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Caught in the Rain

By Jess The All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror


After leaving her college work, a young lady named Erina Woods finds herself walking down the highway of Ohio, caught in heavy rain and strong winds. Little did she know of the horrors that wait for her on that stormy night.

Chapter 1

This tale starts with a young lady walking down the lonely highway of Ohio state. The rain was licking it’s way up the dark and withered tar of the road. The sky was a dull grey entangled with the solitary and depressing navy of the night. The wind whipped and whistled through the trees. As the girl walked along the side of the highway her now drenched strawberry-blonde hair lashes angrily at the rain from behind her. With each drop her delicate body shivers at the icy pinch of the water. She flicks her collar up so that it is protecting some of her ivory skin. Her legs quiver as the wind ruffles her deep blue skirt. Her burgundy coat dances around her legs in sync with her hair. Her once beautiful makeup runs with the drops of rain that are hitting her face. She marches on through the rain unknowing of what might happen out in the abyss of the state.

As time passed and the rain grew heavier and the night grew colder, her legs began to tire. She stopped to check if there were any cars along the highway. Nothing. She took another glance to see a pair of headlights approaching her. She smiled and began to flag the car to a halt. Upon a closer look she noticed the details of the vehicle, it was a crimson red splashed with the off orange color of rust, a red pick-up truck crumbling with every drop of water that hits it. The stench of the smoke radiating from the old vehicle attacks at her senses. The screech of of the breaks pierce the light patter of the rain and the rumble of the engine echos through the night. An emotion of relief spreads across the woman’s face as she takes a step closer to the vehicle. The darkly tinted window begins to roll down as the warmth of the heater escapes, slowly luring the woman closer. ‘Hey there, pretty lady.’ A man uttered from the other side of the window. His voice scratched at the woman’s ears in an untamed manner, the awful concoction of a raspy whisper and a cried shout of the voice sent chills down the girl’s spine. Shivering from the rain, the girl spoke. ‘H-Hello.’ Her voice was trembling from the cold, causing her to stutter. The window vanishes revealing the man, his entire appearance would send chills to the bones of even the bravest man. A rough smile scratches itself across the man’s features. As the woman approached the vehicle the features of the man become clearer. His rotting teeth were the first thing that caught the girl’s eye, while allowing herself to pay close attention to the man’s mouth she notices a large rip in the right side of his mouth almost spreading to his cheekbone. Her eyes widen in horror at the man’s appeal, she resists the urge to show any other form of shock. As her eyes wonder across his face she pays close attention to his. One of them seems narrowed filled with insanity, the other seems... Dead. A large scar paints itself over the lifeless eye. A shudder tickles it’s way down the woman’s body. He pets the passenger’s seat beside him, snapping the woman out of her horror evoked trance. ‘Come now, get outta’ that rain.’ The man croaks, his voice almost drowned out by the heavy rain echoing across the area. . She flinches at his voice then walks around the truck, the headlights reflecting off the buckles on her coat.

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