Field Trip

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Chapter Four: We Are All Monsters

For over twenty minutes Davy had been crawling within the ventilation ducts, despite the frigid temperature from the water, the ducts were awfully hot. He carefully climbed up, trying not to make any serious sounds while finding it difficult to breathe. While crawling ahead he saw flickering lights from a small opening ahead and heard the crackling sounds of wood. “Th – There is someone out there!” he became overjoyed, picking up his pace “I’m not alone! I’m not alone!” we went to the opening and was about to call out when he saw them.

Three people, a teenage male, an older well-dressed man, and a little girl no older than six; all three of them had the same grayish skin color and dark cold black yes that chilled him to the core. “It’s the monsters.” They were gathering around the body of a teenage girl, eating her arms and legs down to the bone which nearly caused him to vomit, but he swallowed it back down. The chomping and crunching were loud and terrifying. He sat and watched as they ate the dead girl, but little and little he saw other bodies slowly sitting up in the background and his body started shaking. Even though he was scared to death, he felt compelled to take a closer look.

One of the monsters was a lady… She had a knife lodged in her neck and the blood was flowing down. He could hear his pulse beating in his ears as the others joined into the feast and he noticed that the girl was still alive. Davy wanted to scream until his voice was hoarse, but he was able to refrain himself. When the light finally left the girl’s eyes, the look of terror settled onto her face and his teeth began chattering which caused all of the monsters to just stop eating and they all stood up in unison.

All of them tilted their heads back and slowly opened their mouth. They began to shake violently ad hundreds of flatworms exited from their mouths and hit the floor. They just shook and shook as the flatworms poured out and crawled arounds the room. When they were done, they all kneeled down and continued to eat.

Broken tables, overturned chairs and dressers littered the small bedroom as Diane dressed herself. The insecurity she was feeling was quite obvious considering that no one was safe within this ship… But something else was stirring within her. At first, she thought that perhaps it was the guilt of not telling Jonas everything about Carol, but that wasn’t it… Something else had been nagging at her… A different kind of anxiety… She wanted to tell Jonas how she felt about him. Tell him that she always had been in love with him, just in case something happens to her or heaven forbid, to him. She looked around the room and she thought she saw the security camera on the floor moving towards her direction. She slowly stepped towards it for a closer look when someone knocked on the door. “Dee, are you decent?”

“In a second, Jonas.” She rushed to put on her clothes, not paying attention to the camera following her as she left the room. Diane could see all of them standing idly by another with the same dreadful expression on their faces. “What’s wrong?” she asked. Paulie and Francine simply exchanged glances, while tad crouch down, trying to maintain his shaking body. It was then Jonas told her what happened while she was gone. They heard the clicking sounds from down the hall, hundreds of them. They walked out of the shadows in rows, all looking like humanoid sharks and when they took noticed of them; they began fighting one another in order to get to them. They were the ship’s crew, guests and classmates, but then they all grabbed onto their ears and screamed, some even ran away, giving them enough time to escape into the hole.

The idea… Not, the notion that they could become one of them was worse than any of them could either imagine. In truth, Diane wished she was in a zombie movie compared to this. At that moment she began to tell Jonas about seeing one of them while trying to find the hatch, but left out that it was Carol. She then explained to him how the dog whistle drove it insane and it swam away from her as fast as it could which caused him to let out a wide smile. “I knew it.” He praised.

“Can you please fucking elaborate?” Paulie snapped and Jonas quickly cleared his throat.

“I fought these things a lot over the past hours and I noticed they all of them have the same characteristics of a shark, right down to the attack pattern. I know this because my mother’s boyfriend made me sit with him during shark week and as we watched, he would correct the show. When he learned that I wanted to start surfing, he bought me a dog whistle and told me to use it if I see a shark. The noise would sound similar to a dolphin’s echo and it would drive them away.” Diane pulled out the whistle from her bra and smiled at him.

“It does work.” She praised, “All we have to do is use it every time we see those things and…” Francine reached out and snatched it out of her hand.

“I want to hold it!” she shrieked, “You guys could fight them off, I can’t! I could use this to chase them away and…” The entire ship began to shake, knocking all of them onto the floor, Francine hit her head against the wall and the dog whistle flew out of her hand and into the hole in the floor and with it, all hope of having a constant safe passage.

For over ten minutes they walked in silence towards the storage room where Jonas placed the other people he found. Francine was feeling so guilty for losing the whistle, but none of them was blaming her for it, well not everyone. Jonas was walking furthest in the back, constantly looking at her while sharpening his ax with the large diamond tennis bracelet with a look on his face that clearly told her that if he could punch her in the face, he would. He looked around, gripping the handle tightly, keeping a lookout and for some reason. Despite that he may hate her at the moment. Fancine felt safe that he was on guard, safer than she had ever felt with Paulie since this ordeal began.

“Were almost there,” Tad’s voice sounded a bit hopeful. “Jonas, do you know why the ship is shaking violently every once and a while?”

“Water,” Paulie sighed while looking back at Jonas who nodded in agreement. “I’m guessing a level below us just had a sudden surge of it, pulling the ship just a little bit deeper into the ocean.” He stopped short and looked like he wanted to cry, “How do we even know that by the time we reached the hatch, the ship would be fully submerged?” This caused the feeling of despair to overwhelm a few of them, but Jonas walked up to Paulie and simply smiled at him before moving ahead, but stopped short when he heard the sounds of moans from a room ahead of them, followed by a woman’s voice speaking in a foreign language.

“It’s a survivor.” Tad whispered, “What language is that? Russian?”

“It’s Armenian.” Francine answered, “She’s praying.” She stepped in front of Tad and walked into the room. “My lord… I beg for your forgiveness for my sinful, selfish like. For the misery I have caused these people for my company’s greed and for my own personal ambition.” The woman saw her; she was on the floor with a large piece of the wall on top of her. Francine kneeled beside her as she tried to look up. The woman appeared to be in her late forties, her long blood stained brown hair was tied up into a bun in order to show off her large gold hoop earrings. Francine looked into her pain filled green eyes and let out a soft smile. “We’re here to help.” She spoke to her in her native tongue. The woman smiled back as blood began to pour out of her nose and mouth, staring at Francine’s pale skin and hazel eyes.

“Armenian?” she struggled to say.

“On my mother’s side,” Francine answered, “My father is Turkish.”

“Well, we all can’t be perfect.” She joked, trying to let out a laugh, but it was only causing her more pain.

“Try not to speak, we’re here to help.” Jonas grabbed the piece by the frontend while Tad and Paulie took it from the sides.

“Okay, on the count of three, we life you pull, got it!” Paulie ordered and the two girls nodded, he began to give the three counts and as they began to lift, Francine yelled for them to stop. The three of them looked down and gasped as they saw four rebar bury deep into her stomach and the woman began talking.

“This is my punishment…” Francine translated “…It was my responsibility to get a sample of the parasite… My company wished to weaponized it… I paid a kitchen hand to get me one of the parasites… I didn’t think he would get caught… nor did I care. He came to me with one sample, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more and out of anger, he stole all of the parasites, grinded them into his soup and served it to many of the ship’s crew as well as the representatives during the dinner. Shortly after the presentation when it was apparent that all of the parasitic worms were missing, he told me what he had done. He praised it. I was hoping that the parasite wouldn’t affect humans, but I was wrong…” The woman looked at all of them, tears falling from her eyes. “Please forgive me…”

“Did you eat the soup?” Tad asked and the woman struggled to nod. “And you didn’t turned into one of them?” and she shook her head.

“Please kill me.” She begged. “Please forgive me.” Jonas exchanged looks with Tad and Paulie, they nodded and without a second thought, they all let go at once, allowing the wall to crush her. Blood sprayed out of mouth, her eyes bulged out and blood spurted out of her ears. Her death was indeed quick, but extremely painful.

“If we get out of this alive, I’ll give you my forgiveness. Until then, burn in hell.” He whispered before walking out of the room. Francine followed after Jonas, enraged on what has transpired.

“How can you call yourself a human being after what you have just done?!” she smacked him “You fucking murderer!! She wanted forgiveness, an opportunity to know that despite everything that happened, she could find an ounce of salvation and you couldn’t give it to her!” Jonas shook his head and slowly rubbed his face.

“You want me to give her salvation?” he snapped “She just admitted that she’s responsible for ALL OF THIS!” he leaned in closer “You want to make me the bad guy here go right ahead, but I want you to remember everything that you’ve experience and ask yourself, does she really need forgiveness.”

“He’s right Frannie.” Paulie lowered his head “All three of us were holding that wall and it was all three of us who let go at once. Even I couldn’t find it in my heart to give her the forgiveness she begged for.” He placed his hand on her shoulder “I hope you can understand that.”

“…Yeah…” she sighed, “but we have to keep some shred of humanity otherwise, we just become savages and are no better than the monsters we fought.”

“Everyone…” Tad placed himself in front of the group. “We should just go and find the others and make it a priority to get to the upper floors, but before we can do that, we should make sure we, all of us, get there safe.”

“Please stop!” A young woman screamed, jumping over shards of glass and the dead, cut up bodies. Her purple evening dress was torn to shreds exposing her naval and half of her right breast as she ran for dear life. “P-please don’t go near me!” She looked back and saw the shadow of a man holding a rapier closing in behind her. “Help!” she screamed again, trying to find a way to escape him. She saw a partly opened elevator door and threw herself in. Her head hits the metallic wall, but she quickly stood up and tried to pry them close as he got closer. The door was now inches away from closing when his hand went through the gap and forced the doors open. The young woman screamed in terror as Pierre Mont Petit enters the elevator. His fine white button down shirt was drenched in blood as he slowly raised his sword and lightly pressed it against her throat. “I’m sorry!” She cried, “We were just playing around!” As the doors closed the woman’s voice became gargled and then complete silence.

Her blood sprayed across the ceiling and the walls as it slowly created a pool beneath them. Pierre simply stared at it, before observing her as she released her bowls. He placed the tip of the sword on her stomach and with a quick flick of the wrist, cut a long gash and continued to stare. He wiped the sweat off his brow, but by doing so, he painted his forehead with the young woman’s blood. He slowly kneeled down, paying close attention to her stomach. After several minutes, he swiped his sword and cut off her head. He leaned over her decapitated body, looking at the exposed neck bone.

“Nothing” He finally spoke “You weren’t infected and yet you and your friends murdered so many innocent people just hours ago. I would say it was self-preservation, but the nature of the killing and the joy each of you had when they begged for their lives tells me that you all embraced the chaos Mon-Cheri.” He looked at the blood dripping off the tip of his blade. “Perhaps I too embraced this madness, but nevertheless.” He looked at the medium size circle with oak tree within it branded on the woman’s right forearm and began to think about how they all made him look as they took out each member of his group.

“Oh shit, you see how her head popped!” A muscular African American teenager yelled.

“Yeah, that shit was awesome.” A voluptuous Hindi woman laughed, “Do it again!” The Africa American picked up a monkey wrench and caved in the head of a five-year-old child and then to an elderly woman and all Pierre could do was stared at the oak tree medallion around his neck.

“Oh man I can’t wait to do this shit to Jonas when I see that fucker.” He growled, as he hovered over him. “You’re that fucker’s mother’s boyfriend right?” Pierre didn’t say anything. However, if looks could kill, this boy would’ve been slaughtered by now. Yet it made him smile. “Too bad his mother didn’t come to this trip. I would love to have killed her in front of Jonas, but I guess you will have to do.” Pierre launched forward and spearheaded into the teens stomach knocking him back. Pierre then kicked the boy several times before backhanded the Hindi girl as she tried to attack him with the rapier. He pulled it out of her hand and with a quick motion, cut open her wrist. The boy’s eyes widen and made a run for it as his cronies tried to kill him. Pierre easily dispatched them and gave chase, but the boy was a natural athlete and outran him with no effort. Pierre casually walked back to the other bodies and stared at the oak tree symbol branded on their arms and he made a conscious decision.

“All who bares that symbol will die by this blade.”

As they approached the elevator hall Tad looked at the crushed bodies around him. The stench nearly forced him to throw up what little content left inside his stomach. Diana looked at the large stairwell, the image of broken, twisted metal alongside stone and marble rubble stained with blood guts and gore was becoming a far too frequent sight. She looked over and saw Francine covering her mouth as Paulie helped her walk passed a man’s body with half of his skull missing. “We’re not too far from the storage room.” Jonas said, stopping in front of the elevator door. “After we get them, we’ll return here and take turns riding this elevator.”
“Dude, we’re upside down.” The sarcastic tone in Paulie’s voice nearly made everyone laugh “That cage is most likely submerged.” Jonas let out a soft smile.

“No it’s not.” He looked at everyone “The elevators used for cruise ships operates by using four powerful cogwheels on each corner and followed the guide rail to move about, it also doubles as the breaks. There’s a hand crank on the side wall to move the elevator in case of power failure.”

“So that means we can use the elevator to get the hell out of here!” Francine squealed, her sudden burst of joy brought a small smile on their faces. “Let get them now!” She practically ran down the hall, but immediately stopped when she heard banging coming from the elevator door. “Hello?” she called out, but no one answered, just more banging. Paulie tilts his head towards the doors.

“It could be a survivor.” He nervously spoke.

“Yeah, but it could also be one of them,” Tad added, slowly raising his pipe “And I don’t feel like being attacked when we’re so close of getting out of here.”

“But if it’s a survivor, we need to help them.” Jonas whispered while gripping on one side of the door and indicated to Paulie with his neck to grab the other side.

“Whoever is in there stand back, w-we’re going to opening it now.” Tad yelled, soon as the doors open a figure jumped out. Tad let out a scream and swung his pipe, only to have Diane and Francine grab him by each arm.

“Tad no!” Diane screamed as the figure fell onto the floor. He was in his late teens, dressed in all black with green hair and orange tips; the left side of his head was shaved bald.

“Shit it’s that punk rock kid.” Paulie sneered as he walked away, “What’s up doofus?”

“His name is Dennis!” Jonas snapped while kneeling down and wiped off the dirt from Dennis’s face. “He’s one of the first people I rescued when all of this shit started, but why the hell was he in the elevator?” Tad’s lower jaw was trembling as he watched Jonas trying to make Dennis regain consciousness. Jonas kept calling Dennis’s name over and over again, until his body began to move.

“He’s alive!” Francine cheered. Dennis slowly opened his eyes and then he immediately jerked up screaming for them not to kill him. Jonas called out his name a few more times before Dennis realized who was beside him; he grabbed Jonas, pulled him closer and began to break down in tears.

Three Hours Ago…

Jerome Thompson had always felt like he needed to prove to everyone, including himself that he was not a silver spoon, black man, but a real street thug. It bothered him that both of his parents were professors in St. Johns University and always tried to keep that lifestyle away from him. However, Jerome felt that the hood was calling to him to be his true self. He didn’t care that he was the captain of the football team or had a high GPA; all he cared about was street cred, to prove that he was a true hood rat and for nearly his entire high school life he managed to have captured that identity. Buffing up to 220 of all muscle, shaving his head bald and getting gold caps for his teeth and always having the latest gear, selling the most popular drugs and throwing down to anyone who stepped up to him.

This truly bothered his parents, to see their only child embracing a culture that they desperately tried to shelter him from. Everyone but Jonas was afraid of him and he never knew why… Ever since freshman year that chubby bastard challenged him every time and it also bothered him that the win ratio from the fist fights they had were tied at 11-11 for a long while. But all that changed three weeks ago. Jonas burst into the lunch room and began beating him mercilessly. He thought Jonas was going to kill him and he pissed himself. It was the most humiliating experience of his life and he was made into a laughing stock by the entire senior class. But all of that have changed with the small hell in this ship.

JT saw this as a blessing, people was coming to him for help. Girls were offering themselves to him for protection and no one dared to challenge him. He loved every single second of it. Then he heard rumors circulating of Jonas saving people on the floor below and placing them in a storage room filled with food, water and medicine. JT saw this as a way to settle the score once and for all and went to confront this group. However, when they got there, Jonas was nowhere to be found. The group was big, it made it hard for him to believe that that fat bastard was able to save over twenty three people on his own, but then again… Jonas always had a way to constantly surprise him. Despite being a bit overweight, Jonas was captain of the wrestling and boxing teams as well as being the smartest kid in school. He would’ve been valedictorian if he wasn’t constantly suspended for the fighting.

JT’s group outnumbered them 3 to 1 and he ordered them inside and fetched the man left in charge. It made him very happy to see one of his closest friends Dante Rivera walking out. Dante had been his right hand for as far back as he could remember. They did nearly everything together, workouts, football and sometimes women. “JT what the hell are you doing?!” he shouted. This of course made JT annoyed by his tone, but he still smiled to show Dante he was not a threat, but a friend

“Nothing Dante.” He said, stepping closer “I just want your group to join mine, you know, strength in numbers and all.” Dante looked at the JT’s solid gold Timberland medallion, noticing the scorch marks on it and then saw the brand on JT’s forearm and on those behind him.

“Jesus Christ, JT!” Dante gasped “What the hell is this?”

“What?” he smirked “Look Dante, you’re my boy and I need you by my side.” He placed his arm around him “Join my group and afterward, we’ll look for Jonas.” Soon as JT mentioned Jonas name, he made a small smirk and Dante knew what he was trying to say. He pushed JT’s arm off of his shoulder and shook his head.

“JT,” Dante’s voice was low and it sounded like he was pleading “Jonas saved my life. He saved all of our lives and he’s been fighting those things even before this ship capsized. Everyone was running for their lives, only thinking about themselves and he kept saving people one after another all by himself. I’m sorry, but Jonas is our leader and when he comes back, it’ll be up to him if we join your group or not. Either way, we need to work together in order to escape this place alive.” This wasn’t the answer JT wanted to hear and in a fit of rage, he pulled out a scalpel from his back pocket, stabbed his best friend since the sixth grade in the heart and stared at him with a small smile as the light in his eyes faded away.

“You’re a disappointment Dante.” He growled, “No one is coming out of this alive. Not even me.”

“P-PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME GO!!” she screamed, struggling to keep her feet balanced on the bar stool. “I’ll listen to you!” she tried to stand up straight as the wire noose began to cut into her skin and her hands tied behind her started to go numb. “I WILL JOIN YOUR GROUP! TELL JT I’LL DO WHATEVER HE WANTS!” she looked at the three men, two black and one white and then at the two white women standing around her, all of them have the Timberland symbol branded on their right forearms. “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” she begged while tears began to fall as she pissed on herself. She looked at the girl on her immediate right. She had her arms crossed underneath her large breasts. She was wearing light blue daisy dukes shorts and a tight yellow t-shirt.

“Give it up Luanne…” she smugly spoke “It’s no use being docile after all of that, right Denise?” she looked at the chubby girl who brushed the locks of her blonde hair off her face, smiling at the intense fear in Luanne’s eyes.

“Susan is right… If only you said that from the very beginning Luanne.” Denise spoke sweetly “Then it wouldn’t have to come to this…” Denise raised her forearm. “This shows loyalty and you refused.”

“S-S-Sorry… Give me another chance… I’ll do it right now.” Luanne watched their cold stares and hardened expressions. Denise unbuttoned her light blue blouse, exposing her white bikini top and showing off her light brown tan.

“It’s too late.” She sneered, tying her black hair in a ponytail. “There won’t be an ‘another chance’ you bitch.” Luanne couldn’t control the tears from coming out.

“I never liked you Luanne.” Susan laughed while placing her hand on the bar stool. “In school you were always looking down on all of us. You were the queen bee and always had this righteous look on your face… Justifying all of our acts and ignoring our opinions on anything and everything.”


Denise began to walk around Luanne “It’s too late for excuses, maybe you should call out to that boyfriend of yours. Come on… call him out you bitch.”

“HE-HELP ME DANTE!” she screamed as the other two girls chuckles at her desperate pleads and causing the men behind them to cringe.

“He’s dead.” Denise bluntly spoke, seeing the shocked expression on her face brought so much joy to Denise, she couldn’t hold in her excitement as Luanne lost all hope. “JT did it himself. You all should’ve just said yes in joining our group, but instead all of you wanted to be loyal to fat fuck Jonas, how sad and pathetic and where is he now hmm?” Luanne looked how the two of them kept touching her barstool, purposely making the noose tighter and tighter and right there she knew that no matter how much she begged or bargained, she was going to die. Her face became beet red with rage.

“Y—YOU FUCKING BITCHES!!” the sheer anger in her tone took the two of them by surprise “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WILL!”

“Oh shut the fuck up already!” Susan snapped, kicking the barstool. Luanne began jerking her body for several seconds, trying to break free, but by doing so she accidentally snapped her own neck and went limp. Denise looked up at the seven other students beside Luanne’s body, all tied up and balancing themselves with a noose wrapped around their necks. “Since there is no chance in hell that any of us will make it out alive.” She coldly spoke “We’re just going to help each of you die one by one.” And that she did. Walking to each and every one of her classmates and kicked the only object that was keeping them alive and smiled as they all struggled, then she moved on to the next one. As they last body went limp they all left the storage room, making fun on the expression of their dead faces. None of them noticing the lone survivor dressed in all black hiding underneath a broken armoire.

“Only eight said no to JT’s crew and they killed them. When I couldn’t hear them anymore, I-I ran for the elevator, I remembered from the tour about the hand crank.” Dennis held on to Jonas arms for dear life, tightening his grip “I began moving the elevator, but after a few minutes, something snap, the elevator dropped, my body smashed against the ceiling and the next thing I knew, I heard your voice.” Jonas pulled himself back, his eyes widen in disbelief, and he glanced behind him and could see the utter shock in all of their faces.

“I can’t believe JT did that.” Diane whispered. “Dante’s dead.” Jonas closed his eyes, he knew someday he would turn on the news and see JT either wanted for murder or rape. But he never expected that day would be now, especially at a time like this where they need one another the most. JT saw this as an opportunity to become a short lived king, rather than to find a way out. Now beside those things to watch out for, they have to get past the next floor without notifying JT’s people, otherwise they’ll all die for sure. Dennis tried to stand up, but collapse. He let out a yelp and held on to his leg. Jonas kneeled beside him, he grab on to Dennis left leg and could feel how swollen it was.

“I think it is broken.” He sighed “Dee, Frannie, I need two of you to find two pipes at least three feet long. Paulie, take the shirt off that body over there.”

“What are you guys doing?” Tad looked at everyone with sheer annoyance “Are you actually planning to take him with us?” Francine couldn’t believe what Tad just said; even Jonas was taken by surprise “He’s staying here.”

“Wh-what the hell Tad?” Paulie growled, pulling of a shirt from a body beside him “I know I used to pick on doo… I mean Dennis at school, but to leave him behind… It ain’t right.”

“Think about it for a moment. All the things we went through just to get here and now there’s another threat to deal with, do you think he can manage in his condition?” Tad could see that everyone knew he was telling the truth. Dennis would hold them back and eventually become a burden. He watched Jonas standing up and then took the shirt from Paulie’s hand.

“Dee, Francine the pipe please,” He said ripping the shirt “Are you guys deaf? Get me those fucking pipes.” The two girls began to rummage through the piles of rubble; Francine found a large enough pipe and tossed it towards Jonas. Diane however, was having a hard time finding anything.

“Everyone please listen.” Tad continued “Let’s assume one of those things come here… How are we going to protect him? Let alone protect ourselves.” Dennis could see the cold look in Tad’s eyes “We even had to swim; I doubt he could even do that in his condition.” Again no one said anything; Jonas continued to rip the shirt. He reached over and pulled a small pipe from the floor.

“Give me your leg.” He calmly spoke.
“Jonas, I’m really grateful, but I think Tad is right.” Without saying another word Jonas pulled Dennis leg, causing him to gasp and began making his splint.

“Jonas, I’m not saying that we should abandon him. Let’s put him back in the elevator, he was perfectly safe. We will move on ahead while looking for another way to transport him.” Jonas just ignored Tad as he finished the splint. “You know it’s the best course of action, we’ll come back for him.”

“No we won’t.” Diane stepped in front of Tad “We’ll forget him, running around trying to stay alive, we’ll forget him.” She looked over at Dennis “If we don’t take him now, he’ll eventually die all alone.” Paulie nod his head and helped lifted Dennis on his feet “Try not to put too much pressure on that.” and Dennis couldn’t help but to smile at him before nodding.

With what strength he had left, Davy kicked open the air vent and crawled out. His stomach was cramping and he was starting to get a pounding headache. He looked around the large hall; there was the huge brass stairwell to the right which was impossible to climb. Two heavily dented elevator doors with dried blood all over it ahead of him and a line of severely cut and mangled bodies leading into a dark hallway. He began to search the pockets of the bodies, hoping to find any scrap of food that they might be carrying when the elevator doors flew open and standing before him, covered in blood and gore was Pierre Mont Petit. Davy couldn’t move or scream; he just stood there frozen in fear.

Pierre slowly stepped out the elevator and stood over him. Davy looked at the blood stained sword and slowly looked back at Pierre who gave him a small smile. “I am so sorry little one.” He sighed, kneeling down and placing his hand on Davy’s shoulder “My appearance must have given you such a terrible fright.” Pierre slowly stood up, he walked towards one of the bodies on the floor, pulled off a sports jacket and used it to clean the blood off of his face. “As you can clearly see, I had a very busy day.”

“Were they infected?” Davy asked, the very question caused Pierre to smile.

“Why did you use such a terminology little one?” Pierre replied.

“Answer my question!” he demanded

“I will if you answer mine first.”

Davy took a deep breath and told Pierre everything he had seen while traveling within the vents. Watching the hundreds of flatworms squirming out the mouths of those people before continuing with their meal, seeing people eyes turning all black before three slits appear on each side of their necks, and watching their teeth fall out, only to be instantly replaced by sharp pointy ones. Pierre nodded “Indeed, somehow the Adrianna parasite infected some of the people in this ship and if what you say is true, then they found a way to massively reproduce within their host bodies, something they couldn’t do before.” He smiled at Davy “You are indeed a bright young man, what is your name?” Before Davy could say anything, his stomach let out a loud growl, causing Pierre to chuckle. “Come with me, I have a hiding place not too far from here. There’s food and bottle water, we’ll talk after we eat.” Pierre turned around and began walking towards the dark hallway, Davy stood still for a brief second before running beside him.

“Davy” he sighed “My name is Davy Johansen.”

Mobility through the many long hallways filled with broken shards of glass, twisted metal, and broken bodies began to feel like more of a burden as Paulie, Tad and Jonas kept rearranging the larger objects in order to allow Dennis to pass. “Shit!” Paulie snapped, looking at the cut in the palm of his right hand. He looked behind him, staring passed the rest of the group moving towards him.

“We would’ve heard them by now.” Jonas sharply spoke, tossing a fake palm tree to the side. Dennis began to move through the newly created walkway “Thank you guys… But, I fear that by being such a burden, I’m placing you guys in danger.”

“You got that right.” Tad spat under his breath, causing Diane to give him an evil eye.

“Don’t worry Dennis.” She softly spoke “We’re in this together and I’m certain, we’ll be thankful that you came along.” Dennis tilted his head down and slightly blushed.

“Thank you.” He gushed. Jonas stopped short, just by the look in his eyes everyone could tell that something was bothering him, but before anyone could say anything he took several deep breaths and points to the far end of the hallway. “I don’t know what JT is doing, but once we passed that corner, there’s a really strong possibility that we will start running into people. People that we know... People that we might care about and given to what Dennis told us... We may have to defend ourselves.”

Jonas stood quite for a moment, allowing for them to absorb what he just said. “For almost twenty-three hours, I have been only thinking about saving Carol, jumping blindly into danger and I’m sorry for being conceited about it. Right now, I have to let that go. There are six of us; we all know each other here. And we have to give our best using anything any special skills we may have in order to get through the dangers ahead. We’re going to have to assume that everyone we run into is a potential enemy unless we see otherwise.” No other words were exchanged between the rest of the group, they all just exchange nervous glances and with one another. They all knew what Jonas was suggesting and even though it left a sour taste in a few of their mouths, they also knew it had to be done. One by one they nodded and one by one they silently went ahead.

She was breathing heavily; the knife in her hand was shaking violently as her eyes focus on the blood dripping off the point of the blade. She then moved her eyes to the young man lying before her, dead by a knife wound in the chest. She stared and his lifeless eyes and the small drip of blood leaving his out of the side of his mouth. His teeth were clench and his white shirt was becoming more and more crimson. She began to calm down, looking at the boy she once had a crush on, a boy she thought was a friend. “Why?” her voice shook “Why didn’t you just leave with me, instead of listening to JT, Daniel? I told you that I love you and yet, you still tried to…” She slowly took a step back, breaking down in tears as the despair slowly gave birth to more despair and the chaos provided them with the nutriment it needed to strive.

The room was almost as big as his parent’s bedroom, it was lit up by three L.E.D lanterns and although it had smashed furniture all around, it felt safe. He washed away the awful taste of the power bar with the warm bottle water and looked at Pierre cleaning his sword. “Were your parents on this boat child?” he asked, looking at his reflection off the blade.

“Only my father,” Davy fought the urge to cry “He died protecting me.”

“I’m sorry for your lost.” Pierre sat beside him, opening a power bar and taking a big bite. “I’ll make sure you see your mother again. But you have to do everything I say okay.” Davy nodded, watching the way how Pierre never removing his eyes from the only way in the room.

“We will hear them coming.” Davy uttered as he took another bite “Their mouth clicks every time they breathe.” That comment caused Pierre to smile.

“You have a wonderful talent of observation.” He praised “I noticed that myself. The parasite alter its host body and creates gills around the neck, giving it the ability to breath in both land and water, but every time they breathe the gills moves in and out really fast and it makes that clicking sound.”

Pierre grasped the hilt “Sadly, those aren’t the monsters we have to avoid. No, the true monsters are the ones with the tree branded on their right forearms.” Davy paid close attention to every syllable that exits from Pierre mouth “I watched them kill other survivors and even one another for supplies, food and for no other reason than to satisfy their bloodlust, they even killed my entire film crew. I was helpless as I watched a group of teenagers overpowered us and then kill each one of them, right in front of my face, even threatened to kill my beloved Marie’s son. They laughed and laughed as they mocked they’re pleads for mercy. I managed to escape and to make matters worse, instead of looking for a way out; their leader is obsessed in finding my girlfriend’s son, Jonas just so he can kill him himself. Yet, the irony is that I have been obsessed in finding their leader, just so I can kill him. A man who use the chaos to benefit no one but himself, do not deserve to live.”

The intensity in his voice startled Davy just a little; Pierre quickly took notice and calmed down. “I’m sorry child.” He sighed, looking at his watch “It’s been over twenty-one hours since this nightmare began. You should rest a little… I’ll wake you up in an hour or two, and then we’ll try to escape.” At first Davy thought he wouldn’t fall asleep, he had seen too much death and was face to face with real monster his imagination could never create, he was afraid that if he closes his eyes, one of them would come for him, or perhaps those worms would crawl into his ear, maybe his mouth. The mere thought of it all gave him a second wind, but Pierre didn’t utter a word to him, he simply stood up and walked out the room with Davy following close behind.

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