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Chapter Two

For the next two nights the scratching and walking around from the attic intensified disturbing Wendy’s sleep. By Thursday morning she looked exhausted and ill, black circles were starting to form around her eyes through lack of sleep and her face was pale and drawn.

“Oh love you look dreadful, it looks like you’re coming down with a cold, go and lay on the sofa and I’ll get you your bed quilt.” Tina said, and then headed upstairs to get the quilt from her bed. By the time she got back to the living room her daughter was sound asleep. Wrapping the quilt around her she felt her forehead to see if she had a temperature.

“Hmm that’s odd,’ she’s not over hot, thank goodness it’s the school holidays and I can look after her.” Tina thought as she went into the kitchen to put on the kettle for a cuppa once she had changed the bedding.

Leaving Wendy to sleep, Tina went upstairs to change the bedding in both bedrooms. As she was busy in Wendy’s bedroom she thought she heard a noise, no footsteps, yes that was it, she could hear footsteps coming from the attic. Stopping what she was doing she listened to the sounds emanating from the room above her head.

“My god, Wendy was right it does sound like somebody is walking around up there.” She thought to herself.

“That’s it; I’m going up there to take a look!”

Briskly walking out of the bedroom, Tina walked towards the door that led up to the attic room. Standing outside listening she could still hear the noises from above. As quietly as possible she twisted the door handle and pulled the door open to reveal the wooden stairs leading upwards. Switching on the light she began to ascend the stairs, and as she got halfway up the noises abruptly stopped. Reaching the top of the stairs, she looked first to her left and then to her right, and then stepped into the large dusty room. She switched on the room’s main light and began to walk around and spotted the humane rat traps, all empty.

“Hmm that’s odd, so what the devil could be making the loud walking noises up here?”

Making her way to one corner of the room she spotted Wendy’s old doll sitting upon an old rocking chair, dusty and cobwebbed, silently staring at her.

“Now I know why Wendy stopped playing with this doll, God she’s so creepy.”

Scanning the rest of the room she spotted an old radiogram that was a family heirloom from way back with a stack of vinyl records on top of it. There were also boxes of photo albums and Wendy’s pram from when she was a baby, and other assorted items now gathering dust and cobwebs, but she couldn’t find anything that could have made the sound of footsteps. So she began to make her way back to the stairs leading out of the attic.

As she started to walk away she heard a creaking noise behind her that made her freeze and stop dead in her tracks. Turning around to where she thought the noise was coming from, her eyes focused on the doll in the rocking chair and her blood ran cold, the chair was rocking and the doll was looking straight at her! Tina screamed and turning sharply ran as fast as she could down the stairs and through the open door. Slamming the door shut she turned the key in the lock, then pulled it out of the lock, pushed it into her jeans pocket and ran down the stairs.

As she entered the living room, she noticed Wendy was sitting up looking tired and puzzled.

“Mum I heard you scream, what’s the matter?” Asked Wendy now starting to feel afraid, Tina sat next to her shaking.

“Mum, mum, what’s happened?” Wendy asked again.

“You were right Wendy, about the noises in the attic. I’ve just heard them and went up to the attic to investigate, but I couldn’t find anything at all. I was about to leave the attic when I heard a creaking sound, it was the rocking chair with your old doll sitting on it. It was rocking and the doll was looking at me, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!”

Tina asked her daughter if she felt well enough to go out and sit on the beach for a few hours, so she could calm down before Bill got home. Wendy could think of nothing better.

Heading towards the beach and finding a warm spot to sit down they hugged each other and Wendy said that in a way she was glad that her mum had heard the noises, but not that she got frightened by it.

A few hours later when Bill got home Tina told her husband about what had occurred in the attic that morning.

“Oh come on now love, dolls just don’t move on their own accord, or for that matter neither does a chair.”

“Well how do you explain the noises that sounded like footsteps I heard, and the fact that the noises have been keeping our daughter awake at night?” Tina replied now getting upset.

“Have you noticed how ill Wendy looks, she’s not sleeping properly because she’s been hearing the noises as well for the last few nights.”

“Okay love, I’m sorry let’s both go up to the attic and take a look at this doll and chair. I’m sure there is a rational explanation for it all.”

As they made their way up the attic stairs and got to the top, Bill switched the light on, nothing, no light burned brightly as it did earlier when Tina was up there.

“Damn it was working earlier Bill, maybe the bulb has gone?”

Bill felt around in a box to the left and found a Maglite torch, pushing the switch, the torch emitted a powerful beam of white light,

“Ah that’s better now let’s take a look see.” Bill said as Tina grabbed his right hand for comfort.

As they walked towards to where the doll and rocking chair was in the far corner, it began to move backwards and forward, Tina let out a scream, which made Bill jump.

“Hey honey, look here at the floorboard.”

As he said that, Bill stood on a floorboard that was loose and the chair moved back and forward.

“It’s the floorboard that made the chair move, see?’ Bill stood on it a few times and the chair rocked back and forth.

“Oh Bill I feel such a fool now, but, it still doesn’t explain the sound of footsteps that Wendy and I have heard, does it. And it’s not rats otherwise they would be dead in the traps or else they are incredibly talented and know how to avoid the traps.”

The couple returned back downstairs and decided to have their evening meal and then afterwards they played a game with Wendy. It was a game where you had to answer questions and try and guess the link to the answers. It was one of Wendy’s favourite games. As the night wore on all of them started to feel tired and decided to finish the game and head for their beds.

“Come on chicken, I’ll tuck you in tonight.” Wendy’s dad said as he walked up the stairs with her.

“I haven’t done that for a while have I honey?”

Her parent’s started calling her ‘chicken’ at a young age as Wendy loved the taste of chicken and would insist on having it nearly every week, even at Christmas time instead of turkey and now the nickname, which Wendy liked, had stuck with her.

Wendy got herself ready for bed and when she was in bed she called her dad, “All sorted now honey, teeth brushed and face washed?”

“Yes dad, all done.” She responded and began yawning not once but twice.

“I don’t think it’ll be long before you’re asleep honey, and not long to go until our holidays and Jodi is staying tomorrow night too isn’t she?”

Bill tucked his daughter in and kissed her goodnight, “Sweet dreams chicken, I’ll be home early tomorrow I promise.”

Wendy smiled “Night dad, I love you loads.”

Within minutes Wendy was asleep and slept right through the night without any disturbances. Up in the attic the doll sat on the rocking chair staring blankly ahead as the large house spider furiously spun a fine silver thread around a fly that had landed in its web in the corner of the attic. This was the fifth fly to be caught in its web that day.


The following morning the Rodgers family looked fresh and happy, even Wendy had managed to get up early so she could see her dad before he went to work. Everyone was happy and excited that they would be travelling down to Cornwall very soon. Wendy and her mum went into town to buy a few items for their holiday and spent a few more hours on the beach.

That evening Wendy’s friend Jodi was brought to the Rodger’s house by her parents Mr and Mrs Johnson. Bill opened the front door for them all and welcomed them into the house. All shook hands and Bill invited them to sit down in the main living room. Tina and Wendy brought out the tea and sandwiches that they had prepared for their guests.

“Now Tina you shouldn’t have gone to the trouble.” Norma Johnson said as she saw the two platefuls of sandwiches and a pot of tea being carried in on a silver tea tray.

“Nonsense Norma, you’re old friends of ours and it’s great that you’re letting us take Jodi on holiday to keep Wendy company.” Tina replied as she poured tea from the pot into the cups then added milk and sugar to those that wanted it.

“It’ll do the girl’s good to be away for a couple of weeks in the sun, I’ve heard it’s going to get hotter while we’re away.”

Two hours later, Norma and Dave Johnson gave their daughter lots of hugs and kisses and said they would pick her up on Sunday morning as they were taking her to the zoo.

“Well girls, what games do you want to play tonight? As it’s the weekend we can stay up a little later than usual.” Tina asked as she held up board games one by one so they could choose.

After playing two different board games the girls began to look sleepy and as it was getting on for eleven o’clock they decided to head for bed.

Up in the bedroom Jodi hugged her best friend, “I’m so looking forward to our holiday Wendy; we’re going to have great fun together.”

Both girls washed and changed into their pyjamas and climbed into the double bed they were going to share.

“Yes it’s going to be fantastic and dad said we are going to the Eden Project on one of the trips planned.” Wendy responded as she picked up a glass of water from the night stand and took a drink. She wanted so much to tell her best friend about the strange noises but her mum asked her not to say anything in case Jodi got scared.

She and Jodi said goodnight to each other and Wendy switched the bedside table lamp off. Five minutes later both girls were sound asleep.


“Oh Bill I love you so much.” Tina said as her husband kissed and caressed her as they lay in their bed in the master bedroom.

“And I love you very much too honey, I love you more now than when I first met you.”

Bill kissed her passionately and as he did so he cupped a hand around her breast and with his thumb worked her nipple until it became erect.

Tina began to breathe heavily as she began to get more aroused, she could feel his hardness against her flat stomach

“Oh Bill, make love to me, now!” Bill entered Tina and she moaned loudly as he moved in and out rhythmically.

Later they lay in each other’s arms and as their breathing slowed down they cuddled up together.

“Hmmm as good as always love you never fail to hit the right spot.”

Tina kissed her husband and then leaned over to the bedside table to grab a glass of water. Taking a couple of mouthfuls she passed the glass to Bill, and as he took the glass they both heard a noise above them. Slight scratching sounds at first which turned into heavier scratching sounds.

“What the hell is that?” asked Bill.

“Oh my god Bill that’s the same sounds I heard the other day when I was making the beds. The same sounds that Wendy kept hearing.”

Then they heard what appeared to be footsteps run across the ceiling above their heads.

“I hope the girls haven’t gone up there and are messing about.” Bill replied as he got out of bed and proceeded to dress in a t-shirt and soft bed trousers which lay on a chair near the window.

Walking to the bedroom door he quietly turned the door knob and upon opening the door he waked down the landing expecting to see the door leading to the attic ajar, but it wasn’t. He tried the door knob and the door was firmly locked. Puzzled he walked to his daughter’s room and upon opening the door as quietly as he could he peeked inside, the girls were sound asleep. Closing the door he made his way back to the master bedroom.

Tina was sitting up in the bed “Well honey, was it the girls?”

Bill shook his head, “No they are both sound asleep and the attic door is locked, very odd indeed.”

As they snuggled up once again and were just about to drift off to sleep, an almighty thud hit the ceiling above them,

“Jesus! What in the hell was that?” Bill shouted.

This time they both jumped up got dressed in their bed wear and headed for the landing.

“Grab the attic key honey.” Bill shouted to Tina as he ran along the long landing.

Wendy’s bedroom door opened and both girls ran out, “Dad, mum, what was that loud bang we heard?” Wendy cried out as she ran into her father’s arms.

Tina arrived with the attic key to see her husband hugging both girls and as he did another loud bang emanated above them.

“Girls go back into your bedroom and stay there until me and your mum come and see you ok!”

Both girls ran back to the bedroom door and Wendy turned and said, “Dad please be careful.”

Bill smiled and said he would. Wendy shut the bedroom door behind her and both she and Jodi dived under the quilt to hide themselves from whatever was making the loud bangs.

Bill ran back to the bedroom and returned moments later with a baseball bat, “Right let’s see who is in our attic shall we.”

At six foot three inches and an ex rugby player, Bill Rodgers knew how to handle himself, but always had a baseball bat for protection…just in case. Easing the key into the lock he turned it twice, upon hearing the click of the lock he removed the key and pocketed it. Twisting the door knob he opened the door and flicked the light switch to illuminate the stairs leading up to the darkened attic. He remembered where he had left the Maglite after going up there last time, and as he got to the top step he stooped down to retrieve it. Switching the torch on, he panned the light’s beam around the large room,

“Stay behind me honey and let’s see who the hell is in here.”

Bill began to walk across the floor looking to his left and then right, in front and behind him, but could see nothing tipped over, nothing had fallen onto the floor. More to the point, there was no sign of dust flying around the room, which it should have been if anything had been disturbed. As he scanned the room again, the light beam fell upon the face of the doll sitting in the corner, Bill jumped,

“Jesus! That scared the crap outta me!” He shouted.

The doll sat there unblinking, unmoving, just staring at the couple now standing ten feet away from it.

“I told you it was scary Bill, that’s why Wendy didn’t want anything to do with it, she thought it was evil for some reason.” Tina replied.

“Dolls can’t be evil can they honey? I mean how does a doll become evil?” Bill asked as he slowly made his way towards the doll.

Tina shuffled behind him and said that she had read a book called Demonic Dolls, which were true accounts of dolls that had become possessed by either a human spirit or a demonic entity.

“Surely you remember that film a few years ago called Annabelle and the one called Chucky?” Tina continued.

“But weren’t they just made up stories babe, you know for the movies?”

“Well maybe Chucky was but Annabelle was based on a true story and the actual doll is in a paranormal museum somewhere in America, locked in a glass case.”

As they looked around some more they couldn’t find anything untoward so they decided to go back to bed and make sure that the attic door was locked tight. Just as Bill was about to lock the attic door they both heard what sounded like a child laughing coming from the attic. Looking at each other both their faces drained of colour.

“Bill, there is no one up there except the doll.” Whispered Tina

“So who the hell is laughing?” Bill said in a quitter voice.

Bill took his wife’s hand and headed for his daughter’s room. “Wendy, Jodi.’ he whispered ’are you both alright?”

Wendy popped her head out from under the quilt followed by Jodi, “Yes dad we are, did you find out what made the banging noises and what…”

Wendy didn’t have chance to finish her question as two more loud bangs reverberated across the ceiling.

“Right kids, come on, we’re going down stairs.” Tina said as she guided the children down the landing to the large stairwell.

Flicking on all the lights in the house to make them feel safer, Bill picked up the house phone and dialled 999.

“Police please, we think we have an intruder in the house up in the attic, can you send someone round please? Yes, my name is Bill Rodgers; the address is 215 Lexington Avenue, Coldport, thanks.”

Five minutes later two police cars pulled up and two officers knocked the door as the other two officers searched the grounds of the large house.

Bill opened the door, “Hello officer’s thanks for getting here so quickly. We have been hearing loud bangs in the attic room for the last half an hour but when my wife and I went to investigate it we couldn’t find anyone there. Then as we went to make sure our daughter and her friend were alright, the loud bangs started again followed by loud laughter. So I decided to call you guys.”

The other two officers entered the house via the front door and reported to their sergeant that there were no signs of a forced entry on any of the doors or windows around the back of the house. As the sergeant was taking notes he asked the two officers to give PC Davies a hand searching all the rooms including the attic. PC Davies returned ten minutes later and asked for the key to the attic; Bill retrieved it from his pocket and passed it to the officer. Two minutes later he was back in the living room.

“Sir I think you had better come and see this, and you too Mr Rodgers.”

Bill looked at his wife, “Stay with the girls’ honey.”

PC Davies led them up the stairs and along the landing until they came to the attic door. The other two officers were standing in front of the now open door looking straight up. As Bill and the two policemen joined them, one of them turned to Bill and asked, “Is this some kind of joke sir?”

Bill walked towards the open doorway of the attic and looked up the small flight of stairs and as he did his blood ran cold, his face paled and he moved back slowly. At the top of the stairs stood the doll! Dressed in a black dress, its arms outstretched a smile on its face.

“I can assure it is not a joke officer that doll has been sitting on an old rocking chair in the corner of the attic for years. How it has got there is a total mystery.”

Sergeant Tom Smith took control of the situation, “Right you two up those stairs now and move that thing out of the way, we can’t be getting scared of a child’s toy now can we, come on, jump to it!”

As the two officers made their way up the attic stairs the doll’s head moved on its own accord and as it did its right hand moved towards the lead officer, causing him to lose his footing on the stairs and falling backwards into the other officer.

“What in god’s name has happened?” shouted Sergeant Smith when he saw a deep scratch on his officer’s face.

“The, the, the doll…it attacked me!” cried the officer as he picked himself up. “It looked at me and raised its arm and then, bam!”

Bill Rodgers shouted his wife to come up stairs, Tina raced up the stairs after telling the girls to stay where they were.

“What is it Bill, what’s happened?”

“Tina can you help this officer, our demonic doll has just attacked him!”

Tina took the officer into the bathroom and began to wash the blood off his face to she could have a better view of the scratch.

“Hmmm it’s not too deep and it looks like three scratches together. I can put some balm on it and then cover it. You may need to get it checked out though.”

The other officer tried to stand but his right foot had been badly twisted in the fall and he nearly fell over. Bill grabbed a chair from a bedroom and got the officer to sit on it. Sergeant Smith had just come off the phone.

“I’ve called for an ambulance, and they should be here shortly. But for now I am closing this door and locking it. Let’s all get downstairs.”

Both the Sergeant and PC Davies helped the injured officer downstairs followed by Bill Rodgers, Tina and the officer who was scratched by the doll.

“Well Mr Rodgers I would say that you do have an intruder but not the normal kind. I would say you have an intruder of the paranormal kind sir.” said Sergeant Smith as he sipped at a mug of coffee while sitting in the kitchen with Bill and Tina. “Is there anywhere your daughters can stay for the night”’ he asked.

“Yes Sergeant, but only Wendy is our daughter; Jodi is her best friend and was staying over for the night.” Tina replied. “But we can ask Jodi’s parents if they could both stay at their house.”

“I think that would be for the best Mrs Rodgers. By the way do you both believe in the paranormal? I only ask as I recall Mr Rodgers saying ‘our demonic doll’ earlier on upstairs.” The Sergeant asked as he finished his coffee.

“Well Wendy is a believer, but I’m more of a sceptic, well at least I was until now.” Bill replied.

“Well in that case I will give you this card.” Smith opened his wallet and handed him a card on it was written Mr Joseph Daniels, Paranormal expert and Demonologist, and his phone number.

Bill took it and read it then passed it to his wife and asked the Sergeant if he was a believer in the paranormal.

“I am indeed and have been since I was a teenager. I’ve seen too many strange occurrences in my life not to believe. And trust me Mr Rodgers, it does exist and it can also be very, very dangerous. One day I may tell you about some of my experiences as I am planning to retire soon and when I do, I am going to become a full time paranormal investigator. I also know Joseph Daniels very well and know that he is holding a talk at the Neptune Theatre tomorrow night. I suggest you both go along and see him. He normally takes questions and offers his help as well.” concluded Smith

They both agreed they would and then Tina phoned Jodi’s parents to see if they would be happy to have both Wendy and Jodi for the weekend. She said they would explain all when they got to their house with the girls. Meanwhile Sergeant Smith said he would stay at the Rodgers home with PC Davies until they got back to see if anything else occurred.

“So what do you reckon Tom, do you think the doll is alive or it’s something else?”

Sergeant Smith looked at the young constable unsmiling, ’I’ll tell you this Alan I’ve seen many a strange thing happen in my life time and you know that I believe in the paranormal don’t you?”

PC Davies nodded in the affirmative.

“All I’ll say is this, somehow that doll in the attic has been taken over by an entity of some kind. Call it demonic, call it what you will, but it is possessed by something, and that something is evil beyond belief.”

Bill and Tina Rodgers arrived back home an hour later and found the two policemen sitting in the living room on the left of the entrance hall.

“Hi folks, hope you don’t mind but we sort of helped ourselves to tea and toast. All has been quiet since you left. Are the girls okay at your friend’s house?”

“Not a problem sergeant, we’re just thankful that nothing else has occurred while we’ve been away. Yes Wendy and Jodi are fine, I think they were just happy to get out of the house for the night; they were really frightened by what happened. Wendy can’t believe that her old doll could be the cause of everything that’s occurred.” replied Tina as she took off her denim jacket and hung it on the coat stand.

“Would you two officers care for a drink, I know I could do with one after what we all witnessed before?” Bill asked as he moved towards the drinks cabinet in the living room and before they could say anything Bill had poured four large glasses of whisky and handed them around.

Sergeant Smith looked at PC Davies and nodded approval, “Just don’t tell the lads back at the station constable, cheers and thanks for allowing us to make ourselves tea and toast, it’s been a long day.” said Smith raising his glass.

“So are you going to stay here tonight or somewhere else? I would strongly recommend that you do stay somewhere else tonight and then go and see Joseph Daniels tomorrow evening and ask for his help.” Tom Smith continued.

“Well we can either stay at my mum’s house tonight or a Travel Safe Inn, what do you want to do Bill?’” Tina asked her husband after taking a sip of whiskey.

“I would rather stay at a Travel Safe Inn tonight love, as I wouldn’t want to worry your mum, not with her heart condition. If we can get it all sorted over the weekend then we needn’t say anything to her.”

“That’s a very good idea Mr Rodgers.” Sergeant Smith replied. “Well I think if you’re about ready, it would be a good idea if we all leave together and lock the house securely.”

All agreed on this and Bill began turning all the lights off around the house, as they were just about to leave they all heard loud banging coming from upstairs,

“My god, I’m glad we’re leaving for the night, who knows what will happen.” Bill said as he opened the front door. “Let’s get out of here, I just hope it doesn’t get worse and annoys the neighbours.”

Smith turned the ignition on and steered the police car away from the house, he had offered to take the Rodgers to the nearest Travel Safe Inn for the night and said he would give Bill a call on his mobile, which Bill had given him while in the car.

“Keep safe and try and get a good night’s sleep you two. You may be in for a long and frightening weekend, providing Joseph Daniels agrees to help you which he should. I’ll tell you what folks.” Smith continued. “I’ll go and see Joseph tomorrow morning and let him know that you are going to attend his talk and I’ll let him know what we have witnessed as well. Also, if he does agree to hold an investigation I wouldn’t mind being in on it if that’s okay with the two of you?”

Bill and Tina both agreed to what Sergeant Smith suggested and he dropped them off at the Travel Safe Inn on Kensington Road, “Night folks and sleep well, I’ll see you tomorrow at some point.”

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