Wanted Malady!!!

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Checkout the traumatic experience of a boy in a post-zombie apocalyptic world. It's a story of adventure, horror, fantasy and betrayal. Which will keep you entertained till the end guaranteed. Wanted Malady is full of adventure, fantasy and horror. As you can guess by title it is about a plague or a disease which everyone wanted to happen or wanted to see. We all love to see movies and reading books about an apocalypse, how everyone come together and fight the problem at hand but this story question's everyone of us, do we really do what is expected of us? In this book, a fifteen-year-old boy is writing his experience of an epidemic caused by meteor shower, by which a bizarre kind of extraterrestrial virus infected human brain which not only kills them but also takes over their dead body to spread itself, he describes his personal experience, how he discovered true nature of humanity in an apocalypse through a harsh way but soon he also realizes humanity has a other sight too. He is able to see that with the help of his new friends he survives betrayal of unknown stranger but will he be able to cope up with the betrayal of his friends, will he be able to recover his lost family in the world of chaos.

Horror / Adventure
Akshat Gupta
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Do you have ever imagined that within a few hours your whole world can go upside down, well I imagined it one time but in an entirely different way than it actually happened.Yeah, it occurred just a few days back and now I am stuck with a life of no meaning. I have seen movies on post apocalypse situation, how everyone joins together, all countries united and try to fight the situation at hand but in reality believe me nothing like that happen. We would expect people trying to save babies and kids but it’s just all expected, not real. In reality, nobody cares about nobody excluding them, I came to know it the hard way. I trusted a man with my food and he took it all away, I know I shouldn’t have done that but what you expect from a scared Fifteen-year-old, one day he is playing Zombie-clash and call of duty killing zombies and another day he really has to kill off zombie-like creatures. How could he know that a meteor shower can turn the world upside down in a single night and destroy one of the most developed civilization ever existed? We were afraid of these disasters from at least five decades or even before if we count the era HG Wells brought. The year 2030 starts, everyone celebrating new year, promising new hope to each other but what they would never expect is that one week later one in million or few in 8 billion will be alive as I haven’t met anyone since this disaster who haven’t died in my presence so it can’t be only me but you always must be ready for the worst, than considering it is the best chance you have got. Actually, I can’t understand what has happened, thousand years of hard work by humanity into dust in a just matter of days but one thing what I understand very deeply is trust no one.

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