Field Trip

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Chapter Six: Desperate Times

“Georgia.” The playful musical tone echoed through the halls. “We saw what you did to Daniel Georgia.”

“Yup, we sure did he, he, he.”

“To be honest I didn’t think you had it in you Georgia.”

Georgia nervously tried her best to hide somewhere, anywhere, but she all around her were twisted metal and then a light was shined on her face. “There you are Georgia.” The playful tone in the large man’s voice caused her bottom lip to tremble. He lowered the flashlight, allowing her to see him. He had light brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, which he kept in a ponytail. His most consistent feature was his black rimmed circular glasses. His clothing was riddled with blood splatter. Behind him was a portly man with a shaved head as several fresh scratches across his face.

“Michael, Eugene.” Georgia mustered the strength to say. Michael adjusted his glasses and let out a smile.

“JT wants you back.” Eugene laughed, “He said to bring you to him no matter what.”

“JT only wants me so he could try to have his way with me!” Georgia yelled, “I was the only one of those tramps who didn’t spread my legs or open my mouth for him.” This caused the tow of them to let out a smile.

“JT also said that if you won’t come, then we could have you instead.” Michael laughed and he turned off the flashlight, making it pitch dark. Georgia could hear the sounds of footsteps moving towards her a bit rougher and she quickly took several steps to the side. She heard one of them trip and fall. She somehow gotten used to the darkness, but they haven’t at least not yet. “You know I will find you. Come on, stop playing around and make us happy for a while and we will let you go.”

“Or we could try to escape together and since most likely we will not survive, we’ll just enjoy ourselves to the fullest.” Eugene’s voice was directly next to her, but he didn’t notice her. “Oh, fuck this.” The flashlight went on and it shined onto her face. “Bingo!” Georgia rushed passed Eugene, but Michael reached out and ripped off the bottom of her dress. Out of fear, she wildly swung her knife and cut Michael’s hand.

“You fucking bitch!” he shouted, while pulling you a monkey wrench from his back and swung towards her head. Suddenly, a broken mop stick was shoved through Michael’s neck. Eugene screamed when Michael’s body hit the floor. Georgia looked over and saw a woman standing behind him and he began to bash his head in until he couldn’t move anymore. Click-Clack! Click-Clack!

“I’ll leave you for the monsters.” Her thick Portuguese accent was hard to understand, but Georgia was thankful that she was there to save her. The woman looked behind her for a brief second and then rushed towards her, tightly grabbing her arm and without another word, Georgia blindly followed her ran into the darkness ahead as the clicking became an ungodly symphony.

Diane looked ahead as Tad and the others were practically leaving her behind, but Jonas made sure he was beside her the entire time. He even smiled at her. “Dee,” he finally spoke, “Before all of this, Carla and I had an argument about you. She accused me of being in love with you because she discovered that I was attending the same college as you.” This caused her to stop short. She always knew that he cared for her, but in love? No, in reality she was the one who was following him. He stopped short and looked at her. “I do care about you a lot. Um, maybe after all this is over and we get out of this alive.” He reached out and grabbed her hand. “I would like to…” Diane threw herself into his arms, pressing her lips against his and despite the harrowing experience, she felt free, safe and when he kissed her back, she felt whole.

When she opened her eyes, she could see him smiling at her and she heavily blushed. “Hey, we have something over here!” Paulie’s voice echoed through the hall, disturbing their small moment. When they reached the others, they came across a large locker that was pushed over to be made into a makeshift ramp. “We’re getting close.” Paulie sighed, “This is the first time that we found traces of other survivors, which means that we might have to fight some of JT’s people.”

“Pauile, Tad lets climb over ahead and scout the area to make sure it’s safe.” Jonas ordered and the two of them agreed. As they began to climb over the locker, Dennis pulled out a bottle water and a clean rag.

“Francine, let’s use this time to change your wraps.” And Francine’s eyes widened. She quickly placed her hand over her gauze and began to back away.

“Y-yeah sure thing Dennis… B-Before that… I have to … You know… use the bathroom.” Dennis let out a nervous smile and his cheeks flushed.

“Oh, of course.” He sighed, “I’ll be right here.” Francine sneered at him and walked into a room into the right. She quickly removed the bandages and stared her forearm.

“It’s not fair, not fucking fair!! Jonas had been killing them without a hint of hesitation… what about me? Is that heartless bastard going to kill me too? Would Paulie let him kill me.” She opened her mouth and bit into her forearm...

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