215 Lexington Avenue

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Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

The three policemen, the two priests and the members of the Paranormal Findings group all sat in the comfy living room. Smiles now appearing on their faces after their long ordeal in 215 Lexington Avenue, and now was the time to crack open the bottle of champagne they found in the back of the fridge. “I’m sure Bill and Tina won’t mind once they know the outcome.” Tom said pouring the bubbly liquid into glasses. “But how did you know they were trying to show us something Joseph?” asked James Fisher, now warming to the man after guessing right.

“I’ve been a paranormal investigator for over twenty years James, and in all those years I’ve helped quite a number of spirits move to the light, be it good spirit or bad. I look for the signs they try to show me while I’m either at home or on an investigation. And the signs in this house were so strong from the very first night we were here, but I couldn’t just shout it out, as I didn’t know at the time where the basement or the well was. All I kept getting were the words ‘basement’ and ‘well’ in my mind’s eye. So when Tom told us there was a basement somewhere in the house, I had to trust my instinct and judgement. I don’t always get it right, but when I do…”

Everyone raised their glasses in the air and Joseph spoke up loudly holding his glass of water, “A toast to the Bartholomew family may they all rest in peace forever.”

“One thing does puzzle me though Joseph if I may be so bold to ask?” Alexis said, why the locked doors on the inside and not on the outside, do you think that happened to the other families that have lived here over the years?”

“Well Alexis if you recall, the first night we were here and Peter got spooked, he ran to the door but it wouldn’t open, neither would the back door, Yet when our good friend Alan showed up here with the back-up team, he simply opened the front door and walked in. Now you know most of us tried that door and it wouldn’t budge. And when James arrived we were all in the living room when we heard the front door open and found James had just walked in as well, hence the reason for putting the large outdoor flower pots in front of the open door as none of us would have got out…until the end. They wanted our help desperately and tried everything they could to keep us here. The more frustrated they got the more energy they used to control things. They must have known we would be able to help them. Whether it happened to any of the other families only they will know I suppose.”


There were a few more things to tidy up before the team closed the case of 215 Lexington Avenue for good. Tom had promised Bill, Tina and Wendy Rodgers that he would do everything in his power to make things safe again, and the next day after a well-earned rest both he and Alexis drove to Boxley to give them all the good news, but also had to tell them everything that had happened, the remains of the Bartholomew family in the basement well and the destroyed staircase and attic door.

Meanwhile Joseph, Jack and Jane spent a fruitful morning in the town library, they found the full names of the Bartholomew family, and strangely enough their first names were William, Tania and Windy, very close to the Rodgers first names. A full service was held for the family once their names were known and a gravestone was paid for my three certain policemen.

Margaret Rodgers insisted the family stay at her house until their house had been renovated after all that had happened. But Bill had other plans, he just wanted to take his family on holiday away from the nightmare that had been 215 Lexington Avenue, and vowed never to set foot in the house again. The family went on their holiday taking Margaret with them and her ‘friend’ Monica to keep her company while they were away.

While the Rodgers family were enjoying their holiday in Cornwall, Superintendent James Fisher got a call about 215 Lexington Avenue, so did the fire brigade and the ambulance service. Apparently, for some unknown reason, still unknown to this day, the house burnt to the ground. Nothing was left of the house, and since the area was cleared of debris and the well and the basement which being low in the ground was the only room left were filled with tons of cement by a local company. The plot has lain vacant, and probably will for the foreseeable future, but a bench was placed there with a brass plaque on back rest with a dedication to the Bartholomew family, funded by all who helped move their spirits into the light.

Tom Smith retired from the police force and asked Alexis to be his wife, Alexis accepted without hesitation. Everyone that was involved in the case of 215 Lexington Avenue attended the wedding where Alexis announced she was pregnant. Tom started a private paranormal investigative agency with Alexis until she became a mother to their lovely little girl who they named Tania-Windy; he also enlisted the skills of his best buddy Alan Davies, also retired from the police force. When the baby was born James Fisher, nearly retired, was asked to be the baby’s godfather an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Bill and Tina Rodgers bought a house in Boxley not far from Bill’s sister who was now engaged to Monica. Wendy never had any more encounters with the paranormal. Tina gave up teaching and spent more quality time with Wendy and was given a job in Margaret’s aromatherapy shop. None of the family bore any scares from the ordeal and neither did any of the team.

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