothing, like small rain drops within a hollow cave that would transport you into another world of solitude and peace. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ Diane quickly realized her surroundings and forced herself up, pushing off debris of wood and sheet metal off of her back. She began to study the area and all she saw were mangled metal and pipes dripping with water. It was dark and she could only see a few feet ahead of her. The panting she was letting out was creating a large echo and the pain within her ribs was making it worse. “Where am I?” she thought while rubbing the bump on her head and the image of the deranged man holding a fire ax popped in her head. “CAROL!” she then began to look around erratically “Carol, where are you?” she whispered, from a distance, she saw Carol’s hand lying limp on the ground. Her silver ‘class of 13’ engraved bracelet reflecting the small ray of light overhead.

“C… Carol…” Diane reached out and touched her hand; her fingers felt cold, clammy. “Carol, are you…” She began to scream as she held Carol’s severed hand. She looked around in a panic, there were stone debris, twisted metal and overturned furniture everywhere, her breathing echoed heavily throughout the hallow halls. “Is… everyone… Dead…”

She then heard those teeth chatter, ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ Diane jumped up and began to bang on the metallic wall. “Marcus! Ms. Cruz! Paulie! Jonas! Anyone! Anyone!!” A loud snap echoed around her. “Oh no, not again!” Suddenly, the floor collapsed and she screamed, but this time, she only dropped a foot. She quickly dropped on her knees and braced herself for any falling debris. She then heard a small ping, she slowly opened eyes and saw Carol’s bracelet. As she reached out, she could hear Carol’s faint laughter in her mind as she picked it up and held it close to her bosom. Her body began to shake once again and she rested her back against the steel wall as she began to cry. “Someone, please save me…”

They ran down the hall, all three of them were dripping with sweat, terrified and exhausted. They were no older than seventeen and just trying to survive the madness they were forced upon. “No, Nooo!!” ‘Klunk!’ the painful scream was overshadowed by the rushing footsteps, as his cry for help became gargled. One of them looked back and saw the ax-wielding maniac, chopping up is friend into pieces. With one hard whack, the right arm flew off. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ His teeth kept chattering as he took another whack at the body, chopping off the lower jaw. The two quickly turned the corner and saw a shadowy silhouette of a man holding a baseball bat and they screamed, as the man stepped into the light.

He was in his late thirties slightly built and he was covered in sweat, blood and gore. The two boys could see that he was extremely exhausted as he wiped the blood from his forehead, showing his forehead, showing his pale white skin. “Mr. Barker!” one of them yelled.

“Don’t stop, keep running and head straight into the main hall, there’s a barricade there!” Without uttering a single word, the two of them ran passed him and made a quick right. Mr. Barker looked at the ax-wielding maniac and slowly raised the bat. The muscles on his arms were beginning to twitched “I tore my forearm muscles when fighting the last guy.” He looked ahead; the walls had a large number of blood and gore splattered across. Plates, sheets and body parts littered the floor as the ax maniac began to make his way towards him. “He… Hey you bastard…” his arms were shaking too much and the bat was growing heavier and heavier by the second as he stared into the maniac’s pitch black eyes. “Y-You are no longer the man I once knew Henry and I-I’m going to make sure that Y-You will not lay another hand on any of my students!”

The grinding metal from the ax being dragged on the floor echoed within the halls. The light briefly shined on the maniac. His eyes were like a black pearl; his teeth appeared to be all fangs and his expression, still blank as he crept closer and closer. Mr. Baker waited “Come on, just a little bit more.” And with every last ounce of his strength, he swung the bat and caved in the ax man’s skull. “I-I got him!” Blood, pieces of bone, flesh and brain mass flew into the air.

As the ax man fell on the floor, Mr. Barker let out a whelp, he immediately lost his grip to the bat and both his hands went numb. Ignoring the pain surging through his arms he quickly began stomping its head in. “This is for Jacob! For Maria! And for everyone else you killed today you son of bitch!” He kept stomping and stomping until all that was left was a pile of broken bone and flesh. Mr. Baker leaned in and saw an unusually large flatworm sticking out from the neck. “What the hell?” He stepped on it and heard a small high pitch squeal before he crushed it.

‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ Suddenly, a hand appeared out of nowhere, grabbing his face, lifted him off the ground and slammed him against the wall. He looked down and saw a young woman with a missing hand, her face, the palest shade of gray, her eyes were black as night. She remained unemotional while she began to squeeze harder. “C-Carol!” Mr. Barker struggled to say, while kicking her face with what’s left of his strength. He could feel his jaw and cheekbone cracking against the might of her monstrous strength, forcing his mouth open. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ “D-Damn it…!”

BOOM!! The loud thunderous sound shook Diana up. BOOM! She looked ahead and noticed small points began to form on the wall as it began to vibrate rapidly. The walls began to vibrate rapidly and the image of the ax man appeared in her head. She quickly began to scurry, moving the debris of metal and bent pipes looking for a way out or a place to hide. BOOM! “There’s no place to hide.” She placed her back against the wall. BOOM! Her eyes widened as the ax began to cut through the steel wall and she began to cry. The ax kept coming in and out the wall, making the hole bigger and bigger and it just made her panic a bit more as tears began to fall. “S-S-Somebody, p-please save me…” her words were a mere whisper as the steel wall bend and twisted as the ax rapidly went in and out.

She let out a loud scream as a dark silhouette emerged from the newly formed gap in the wall. Her body trembled at the thought of what he might to her while his foot entered the room and she urinated on herself as she rolled into a fetal position. “…No… P-please God no!” a ray of light shined over her as she braced herself for demise.

“Diane, Dee it’s me.” Her body was still shaking as her eyes stayed fixated on that fire ax. “Dee.” She slowly moved her eyes, looking at the wet dark blue Fila sneakers, the filthy black slacks, and the blood-drenched white button down. “Dee, please answer me.” She then looked at his chubby, caring face. He had short, straight black hair, and dark eyes which contrast with sandy brown skin as he tried to smile and readjusted his glasses.

“Jo… Jonas…?” She sniffed “Y-Your alive!” he glanced down and saw the puddle between her legs.

“I’m sorry I gave you such a scare Dee.” Diane glanced down and quickly covered her crotch, her face burning red with embarrassment.

“I… I thought I was going to die.” Jonas tilted his head back and threw her a warm smile.

“It’s okay,” he sighed, “Come on. I left Tad alo…” his eyes widened at the bracelet on her wrist and he grabbed her hand. “This is Carol’s!” his voice instantly became hopeful. “Have you seen her? I’ve been looking all over for her!” The image of Carol’s fear stricken face appeared into her head as she slowly looked towards the direction of the severed hand briefly and then looked at him.

“I found it on the floor…” she lied. Jonas was Carol’s ex and her best friend and at the moment, she didn’t have the heart to tell him that she was dead. “Sorry, I haven’t seen her.”

“Oh,” his voice saddened “Come, let’s go.” He stepped through the hole and quickly looked around.

“Come,” His voice trailed off. “Let’s go Dee.” Diane carefully walked through the hole and she watched as Jonas readied the as, as he slowly walked towards the end of the hall.

“He’s so brave.” She thought, but Jonas had always been that way, ever since kindergarten… Thick skinned… Clear minded… Never the one who would volunteer for leadership, but when push comes to shove, he became a true natural born leader. “How can I tell him that Carol is dead?” They walked down the long corridor, their footsteps bouncing off the walls, water dripping into various puddles around them. It was hard to believe that a short time ago it was immaculate with beige walls and dark hardwood floors, bench seating with recessed spot lighting. Diane then looked at his shirt. “It’s so bloody, did he fought the ax man?”

He quickly extended his hand out, making her stop. She looked at his arm; they were covered in scratched and a couple of homemade stitches. “What the hell happened to him?” she thought, but he shoved her against the wall and stood in front of her. He narrowed his eyes and she couldn’t understand what was going on, but then heard the teeth chattering. ‘Click-Clack!’ He slowly raised his ax and jumped the corner, but quickly lowered it. “Damn it, Tad!” She turned the corner and saw the boney emo dressed boy sitting on the foot of a large wall of debris that was blocking the path ahead.

Tad looked up; his eyes were bloodshot as if he was crying for a long while now. His body, soaking wet and his lips were blue. Soon as he saw her, he quickly placed on a brave face. He stood up and tried to wipe off the black grime off of his Sullen T-shirt. “Dee!” He choked and quickly walked towards her. He pulled her towards him and gave her a tight hug. “It was your voice that Jonas heard.” Tad looked to the right as saw Jonas who was already starting to scale the wall of debris. “You son of a bitch, you left me alone!” he yelled and Jonas gave him a scornful look as he quickly lowered his voice. “He swore he heard your voice and just ran without thinking. I was all alone. Then I heard that clicking noise and I thought I was going to die.”

Diane let out a small smile at the thought of Jonas quickly running to her aide, it was something he always did when it came to her, but it also created quite a large number of arguments between Carol and him, but Carol never understood that they were just friends… Nothing else. “We need to clear the top in order to make a decent path.” Jonas’s voice echoed as a large steel duct landed beside them. “Can you guys give a hand?” Tad looked at her and then began to move some of the sheet rock and piping out of the way. Diane took a deep breath and began to move debris out of the way when she saw a mangled body underneath. She jumped back and was about to scream when Tad placed his hand over her mouth.

“Don’t scream, please.” He whispered, “It could lead them towards us.” He looked down, staring at the partially crushed face and the dead white eye. “Looks like this man was crushed by all of this debris, thank God none of them got to him.” Diane could feel his breathing relaxing as he let her go and she looked at him very perplexed.

“Them?” The tone of her voice caught the two of them off guard. “Them who?” Tad raised an eyebrow.

“Where were you when, you know?” he asked “The wave hit.”

“I was in my room,” she sighed, “just lying down. I needed time to myself… Carol and I had gotten into an argument over something…” she looked over towards Jonas who was jimmying a bolted table off the ceiling. “Stupid and the next thing I knew the room began to shake. I tried to find cover when I had gotten flipped over and I was knocked out, and then woke up to this.” That was partially true. Carol was in that room with her the entire time about Jonas. How Carol was so sure that Jonas and her was having an affair and Diane was pushing it off as another one of her paranoid moments when they saw the large wave approaching and then it was dark.

Carol woke her up. They didn’t know how long they were in there, but they needed to escape and fast. However, as soon as they stepped out of the room, they ran into the ax man and she was thrown into this nightmare. Jonas looked down towards her. “How long ago do you think this happen?” the harsh tone within Jonas’s voice above her startled her a bit.

“A few hours I guess.” And Tad looked at her in disbelief.

“You mean to tell me that you were knocked out for twelve hours?”

“Twelve hours!” She looked over towards Jonas as a loud squeal of twisted metal boomed around the as the room began to shake. Jonas jumped off the wall and pushed them out of the way. “Move back! The wall is collapsing!” the metal began to slide towards them, chunks of shot overhead. The large snaps and cracks were deafening and a large cloud of dust engulfed them. As the dust settled Jonas was hovering over Tad and Diane. The wall behind them, almost passible and Jonas quickly stood back up and resumed making a passageway. “That tremor was able knock down the wall. Tad help me remove this duct, and We’ll be able to take Dee to the others.”

“Others?” She thought whole Tad quickly helped Jonas moved the large forced air duct.

“That ‘ax man’ you were referring to, I think that was vice principal Caceres.” Tad sighed and Diane stared at him very curiously. “He became one of those things and began chopping people up with his ax.” She was about to ask him about what he meant when he said ‘those things’ when he continued to talk. “We’ve been hiding from them for the pass few hours. They’re mindless killers… Not just that, they’re really fucking strong as well… Ungodly strong if you ask me.” He paused in order to help Jonas move a large wooden bench. “I’ve seen it you know, how it happens. I was with Bobby Wright, do you know him?” Diane shook her head, as Jonas crawled deeper into the hole he made. “We had three classes together. English, Global History, and Gym. I don’t believe that he had any other friends, other than me… He always goofed around, really knew how to make me laugh. He could do these funny impressions…” his face softened.

“It’s funny how I think about the most trivial things during a time like this. We got separated when it all went to hell; I promised to look after him… He didn’t want to come to this trip and I convinced him to go. Yet during the initial panic, I lost him. I must’ve cheated death so many times looking for him, but I found him.” Tad let out a nervous laugh and wiped the tears out of his eyes. “He was just standing there, his hands were dripping with blood and three bodies with deep claw marks all around him. I couldn’t tell who they were, their bodies were so mangled. Then Bobby turned to face me and I heard that sound.”

Tad began to tremble and looked at her. “Click-Clack… Click-Clack and I knew he was one of them. He stepped into the light and his skin was gray, like a shark and he had these slits on his neck and his eyes… They were pitched black and I could see my reflection in them. He started running towards me. Snarling and like a fool I tried to talk to him, try to reason with him, but it was no use. He was one of them and I was too tired to defend myself. That was when Jonas appeared out of nowhere and chopped off Bobby’s right leg with one swing. He fell, but Bobby kept moving towards me and then I saw his leg re-growing. First the bone popped out and then the ligaments and nerves began to wrap around it and at that moment, Jonas buried his ax into the back of Bobby’s neck and I heard this awful high pitch squeal.”

Tad paused in order to help Jonas move a large broken door as Diane tried her best to try to comprehend what he just told her. “Skin like a shark, Slit on his neck? He must’ve been hallucinating? But… Mr. Caceres… Mr. Caceres was such a nice man and chubby, but the ax man didn’t look anything like him. He was huge, muscular.” The loud crash of the pipe hitting against the wall caused her to jump and Jonas gave Tad a dirty look. “The Main hall!” Diane gasped, “We’re supposed to meet in there in case of an emergency!” Jonas checked if the wall was passable, but cuss under his breath as he began to move more debris.

“You could go there if want… I need to find Carol!” He snapped and Diane was starting to feel guilty about keeping the truth about Carol from him.

“He’s been trying to find Carol.” Tad Sighed, “For the past nine hours he had been fighting those things single handedly and finding everyone else, except for her. However, he’s been taking everyone into a storage locker on the upper level. It’s dry and it has food, medicine, and clean water. He’s amazing. He would drop off a survivor, rest a bit and off he goes. I decided to go with him this time around, but I only kept getting in his way.” The image of Carol’s screaming as the ax man stood behind her… She thought about telling Jonas about what happened to her, but at the same time self-preservation kicked in and she decided to keep him sane in order to have him protect her.

‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ they all froze at that chattering sound and Diane began to rush back. “It’s the ax man!” Diane thought and she rushed to the back of the hall. Tad picked up a pipe from the floor and Jonas jumped down, standing in front of Diane and readied his ax. ’Click-Clack! Click-Clack!”

The main hall’s entrance and windows were blocked with overturned tables, chairs and plywood. Inside there were over a dozen teenagers, all nervous, scared and chattering among themselves. One of the students, a husky male with a shaved head was holding a rebar, carefully looking through the gaps between the makeshift barricades.

“There hasn’t been anyone new for over thirty minutes” His voice was low and filled with despair “We have to move and find the escape hatch in the lower level.”

“We have to wait for more people to show up John!” Another male student shouted. John looked at him. He was a muscular young man with lightly tanned skin. Like many of them, his body was covered with scratches, but his was stretching from his left shoulder to his right hip that he acquired several hours ago when this nightmare began.

“We’ve been waiting for hours and only a dozen people showed up, face it Paulie, everyone is dead.” Paulie rushed up to him and back slapped him, causing the other students in the room to gasp.

“Don’t you dare say that!” he choked, “We survived and…” just then he heard a couple of the students getting excited by the tables. “It’s Mr. Baker!!” Paulie rushed over to the barricade and he glanced through the small opening as saw him walking towards the barricade, holding his stomach. He narrowed his eyes and noticed how his movements were erratic.

“Quick, help me move this table!” John shouted.

“No don’t!” Paulie warned, “Wait for him to get close, we need to know if he’s one of them.” But they didn’t listen to him.

“Oh my God, he’s badly hurt!” a female student shoved him to the side and ran towards Mr. Baker. “Someone give me a hand in bringing him in!”

“Everyone stand back!” Paulie yelled, but again no one listened to him.

“Francine! Get some bottle water!”

“Y-Yeah!” Fancine moved towards the bottles when Paulie grabbed her hand and shoved her behind a stack of tables.

“Don’t move, don’t make a sound.” He whispered into her ear. But before she could ask him anything she heard it. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ And soon after, the screaming started.

Diane watched helplessly as Tad and Jonas beat an elderly woman to death. She looked exactly how Tad described Bobby. Pale Gray; pitch black eyes, thee horizontal slits around the right side of her neck and razor sharp black nail. She looked like a cross between a human and a shark. The second she turned the corner, the woman launched towards them. She moved at almost blinding speed, but Jonas moves as if he was already used to it and smashed her neck with the axe and the halls echoed as the woman let out a high pitch squeal. Her body dropped and Diane eyes were locked on her as Jonas pulled the ax out.

“It’s growing dull.” He complained before resuming clearing off the debris with Tad not too far behind. Diane slowly approached the body. The woman was wearing a heavily stained light blue evening dress and very expensive jewelry. She leaned over to touch it. She brushed it one down and it felt smooth, like silk, but when she moved it to the opposite direction, the skin felt exactly like sandpaper. She moved the elderly woman’s head and looked at the black, volcanic glass-like eyes before focusing on the five small slits on the neck that strongly resembled gills, but it was the woman’s teeth that freaked her out.

The teeth were unattached to the jaw and when Diane pressed the woman’s cheek three rows of teeth retracted, like a cat’s claw, moving into place with the jaw started opening and inward when Diane forced the mouth close and it gave her horrific chills. “What caused the people to turn into these things?” she then looked over towards Jonas who just finished creating a passage through the other side. “He had been fighting them all this time in order to find Carol… What about me? I thought we were friends Jonas.”

“We should head for the dining hall.” Tad tried to sound firm about it, but it was quite obvious he was scared. “There could be survivors there. Carol might be there.” Jonas simply looked at him and then at Diane.

“Fine.” He sighed, “Tad take Dee to the storage room, I’ll go to the main hall alone.” He was about to crawl through the hole when Diane grabbed his ankle.

“Are you inane?!” She cried, “Jonas you’re going to get yourself killed!”

“She’s right Jonas. Those things have monstrous strengths. You remember that little girl. She was no older than seven and she attacked us when we were escorting Suzanna, Jerry and Kevin to the storage room. That child grabbed Kevin and tossed him into Jerry like a rag doll, the impact killed them both instantly.” Jonas looked down at Tad and he could tell he was terrified to move anywhere without him and gave in.

“Fine…” he gritted his teeth, picked up a pipe and tossed it to Diane. “Let’s head to the main hall, but if I tell you to run, you better listen to me.” And the two of them quickly agreed. They walked for a half hour, climbing over small piles of debris, ignoring the dead bodies along the way. They began to walk down a long dark corridor, dried blood splatter everywhere; Diane covered her mouth as she stepped over the bodies of her classmates. Tad went ahead and stopped short. “We’re here!” he happily said when he saw the thick barricade covering the entrance. Diane looked at the stack of tables and chairs covering the windows and doors.

“Wow, look at that!” she turned to Jonas, she could see his face becoming hopeful.

“Carol.” He said, rushing towards the opening. He peaked inside and smile. “Carol, are you in h…” Jonas’s eyes widened, his body trembled for a quick second and he quickly stopped it.

“Jonas,” Tad walked behind them, “What’s…” he looked into the room and saw the multiple pools of blood and body parts within the room.

“Diane I need you to stand back do you understand?” Jonas ordered.


“It seemed that we unwillingly placed ourselves in a rather dangerous situation.” Jonas added. Diane peered over his shoulder and watched a dark shadow grabbing John by his shoulders as he looked eyes with them. “Jonas, please!” he cried, “Help me!” ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ The dark shadow bit into his neck, tearing off his Adam’s apple. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ A light shined into the room, revealing the piles of mangled and convulsing bodies before them and Diane placed her hands over her mouth as she saw who the creature was. “Mr. Barker!” she screamed as he continued to pull John’s arm right the socket and began to chew on it.

“Shit!” Jonas whispered, “He became one of them.” Tad looked at the far right as saw two people deep in the corner.

“It’s Paulie and Francine!” he yelled and Mr. Baker noticed them. “Click-Clack!” He kneeled down and picked up a butcher once.

“Tad, stay behind and protect Diane!” Jonas yelled as he rushed in. Mr. Baker slightly lifted his head and focused his gaze to him. “Click-Clack!” Jonas raised the ax as Mr. Baker swung the butcher knife, blocking it with the handle and the impact knocked him onto the ground. He quickly rolled to the left, dodging the claw and it made deep cut marks on the floor. He swung the ax and it lodged into Mr. Baker’s forearm. “Shit it’s stuck!” He jumped back while Mr. Baker snapped his jaw, barely missing his face. He grabbed the handle and pulled the ax free. “Click-Clack! Click-Clack! Click-Clack!” Several of the once convulsing students were starting rise from the ground, all of them with the same shark-like appearance. “Oh shit.” He said.

Suddenly, Tad whacked one of the students in the back of the head and it made a high pitch squeal as it collapsed onto the floor. Paulie smacked the rebar on the back of Mr. Baker’s head and jumped backwards, avoiding the wild swing as Jonas, quickly took out two students and Diane quickly assisted Tad with the last one. The entire room began to shake violently, knocking almost everyone on the floor. Mr. Baker noticed Francine ahead of him and jumped at her. ‘Click-Clack! Click-Clack!’ Francine let out a frightening shriek, staring at the butcher knife coming right at her. She felt someone grabbing her by her waist and pulled her back, just as the knife passed her face, cutting off a few strands of her hair. She looked behind her and saw Paulie. “Quick, he’s wide open!” he screamed and Jonas slammed the fire ax into the back of Mr. Baker’s head.

The ax wasn’t sharp enough to cut deep and once again it was stuck. Mr. Baker slowly turned around and opened his mouth, showing Jonas the three rows of sharp teeth within. “Duck!” Paulie shouted, hitting the back of the ax with the rebar, shoving it deeper, killing him. The body began to shake on the floor as a dark liquid began to ooze out of the entry point. Jonas stepped on the ax, applying all of his weight on it until he heard that high pitch squeal. Francine quickly turned her head to the right and vomited. Paulie ran towards her in order to make sure she was alright. “It’s okay Francine.” He whispered, but she knew it was the furthest from the truth and all she wanted to do was sit in a corner and cry until she met her demise.

“Francine, Paulie. What happened here?” Tad asked, staring at the bodies around them. “How did one of those things got you?”

“I don’t know… I just don’t know, but… if it wasn’t for Paulie, I’d be…” Francine stopped short and began to cry hysterically, prompting Paulie to pull her closer to him.

“Leave her alone, she’s in shock.” Paulie interrupted, as he rubbed her hair. “She’s not a killer, so I had to shield her the best way I could.”

“Have you seen Carol?” The bluntness from Jonas voice caught everyone completely off guard as he pulled off the axe and noticed something moving within Mr. Baker’s skull, but it soon stopped and became liquefied. He glanced over towards Paulie and Francine who both shook their heads. He cussed and spat under his breath for a few seconds before refocusing his attention on the others and forced out a warm smile. “Come with me, I have a safe place to take you, however…” he picked up the butcher knife and tried to give it to Francine. “I need to know that you can do this… Right now the only two options, we have to kill or be killed…”

Francine stared at the knife then at the fresh blood dripping off the edge of the blade. “I…” She smacked the knife from Jonas’s hand “I’m not a killer!” she cried, grabbing onto Paulie’s shirt “This was supposed to be the best senior field trip of my life! I told Paulie how much I loved him and I gave him my virginity. And he surprised me by telling me that he gotten accepted in the same college and an off campus apartment for the two of us.” She slowly raised her head and locked eyes with Paulie who gave her a soft smile “But right now… I want to go home… I WANT TO GO HOME!!”

“Francine calm down please.” Paulie whispered as she buried her head into his chest and cried.

“Everyone is… Everyone is either dead or one of those things.” She whined and Paulie stood still looking at her.

“We’ll wait until you’re ready to move Francine.” Jonas sighed, but it was clear by the tone of his voice that he was annoyed by it and Fancine continued to cry about wanting to go home. Diane looked high into the ceiling, staring at the stairway and the bolted bar chairs.

“Go home… I feel as if that notion is a pipe dream now… And it’s just a matter of time… Before this place takes us with it…” She looks at the upside down sign that reads ‘To Observation Deck.’ “I wonder will it be those things that will kill us, or this capsized sinking ship. Is there even a way out?”

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