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Perfect little doll

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Placing the needle down, the surgeon observes the doll. Bright eyes, heart shape lips and soft,pale skin. A heart thrums from it's cold,porcelain chest.

L . Annette
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Burning with sickening glee at the sound of the children’s joyful laughter, evilly, looming through the withered, grasping, branches of rotting trees behind the shade of the dark canopy of dying leaves, was a pair of pessimistic, eerie, ruby, red eyes.

Oblivious to the looming, eerie, ruby, red eyes, that glowed from the overgrown, wilting bushes, following their every move, two children played in the light, open, grassy clearing. With a pair of light brown twinkling eyes, a woman sat on a bright blanket watching them play. Bouncing, her long curling locks shook as she laughed. Light blue silk blew in the calm wind, turning transparent in the sparkling sun rays, a childish squeak rang out as a little girl with long flowing brown hair, playfully, ran away from the curly- haired boy. Her brown eyes shone brighter with each step as her bell- like laugh rang out. The little boy laughed as he chased after her, his hands reaching out as he tried to grasp her. His curly hair bobbing up and down with excitement.

“Stop it, Jess!” She giggled.

“I’m going to get you, Lily!” The boy yelled back as he hurried after her. Identical dimpled smiles painted their cheeks.

“No you’re not!” Glancing over her moving shoulder, cheekily, she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Yes I am, aren’t I, Mommy?” The boy’s tone was filled with determination as he shot a glance towards the woman on the checker blanket. Shaking her head, she chuckled at the children’s antiques. They were just like their father… Her eyes caught the watch, that was settled on her left wrist. The gold twisting its way around her wrist like a vine. Splattering of the glass of the watch, a rain drop fell from the clear blue sky.

“I don’t know but unfortunately it will have to wait. It’s time to go home.” Placing the blanket under one arm, she held her hands towards them. Sullen looks came over the children’s joyful face as they took each of her hands. Disappearing into the withering trees, the little girl glanced back over her shoulder.

Widening her eyes, a shiver ran up her small, soft spine as she took in the pair of frosty, callous, demonic , red eyes that stared back at her, like a hawk through the dead, browning leaves. The eyes smiled slyly at her, waving an invisible hand. The woman tugged on her hand. Turning away, slowly, she disappeared into the dying forest, her hand tightly grasping onto her mothers, her little knuckles whitening.

The clear blue sky darkened as thunder shook the ground, birds scattered from the trees. Crows cawing as they laughed into the darkening, rainy sky. Running down the leaf, a lonely rain drop fell from its tip. Catching it on a pale, white, long, skeletal finger, the pair of red eyes grinned.

A dark chuckle rang out.

“I’ll see you soon.” The leaves hissed to one another.

Thunder clapped again, lightening brightened up the now cloudy sky. Whispering in a sickly sweet voice, the wind howled the words.

“My precious little dolls…”

Pouring herself a sweet, steaming cup of coffee, gently, Lucy Jayz leaned back in her arm chair, a content smile on her face. The warmth of the crackling fire sent tingles along her skin. Little giggling came from the ceiling as her two adorable, little children played. Rolling her eyes, happily, she sipped from her cup of steaming coffee.

Looking around the room, a smile broke out on her rose red lips.

She couldn’t deny that life for her and her children was a lot easier than it was for others. It was like a feather blowing in the breeze; free and simple as can be.

There was the odd occasional hiccup; nothing that couldn’t be sorted out; but apart from that, it was easy.

Isolated from society, they lived happily in a fairy tale cottage on the edge of once beautiful blooming woods. Glowing Flowers, that seemed to be the only plant like life in the now deserted woods, surrounded the outside of its sweet greying walls. Fading, white, wilting window planes revealed cosy contents that hid behind the fading walls. Warm whitewalls wrapped the inside, like a wrapping paper around a present. Wooden floor board coated the damp soil beneath. In one of the corners stood an old, croaking grandfather clocked. Book selves filled the walls piled high with books. An old tattered sofa sat in the corner, while a grand arm chair sat in front of an open log fire.

Staring into the crackling fire, she day dreamed about her life and the future that was to follow, she pictured herself growing old with grace like a swan, expanding its wings.

A stick cracked.

Her eyes snapped to the window.

Placing the cup down on the table, hesitantly, she tiptoed up to the window; her eyes weary as she stared out into the dark forest. Dead leaves hung off the branches of withered trees. Hooting echoed into the night as an owl flew across the moon. From its feet, loosely, dangled a mouse; its tail limply blowing in the wind. She went to move back to her seat when another branch cracked.

Peering further into the darkness, she squinted her eyes.


She screamed in terror.

A pair of disturbing red eyes pressed themselves against the cold, hard, glass of the window; their owner’s identity hidden behind the hood of a cloak. Scrambling backwards, the woman fell to into the table.

The table crashed to the floor, the hot cup of coffee spilling everywhere. The lamp shattered, scattering onto the wooden floor, like decaying gravestones.

Looking up at the blank window; the eyes had faded back into the darkness. Scrambling to her feet, she grasped onto her chair; the material ripping under her tense nails. Wearily, she took her steps over to the door.

Grasping the old door handle, shaking she twisted the door. Creaking the door open, goose bumps ran up her bare arms as the freezing air hit her. Branches cracked beneath her bare feet, the dirt sinking into her skin.

The world was quiet, the only sound was the wind blowing into the branches of the dead trees.

“Hello?” The only reply was the hoot of a hunting owl.

It’s all in my mind, she sighed in her thoughts .It was probably a bat or something.

Turning to go in, she released a chuckle at her stupidity.

The door slammed behind her. Taking a deep breath, she moved towards her chair.

The fire puffed out, sending the room into complete darkness.

Glancing around the dark room, silhouettes peered into her vision.

Like a pair of cat’s eyes, two red eyes gleamed in the darkness; a silhouette of a cloaked man stood out.

Blinking, she was faced with the plain dark living room.

A floor board creaked.

Snapping her eyes around, the old grandfather clock in the corner chimed.

A floor board creaked again, spinning around, she took in the abandon room.

The grandfather clock chimed slowly.

A cold breath breathed on the back of her neck. Slamming a cold hand over her mouth, her distressed cries were muffled. Prying at the unyielding fingers, tears streamed down her face.

Her vision blurred as her captor tightened his grasp.

Struggling to keep her eyes open, she heard the baleful voice sing melodiously in her ear.

“Hello Lucy."

Chilling, icy breath sent shivers up her arm as a cold, smooth hand stroked her cheek. Sharply, something cold pricked her upper arm; the freezing liquid ooze into her veins.

Blinking, her vision cleared revealing a glowing, blood, red eye that peered into hers.

Snapping her eyes shut, she tried to yank her hands up to push the owner away. She felt something cold and smooth grasp at her wrists, holding them down to her sides.

Tugging against the metal that held her hands down, a sob escaped her mouth.

It’s no use , an eerie voice whispered in her head.

Letting darkness take control over her mind, she focused on a faint light, that glinted slightly, in the pitch black of her subconscious.

“Why, good morning Lucy,” A voice lightly sung at her, in tone that was sickly sweet , like lemon juice.“How are you this morning?” It chuckled darkly at the end. Hesitantly, she opened one eye, the red eye looked down at her in amusement. Closing it again, she counted to ten. The voice sighed, the hand leaving her cheek as the footsteps echoed off in the distance.

The sound of surgeon gloves being snapped on cracked through the air like a whip.

Snapping her eyes open, a bright light blared in them, burning her eyeballs. Yelling, she closed them again. Slowly, she opened her eyes fully, staring into the blinding light, the women ignored the burning feeling that sparked through her eyes.

The light started to fade, revealing two angled slabs opposite her. Gasping, she yanked at her restraints as she saw her two sweet sleeping children. Her daughter lay peacefully, a smile on her face. As she traced her features, she noticed her daughter was no longer wearing her my little pony pyjamas, instead a white hospital gown coated her little body, around her wrists and ankles were small cuffs. Glancing at her son, she noticed he was the same as his sister. Moving her hand, she felt for the material of her flowery dress, she grasped what should have been the soft velvet of her dress; instead it was smooth and slippery.

Looking back at her sleeping daughter, a pile of neat black hair appeared as a figure leaned in. Taking the figure in, it looked like it was dressed in white surgeon clothes that seemed to glow brightly in the light. Watching, she repressed a yell as a gloved hand grazed her daughter’s cheek, a light hum came from the figure. Putting a silver syringe in his pocket, the figure moved on to loom over her sleeping son; a frown on his cute face. Muttering away to himself, contently, the figure hummed.

The gloved mirrored the motion it had done to her daughter. The light sparkled as it hit off the needle.

Looking away, her eyes noticed a surgeon tray in the middle of the triangle of tab, the circular light shone on it like a spot light. Numerous of items: Knives, tweezers, syringes and needles sat on top of a white sheet, flashing under the bright light. Appearing out of nowhere, a gloved hand picked something up, a knife, it flicked the dry blood off as the knife glistened under the light. Tracing the hand to the arm, her eyes landed on the crown of the figures head. The hair had been parted neatly at the front. Slowly, the head looked up, the pair of ruby red eyes connecting with hers. Her lips were dry, her tongue darted out, moistening them. His eyes lit up at the sight.

“Who are you?” She croaked.

“I am Dante, my dear ,and you are Lucy,” She scowled at him. The man clicked his tongue as he approached her, “Now, Now Lucy! My dolls don’t frown. No! They don’t. My dolls are perfect.” His gloved hand grazed her cheek. The rubber smooth against her skin. Flinching, she glared at him. He sighed. “We have a lot to work to do with you, Lucy. Don’t worry my sweet though. We’ll get you there. You will be perfect. I’ll make you perfect.” He crooned softly to her, his hand caressing her hair. Bringing her locks to his face, he sniffed it, moaning at the scent. “Your look is nearly perfect, we just have to work on the attitude. That shouldn’t take long.” He patted her cheek, turning away, he returned to the tray, his back to her. “It shouldn’t take long at all.” He sighed happily.

“Why are you doing this?” She rasped quietly.

The man chuckled.

“To make you perfect.” Cunningly, he glanced at her.

As she stared into his sinister red eyes, she couldn’t help but feel like she had seen them before.

Scrubbing the instruments clean, the man busied himself as she became deep in thought.

Where had she seen those eyes before? Dante…Dante… Dante…. a pair of familiar red eyes flashed in front of her as she thought his last name…Colling.

“Dante Colling.” She murmured. The man’s head snapped towards hers, a sickly victorious smile on his face.

“You remember.”

“You use to go to my high school, during my freshman year. You disappeared before my senior year after a bunch of girls disappeared…. Oh my god! You’re doing what you did to them to us!” Dante eyes filled with desperation as he moved towards her.

“No, I’m not! They were for a different purpose. They didn’t have the life like you are going to. They got what they deserved.” His thumb grazed her frozen lips, the rubber getting caught between her teeth.

“What…happened… to … them?” Panic laced into her voice.

“It does not matter anymore. They are where they belong.” His voice was flippant, waving a hand in the air, like he had just thrown away the trash. His eyes cold as ice. “I would never do what I did to them to you. You are nearly perfect. That’s why I’m drawn to you.” He smirked as he gazed into her eyes.

“Why are you doing this? Why did you take us?” Dante sighed.

“I have lived alone for a while, I never saw anyone. Then the first day I walked into that high school, I saw you. Instantly, I felt something for you. I knew I had to have you. To make you perfect.”

“What? No, Dante. We never spoke. Never interacted! You can’t feel anything for me! And even if you did, you probably had a crush! It doesn’t mean you kidnap my children and I. Why now?” Breaking in a sob at the end, tears streamed down her face. A coated thumb wiped the tears away.

“Now that is another thing we have to work on. Don’t worry. I’ll make you perfect.” Rising, he grabbed what looked like a note book, pulling a pen out of his top pocket, he scribbled quickly on the paper. Placing the note book and pen back in his top pocket, he leaned over the angled metal slab that held her down. Grazing his hand against her hand, he squeezed it. “With me, it isn’t like that, I don’t get simple little crushes and soon neither will you… And I did try and take you before. It was when you were pregnant with the twins. At the time I didn’t know. It was until I brought you here I realised. It was after an inner conflict with myself that I actually returned you to your lovely home and sleeping husband.” He growled the last word out. Staring at him, she saw the hatred in his eyes.

Her husband had died a few years ago.


His body found in a river, beaten and torn.

As she stared at Dante, the truth set in.

“You killed my husband!”

“I had too. Of course, I had my fun first.” His voice was cold, dread filled her brain. Horrified, she stared into his threating eyes.

“You brought him here…” She breathed, her lungs pressed against her ribs as she gasped for air. The devil tilted his head, his eyes softening at the sight of her pain. Spitting a trail of acid, his fingers fluttered along her cheek.

“It was only fair, after everything he took off me.” Dante sighed, his eyes pleading with his victim to understand, “I deserved to take his life. I didn’t do it like I did to the girls. I wish I had. But I was thinking of you,” The devil snarled, his eyes fiery once more, “I just was a bit aggressive as he pleaded with me. He actually mentioned you and your children. If he hadn’t, he might have lived for a few more hours at least. But after that I lost it. He didn’t understand you were the reason I was beating him. Any way I enjoyed it,” Biting back the bile that rose in her throat, Lucy observed the threatening joy in the devil’s creepy red eyes. “I let him pray before I gave him the final blow.” Sweetly, he dragged a long finger down her cheek, his eyes frantic as he continued his speech.

“And now we can be together, of course, I will have to change you slightly. Not much though, love. Now I’ll have to get to work if I want to be done by tomorrow.” Disturbingly, he smiled, flashing his white teeth before returning to the tray. Lucy’s cheek burnt where the surgeon’s hand had once been; sizzling against the freezing in the air. She shifted uncomfortably, but her eyes never left the devil’s moving hands.

Metal glinted as the devil held each one into the light; blood sewed onto their sharp blades.

Ignoring his victim’s cries as she pleaded with him, he hummed happily.

His thoughts stuck on the fact that they would be together for ever. She would feel what he feels for her.

Observing the surgical tools, he sighed joyfully. Many were used for torturing but today he only needed one or two things.

Cleaning the point, he pressed a thumb onto the needle, smiling at the sharpness of the glinting point.


Everything had to be perfect for them.

Even the things that were going to make them perfect had to be perfect.

He had waited far too long for someone like her for nothing to be perfect.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Putting the syringe back, he sighed.

Turning to face the terrified eyes of Lucy, he smiled softly.

“I’ll see who that is.” He kissed her on the forehead. The human shuddered and he noted in his head to make her less repulsed by things. Well things that involved him anyway.

Walking away from the trio, his footsteps echoed off the floor. Climbing up the stone cold stairs, he snapped the surgical gloves off.

Chucking them in a bin, the sound proof door slammed shut cutting off his distressed loves cries.

The doorbell rang again.

“I’m coming!” He yelled as he struggled out of his surgical coat. Straightening out his black jumper, he stepped out of the trousers revealing a pair of black jeans. Removing his shoes, he wiggled his black sock covered feet, he crammed the surgical gear into the cupboard under the sink. Opening a draw, he removed a pair of green contacts. Placing them in, he glanced at the mirror. His pale skin heightened by the emerald green of the contacts. Running his long pale smooth fingers through his neat black hair, he made it stand up on end. Perfect, sinisterly he smiled. The doorbell rang again. Hurrying, he yanked the door open, just as the man was about to press the doorbell again.

“Yes?” His voice was smooth. The man lowered his hand.

“There is a package.” The man raised it in the air. Dante sniffed the air as the wind blew the man’s scent towards him. Well wouldn’t he be perfect for their first meal. After all he hadn’t ate in a while. Dante grinned at the man, careful not to show all his teeth.

“I’ll need to sign it, won’t I? There’s a pen in the kitchen, come in.” He held the door open, nervously, the post man entered. Shutting the door, he slowly twisted the locks, a whisper of a click escaped.

“So how many more deliveries, do you have?” Dante called out, curiosity laced in his voice, his eyes inventive, casually, he put his hands in his pockets. The blonde man glanced at him over his trembling shoulder.

“Only one more.” The man gulped as he walked along the crystal white corridor, his shoes screeching against the marble floor. The wall were bare as blank piece of paper. “Decorating?”

“Yes, I’ve only done down stairs.” Dante’s voice was dubious as he walked behind the shaking man. Their footsteps echoing of the floor.

“Well it is an … interesting choice.”

“I’ve only just moved a month ago. To be nearer my partner.” Nodding, the man ignored the alarm bell that rang through his head.

“She must be special…” He glanced at Dante.

“Oh she is. She’s going to be perfect.” Smiling coly, Dante hummed to himself, thinking of the woman that was beneath their feet.

The man did not notice Dante’s slip as he stared at the blank walls. Looking at the man, Dante’s voice light and reassuring as he called out to him.

“Does anyone know you’re here?” The man’s adams apple bobbled slightly as he shuddered.

Why does he want to know? He thought silently as he peered into an equally bare white living room, two plain white plastic benches sat the side of the room like a waiting room in the doctors.

The post man entered the shining snow white kitchen. Gulping, he took in the spotless white walls, the shining snow like kitchen top. The cupboards were white, the sink was white. The taps were white. Not an inch of grim slept on the stunning surfaces. It was bare as the rest of the house, the only different thing was the mirror on the basement door. It was more like a hospital then a house. On the white drying rack sat a single silver surgeon’s knife, the tip held a hint of blood.

The man eyes widen slightly with trepidation.

Dante approached it, squishing the dry blood between his pale fingers. Observing the dried blood, which rested on his pale fingertip, he lifted his finger into the light. A sadistic smile came on his face.

The post man coughed.

Snapping his eyes towards the tormented man, Dante wiped it on his dark jeans.

“Well?” His eyes were vindictive; his voice was eerily calm. Gone was the reassurance and lightness that had come with the first question; it had been replaced by mendaciousness. The man looked around the vacant kitchen. A muffled sound came to his ears. It sounded like someone… crying.

“My boss and everyone I work with knows my rota. It’s compulsory.” His voice quivered with unease. Bitter fully, Dante sighed. It would mean he have to do the job then. Grabbing the knife, he held it to the light.

The man stared around the room, ignoring the abnormal behaviour his client was displaying. A cry echoed around him. He approached the mirror on the white basement door.

The crying got louder slightly as he moved towards it. His eyes taking in his reflection, his pale face and widen frightened eyes. Glancing in the reflection he saw Dante frown at the knife. Pressing his ear against the cold steel door, he listened. Jumping back, he returned to the spot. Someone was down there… trapped begging for help. Taking in the man in front of him, his suspicions grew. Dante placed the knife back in its place, turning to face the man.

“Do you have a family?” He opened up a draw, pretending to reach for a pen.


“Good!” Dante flashed behind him, his hand blocking his mouth. The human struggled against his hand as the needle stabbed his neck. “Welcome to hell!” He crackled.

The man slumped to the floor.

Carefully stepping over the limp body, he placed the needle back into the draw, slowly, shutting it. Kneeling to the man’s level, he removed his uniform, leaving him in his vest and boxers. He would need it later. Clothes rustled as he shrugged back into his surgical clothes. Snapping a pair of rubber gloves on, he slumped the man over his shoulder. Opening the basement metal door, he walked down stairs, his footsteps echoing like a lion’s roar; threatening and lethal. Lucy’s cries had been reduced to simple sobs.

“Oh my darling,” He called, “look what I have brought you!” Floating towards her, he saw Lucy’s eyes widen at the man that dangled over his shoulder. Dumping him the middle of his pure, perfect family, Dante dragged a straight horizontal metal slab up, leaving it slightly out of the triangle. Chucking the man onto it, he cuffed his limbs down. Toothily, Dante grinned at a snivelling Lucy, his eyes fanatic. The final cuff clanked together. Pressing a foot on a lever, the man’s head lolled forward as the metal slab shot up into vertical position.

“There, you got someone to keep you company until I get back.” Moving towards her, he dusted off his hands, a sinister look in his eye. Kissing her on the forehead, quietly, he hissed. “Be Good.”

A tear welled in her eye, she watched as he slithered away, chuckling darkly. The door clanked behind him. Releasing a sob, she turned to face the unconscious man. A lone strand of long hair fell into her face as she looked at his frowning face in the dim light. Slowly, tears fell down her face like a flooding river.

What they had got themselves into…

It seemed like hours ticked by before the man stirred.

“Where am I?” He muttered.

“In a lunatic’s basement.” His eyes connected with hers. “You’re not his first and you won’t be his last.” She sighed. Taking in her form, her desperate brown eyes, he gasped.

“You were crying before.”

“You heard me?”

“Just before he stabbed me… how long have you been here?” He observed the room.

“I don’t know. All I know is the last time it was night…. What day is it?”

“12th of August.” Her breathing stuttered.

“We’ve been here for two days!”

“We?” She motioned to the other slabs. The man eyes flew to the children. “They are mine… he kidnapped us…” Her voice was shaky. The man shuddered at the state of the children.

“What is he planning on doing to us?”

“I don’t know what he has planned for you but all I know is he wants to make us three ‘perfect’ as he keeps saying…”

His captor’s word echoed off before. ‘She’s going to be perfect’ He hadn’t said ‘she’s perfect’, he had added the ‘going to be’. Oh god. He hadn’t been talking about his partner; he had been talking about the women he had prisoned in his basement.

Her voice got louder as he zoned back into reality “…I can’t believe I never knew. We went to high school together! He murdered the girls! He killed my husband! And I don’t like to say this but I think your next!” The woman’s eyes were wide with alarm.

“What?” Before the man could continue, the door clanked open, the sound of the rubber gloves being snapped on rang out. His venomous footsteps bellowed as he approached them. Clinking, the sounds of test tubes bouncing of one another filled the room.

“It seems you two have met. I hope you haven’t got to fond of him, my dear.” Appearing under light, his pale skin brightening like corpse, disappearing in the bright rays. His hair had been smoothed again, parted neatly at the side.

Glooming off his pale face, his menacing, looming, red eyes floated in mid-air.

Frozen, her eyes gazed into his, like a deer stuck in headlights. The sound of test tubes being clanked onto mental tray raised a shudder up her spine.

Stalking towards her, Dante placed a cunning kiss on her nose. His hand caressed her hair; their eyes connected like a snake drawing in its prey.

“Get off the lady!” The man yelled.

Dante glared at him, his fingers wrapping around one of her locks. “You better not get fond of her, it will affect how long you live. Like it did to her husband, Mike! You should be glad I allowed you in her presence.” Glowering, he sneered the words at the man. Turning to stare into Lucy’s wide eyes, his malicious glare mitigated “Now unfortunately, my dear, my schedule is a bit out of time so we are going to have to do you first. It is alright though, I’ll be here and it will still be perfect. I just have to get the cloth.” The man eyes widened as his captor walked past.

“Cloth?” He mouthed to the woman.

Expressionless, she just stared into thin air. Dante returned with a sickly smile on his face as he approached the tray. Picking something up, he held the object into the light. Yellow, oozing liquid blazed like a lighter being thrown onto gasoline. Observing it with nimbleness, slightly, he pressed the syringe, the golden acid squirted out like venom from a python’s mouth. Turning back to face his victim, his hands grasped the poisonous fang and a piece of cloth.

“Now, I’m sorry but it’s for the best. Now be a good girl and open up.” Lucy stared at him, her eyes emotionless while she weighed her options. From the little time spent with Dante Colling, she had learnt numerous of things: he held grudges very easily, he was a surgeon, a psycho, a murderer, a kidnapper and was obsessed with perfection and her. It was going to happen anyway, he would shove it in her mouth whether she was willing or not and her companion was more likely to suffer a deadly fate if she did not. She had a feeling it would be best for her if she accepted it. Slowly, she opened her mouth. Dante gently placed the cloth in, she whimpered. Grazing her skin, he tied it around the back of her head. Smiling softly at her, he kissed her forehead as a stray tear ran down her cheek.

“You’ll be perfect.” The needle penetrated her skin. Her screams were muffled as her blood transformed into fire, spreading along her body like flames in a hay barn. Her blood turned acidic, burning her from the inside out. “You’ll be perfect.” The voice cooed softly in her ear. The fire spread to her brain, sparking the fuels off. Over her throbbing head, she felt he stroke her hair as he crooned. “My perfect little doll.”

The sound of stalking high heels echoed down the dimly lit street.

The women oblivious to the red eyes that watched her from the corner.

Pressing himself against the cold alley wall, the rough gravel of the brick rubbed against the back of his leather jacket.

The woman sung happily to herself.

Of course the songs of 2036 were rubbish. They got worse as time went by.

He smiled as she approached the alley way entrance.

Her scream rang out as he dragged her back, his hand slamming over her mouth.

Lifting her struggling form, he took off.

Running over the roof tops, he dragged the woman. The traffic’s shining head lights like burning torches of witch hunters on hunt for the undead. Chuckling, he increased his speed. Approaching a dying forest, he sniffed his prisoner’s neck. Honey; his loves favourite.

Running through the dense thorny forest, he passed an old abandon wrecked cottage, its torn thatched roof had protected a family, it’s once white walls now a rotting grey. Flowers, that had been full of life, lay withered in heap.

A creepy smile broke out onto his face as the sound of children’s laughter rang out as he broke through the tetchy thorns into a clearing.

Before him was a fairy-tale cottage, its walls a grand white. The neatly trimmed thatched roof towered over the top, glorious prickly flowers grew out of the ground that surrounded the place like a spiky barred fence. He had decide that it was only right to let Lucy have some of her human life.

In the distance the flat roof of a white modern building broke over the dead trees.

Two little children ran around the garden, their red eyes glowing brightly as they giggled.

Dark blue silk blue in the howling wind as a little girl ran from a curly haired boy. With a pair of twinkling red eyes, a woman sat on a wooden bench watching them.

The little girl squealed her long brown hair flowing in the moonlight revealing a hint of black. The little girl stopped when she caught sight of the man.

“Daddy’s home!” She squealed, her brother stopped chasing her as they both ran towards him. Throwing the woman to the ground, he embraced them.

“Hiya bud.” He ruffled the boy’s hair. “Have you been looking after Lily?” The little girl scoffed.

“I’ve been looking after Jess! Right mommy!” The brunette women chuckled, rising up to her feet.

“You’ve both been looking at each other. Dear.” Her hips swayed as she sauntered up to the man, her red eyes glowing.

“Lucy.” He whispered, releasing the children to kiss her on the lips.

“Dante.” She smiled faintly.

“How have you been?” His eyes shone at her.

“Missing you.” Her hand grazed his cheek. He leaned into her touch. The groan of the woman popped their little bubble. Covered in mud, the woman’s dress was torn as she crawled across the grass. The black hair man sighed.

“I can’t let dinner escape. Can I?” Lucy giggled slightly, an evil glint in her eye. Kissing him on the lips, she smiled sickly.

Dirt slipped through the crawling woman’s fingers as she crawled across the ground, the grime sinking through her dress. The thorny trees were just in sight, only a few feet away. A pair of shiny black shoes appeared in front of her. Scanning up their legs, she screamed as the black haired main smiled sinisterly at her.

“Going somewhere.” Venom dripped from his voice as he smirked down at her cowering form. He reached down, yanking her up by the hair. Pain sore through her head as she tried to pry his fingers away. The brunette women and the two children sat on the ground, playing with each other, ignoring the man as he grasped the human, lifting her into the air.

“Please sir, I have a family, just let me go. I’ll never tell anyone.” The man chuckled.

“And I have a family to feed.” Sinking his teeth into her neck, she released a scream of terror. Her struggles to push him away failed as her body turned limp. Dropping the useless body to the ground.

He walked over to the children, bending down, he rolled up his sleeves.

The children didn’t hesitate as they sunk their teeth into his arms. After a few gulps, they released him. The bite marks healed straight away as the blood was sucked back into his body.

Turning to his love, he smirked. “Your turn, my dear.” Kissing his neck, she sunk her teeth in. He groaned as his hands grasped at her waist. “That’s it, love, there you go.” After a few minutes, she kissed his neck as the wound healed.

Dante smiled as he stroked her face. “My love…” The children wrapped themselves around his legs. “My children.” The children snuggled deeper into his legs, their minds trapped in a spell. Lucy smiled as she kissed him on his lips, oblivious to her children’s real father.

He had perfected her, he had made her his.

He had took her memory and removed all pieces of her past that didn’t include him, replacing them.

All her memories involved him; evolved around him.

How they first met, how he found her in a forest, how after nursing her they fell in love. How they ended up having children together. How their house got set on fire and he had to transform her and the two beautiful children.

She believed him, of course. She believed everything he said. She do anything for him.

He had perfected her completely.

They could live forever together after all she was his little doll, a doll he treasured with all his heart.

A doll he could never release from his hypnotic spell.

“I love you.” His voice chimed.

“I love you too” His smile was victorious as he kissed her.

Thinking to himself, they are

His voice was soft as he whispered the words.

“My perfect little family… my perfect little dolls.”

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