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Chapter Three

The following morning after a good night’s sleep Tina phoned Wendy on her mobile to see how her night was. Wendy had explained that she had terrible nightmares about the doll chasing her through the streets shouting her name and brandishing a sharp knife. She also told her mum that Jodi had also had similar nightmares.

Tina told Bill about Wendy and Jodi having similar nightmares about the doll the previous night and decided there and then that they would attend the talk on the paranormal by Joseph Daniels and ask for his help.

“This has got to be cleared up as soon as possible Bill. Wendy and Jodi are scared and Wendy wants to stay at Jodi’s parent’s house until we get this doll thing sorted.”

“I agree Tina, whatever we need to do, we need to do it quickly.” replied Bill, and as they were about to go down for breakfast Bill’s phone rang, “Hello Bill Rodgers speaking.”

“Mr Rodgers it’s Sergeant Smith here, did you both sleep okay? That’s good to hear, I’ve been in touch with Joseph Daniels and he’s more than happy to have a chat with you during the interval of his talk.”

Bill explained to the Sergeant that both his daughter and her friend had terrible nightmares about the doll chasing them with a sharp knife.

“It sounds like whatever it is, a demon, a negative entity, call it what you will, is trying to get to them both through their dreams. We need to act fast to stop the entity getting stronger.” replied the Sergeant. “I’ll meet you at the theatre tonight, are you going back to the house at all today?”

Bill said that they were as they needed to get a change of clothes for themselves and for Wendy, then they were going to go back to the hotel as they had booked the room for the weekend anyway.

Joseph Daniels was a tall imposing man of thirty five, his dark hair turning grey at the sides; he was well built and wore black rimmed glasses which accentuated his dark brown eyes. His manner was mild and he had a quick dry sense of humour, good for investigations he would always say. He had been an investigator of the paranormal from the age of twenty and studied demonology at Coldport University for which he gained an honours degree. He had conducted over two hundred investigations with his team, the Paranormal Findings Group and had moved spirit on to the other side as well as debunking a number of so called hauntings in the area.

The first half of his talk dealt with five of his most successful investigations, introducing the members of his team who sat on a sofa on the stage. He played various EVP recordings that the team had captured via digital recorders and photos of what they believed to be spirits and spirit orbs. Mentioning an interval was due shortly he showed footage before the break of the cleansing of a possessed doll that had been attacking the daughter of the family. Various members of the public were shocked at the footage which showed the doll physically moving on its own accord and then a black misty shape shooting out of it and disappearing. The doll was once again a normal doll.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Rodgers how are you both holding up?” Sergeant Smith asked as he approached the couple. He now looked totally different dressed in black jeans and a white shirt; a soft black leather jacket completed his attire.

“Sergeant Smith we didn’t recognise you out of uniform, we’re fine, and how are things with you?” asked Bill shaking the sergeant’s hand.

“I’m grand indeed and off duty now until Monday, and by the way please call me Tom.” He said smiling at them both.

“In that case Tom it’s Bill and Tina.” Tina said smiling back. There was something about Tom Smith that Tina liked, a sense of trust and a feeling that he was going to do all he could to help them.

“Tom it’s so good to see you again my friend.” A voice came from behind the couple.

It was Joseph Daniels and as he approached he held out his hand to shake Smith’s hand. “It’s great to see you made it to the talk, and at a guess I would say that this is Mr and Mrs Rodgers?”

Shaking hands with the couple, Daniels explained to them that Tom Smith had given him a quick overview of what occurred at their house the previous evening. “I have informed the team, and the good news is that we are all available to hold an investigation this weekend for you. I guess you would like to join us in the investigation Tom, am I right?”

Tom Smith replied before taking a drink from his bottle of beer. “If it’s not a problem Joe, after what I witnessed last night I would like to.”

Sergeant Smith had given Daniels the Rodgers home address earlier that day and Daniels told the Rodgers that he and the team would call to their home around eight o’clock, that would give him time to prepare and get the team and equipment ready for the night ahead.

The talk on the paranormal by Joseph Daniels was a total success with over twenty questions being asked at the end and forty five of his books being sold as well as a number of framed spirit photos. Now Daniels and his team were preparing themselves for the investigation oblivious to the fact that they could all be in mortal danger once in the Rodgers home.

Bill and Tina arrived back at the hotel and headed for the dining area and ordered their meals and a bottle of white wine. As they sat at the table both were quiet for a few minutes.

Tina looked at Bill while taking hold of his hand. “Bill, do you think they will be able to solve the problem tonight as I’m worried what might happen to Wendy or Jodi after what Sergeant Smith told us about how a spirit can haunt people in their dreams?”

Smiling at the woman he loved and caressing her hand Bill responded, “Honey there’s one thing you can be sure of, I will not let anything hurt our daughter or you. And I’m certain that Sergeant Smith will do his upmost to help us as will the paranormal team.”

“Joe Daniels does appear to be very knowledgeable doesn’t he?” Tina replied smiling back at her husband. “He seems to know how to deal with a situation like ours. Well at least it looked like he can after watching that video footage earlier.”

The waiter brought their meals of roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and gravy over to their tables and wished them both ‘bon apatite’ and left them to enjoy their meals.

“Tom said he will call here around seven forty five for our house keys and will keep in contact with us to let us know what is going on during the investigation.” Bill said after taking a sip of wine. “He said it’s for our own safety that we stay in the hotel tonight and keep in touch with Wendy as well.”

Finishing their meals they headed for the bar area where other guests were relaxing after their meals, either chatting or watching what was on the large flat screen TV at the time. The couple found a table for two next to one of the five large windows that looked out onto a pleasant vista of greenery and an ornate pond which had a large stone fountain at its centre.

“Well I’ll feel better once we get the call from Sergeant Smith to say it’s all over and we can go and collect Wendy and return to normal.” Tina said relaxing in one of the comfy chairs.

“Yes and then we will be able to concentrate of our holiday.” Bill replied while toying with Tina’s long blonde hair. “Let’s get another bottle of wine and take it to our room, and cuddle up on the bed and watch a bit of television to relax.”

Getting up from his chair Bill headed over to the hotel bar and ordered another bottle of white wine and after paying for it the couple headed off to their room for the night.

Wendy was lying on her bed listening to the latest song by her favourite singer, with her eyes closed; she was totally relaxed and began to hum along to the song. As she lay there she felt safe and warm, then she felt her bed move and a coldness envelope her. Opening her eyes she looked around, nothing was there. So she closed her eyes once again and was about to begin humming along to the song again when she felt the bed move again, this time it felt stronger. Her eye lids sprung open and to her horror she saw her old doll standing at the end of her bed glaring at her, and brandishing a large kitchen knife in its right hand.

“Why did you leave me Wendy, I was given to you as a present, and you left me in that horrible attic, all alone! I hate you Wendy and now you must suffer for what you did to me!”

Wendy jumped up and as she did she awoke and terrified switched the night light on. There was no sign of the doll in her room and her tablet and headphones were on the other side of the room.

“I wish mum and dad were here with me.” She said out loud as tears began to trickle from her eyes.

Wendy got up and walked over to the bedroom door, she was going to ask Jodi’s parents to take her to her mum and dad at the hotel. As he opened the door she screamed loudly, standing outside her door was the doll with the knife it its hand. Wendy jumped and again woke up, this time she raced straight to the bedroom door pulled it open and ran down the stairs to ask Jodi’s parents to take her to the hotel where her mum and dad were staying.

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