215 Lexington Avenue

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Chapter Four

Sergeant Tom Smith pushed the brass coloured key into the lock of the front door of 215 Lexington Avenue, turned it twice and upon opening the door he entered the premises. It was now seven fifty five and he knew that Joseph Daniels and his team would turn up very soon, he switched on the hall lights and walking around the ground floor he turned on all the lights, to make it feel more welcoming. Walking back to the hallway he glanced up the grand staircase and a shiver ran straight down his back, he could feel the negativity emanating from the first floor, leading to the attic room. He walked into the kitchen and picked up a glass tumbler, walked to the sink and filled the tumbler with cold water. He gulped it down and then proceeded to fill the kettle full of water, a lot of coffee and tea was going to be needed tonight to keep them all going. Again he filled the tumbler full of cold water and as he was about to raise the glass to his lips he heard an almighty bang from above which made him jump and drop the glass into the sink causing it to smash.

Smith ran out into the hallway and another bang came, then from behind him came knocking on the front door. Turning he ran to the door and upon opening it was greeted by Joseph Daniels and his team.

“How goes it Tom?” Daniels asked as he entered the house.

“’It’s started already Joe. I’ve just heard two very loud bangs coming from upstairs!” Tom replied.

Daniels ushered his team into the living room on the right.

“We’ll use this room as our base camp.” He said and as he looked around he spotted a passageway to the kitchen. “Ah that’s good not far to go to make hot drinks either.”

Tom made drinks for them all and informed the team that he had witnessed many a strange thing over the years and was planning to become an investigator when he retired from the police force.

“Oh and by the way, tonight I’m an ordinary citizen so please call me Tom and not Sergeant Smith.” He concluded with a smile.

Bill and Tina Rodgers had just finished making love and were cuddled up together when Tina’s mobile phone began ringing.

“Hmm surely it couldn’t be Tom reporting so soon could it?” asked Bill.

Tina looked at the name which had come up on the phone’s screen. “It’s Norma I hope everything is alright with Wendy.”

Clicking the answer button Tina held the phone to her right ear. “Hi Norma, what’s the matter? On no not again, yes of course bring Wendy to us right away. It’s the Travel Safe Inn on Kensington Road. I’ll wait at reception for you. See you shortly.” Tina hung up and told Bill what had happened.

“It’s best to have Wendy here love, and then we know she’s safe and she’ll feel better sharing with us tonight.” Bill replied giving his wife a kiss on the lips and held her tightly in his arms.

Norma Johnson dropped Wendy off at the hotel and after a quick chat made her way back home. Back in the hotel room Tina made Wendy a hot drink from the free drinks tray and both her and Bill tried to calm her.

“It’s okay now love you’re here with us and nothing is going to hurt you, we promise you chicken.”

Wendy had not even changed out of her pyjamas as she was that scared of going back into the bedroom at the Johnson’s home. She climbed into the bed with her mum and her dad slept in the single bed.

“Strange how we got a family room isn’t it Tina.” Bill said as he climbed into the single bed.

Yawning he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Minutes later both Tina and Wendy were also fast asleep.

“Right everyone, if we’re all ready, let’s do this!” Joseph Daniels said after he had organised his team into three smaller teams.

Jack Temple and Jane Fitzgerald were to set up their equipment in Wendy’s room and record anything out of the ordinary. Colin Davenport and Peter Cranford would set up in Bill and Tina’s bedroom. Joseph, Tom and Alexis Bishop would concentrate on the stairs and landing and the attic doorway. None were quite ready to enter the attic just yet.

“The time is nine fifteen and nothing occurring yet.” commented Jack Temple into his voice recorder. “I am now placing the recorder on top of the chest of drawers. If there is anyone here with us tonight please leave your voice into this machine with the red light on it. It will be able to pick up your voice.”

Jane Fitzgerald walked around the room with a K2 meter in her hand hoping to pick up on electromagnetic energies in the room, nothing was happening.

Meanwhile in the master bedroom both Colin Davenport and Peter Cranford were conducting similar experiments. Tom Smith was sitting on a chair opposite the attic door, while Joseph Daniels sat on the right side of the landing, and Alexis Bishop sat on the left of the landing. All was quite in the house for the next forty minutes.

Daniels looked at his wrist watch saying, “Okay everyone let’s end this session and have a break. Leave all recorders and camcorders running, but make sure you speak into the recorders to say what time it is etc.”

As the team gathered in the living room Alexis and Jane headed to the kitchen to make everyone a hot drink as they had all concluded that the temperature had dropped and all were feeling a little cold.

“So Alexis, what do you think of the house?” Jane asked as she washed the cups in the sink.

Tom had already cleared all the broken glass out earlier and ensured none was left in it. Alexis Bishop lifted the now boiled kettle off its base and filled the teapot with the boiling water.

“It’s an interesting one to be sure Jane.” she replied whilst stirring the teabags around in the pot. “Tom’s a nice man isn’t he, and no sign of a wedding ring on his finger either.” Alexis continued with a smile on her face.

“Now then you naughty girl we’re here to investigate ghosts and not men ha. But I know what you mean. He is quite a handsome guy ain’t he? But don’t tell Jack I said that will you.” Jane replied as she brought the clean cups over to her old friend. “Wait until we sort this problem out then and then ask if he’s seeing anyone at the moment. You never know you might be lucky.”

Back in the living room talk about hauntings and ghosts were abundant.

“As a matter of interest Joe, that footage you showed at the talk earlier today regarding the possessed doll, was the daughter seriously hurt by the doll?” Tom asked as they all sat drinking tea and coffee and munching on chocolate biscuits.

“Put it this way Tom, it was one of the hardest and scariest investigations we’ve ever had to perform. Yes the girl ended up hospitalised for a few months and ended up in care of the state as her mind had gone.” Taking a sip of his tea and replacing his cup on the wooden coffee table Joseph continued his story.

“She is still in an institution and I believe it may take years for her to be allowed back home. Her parents were devastated and moved out of the area to be nearer the institution and their daughter.”

“Jesus, let’s hope we can sort the problem out here for the Rodgers. I believe their daughter has been having terrifying nightmares of the doll attacking her, and her friend has as well.” commented Tom

“We’ll do all we”…BANG, BANG, BANG…BANG, BANG, BANG!

“My god let’s get up there now!” Joseph shouted as he jumped up out of his chair.

Everyone raced up the stairs and found the attic door wide open. There appeared to be a black mist appeared to be forming in front of them.

“Jesus, take a look at that!” Tom shouted

Joseph fished into his pocket and pulled out a crucifix and started reciting a verse he had learnt over the years.

“I cast you out of this home!

I cast you back into the place from whence you came!

I call upon almighty God to help us move you on!

I call upon Angel Michael and all the angels to cast you out!

The power of Christ compels you!

You must leave this house now!”

Jack Temple and Colin Davenport moved forward with vials of holy water and started splashing it at the dark shape. Davenport was knocked off balance as something struck out at him and he flew across the landing and down the flight of stairs landing in a heap at the bottom.

“Colin, are you alright?” Jack Taylor shouted to his friend.

There was no reply and Alexis ran down the stairs to help her companion. “He’s breathing but knocked out.” Alexis shouted back up to them.

Joseph repeated the verse and now Tom joined in repeating the lines after Joseph. The dark shape started backing off, backing off into the attic doorway then just evaporated. Tom kicked the door shut and twisted the key in the lock, but to no avail, the lock had been smashed open.

“What now Joe, how do we deal with something this powerful?” Tom asked turning from the doorway.

“With our faith and the help of the good Lord and Angel Michael, you’re right it is powerful and we all need to be strong and not let it attack any of us again. Now let’s check on Colin and help him into the living room.” Joseph Daniels replied as the two men headed downstairs

Tom, Joe, and Jack lifted Colin up and carried him into the living room and lay him on a large sofa. Jane had got a tea towel and dampened it, then placed it on Colin’s forehead. A few minutes later Colin came round and complained that his right leg was hurting him. Tom felt Colin’s leg and said it felt okay but that he might have fractured it.

“I need to cut your trouser leg and take a look, are you happy with me doing this Colin?”

Colin nodded and after finding some sharp scissors in a kitchen drawer Tom cut the trouser leg upwards revealing Colin’s badly bruised leg, there didn’t appear to be any sign of a broken bone, but it could have been fractured. To be on the safe side Tom phoned for an emergency ambulance so the paramedics could check Colin out.

Ten minutes later the paramedics arrived and recognised Tom straight away.

“Sergeant Smith is everything okay, where’s the patient?” asked one of the paramedics as he entered the house.

Tom showed the paramedics to where Colin was laying on the sofa and asked if he needed to be taken to hospital.

“You say he fell down the stairs Sergeant Smith?” Tom nodded in the affirmative.

“Well looking at Mr Davenport I would say that yes, he needs to be taken to hospital. Can any of you here come with us to keep him company?” asked the paramedic.

Alexis volunteered to go along to the hospital with Colin and said she would return once she heard if his injuries were serious or not.

The team reconvened in the living room to discuss what to do next, this time drinking glasses of brandy instead of tea as they were all shook up with the latest events at 215 Lexington Avenue.

As the team sat quiet and deep in thought, up in the attic, the doll was back sitting on the rocking chair. On top of an old dresser sat an old music box, the type with a jack-in-the box hidden inside it. This too was placed into the attic by Wendy’s dad as the face of ‘Jack’ scared her as much as the doll did. Music began to drift around the attic and the rocking chair began to move forward and backward as if the doll was listening to it and calming itself.

“Hey can you hear something?” Jane asked. “It sounds like music and something else…creaking, yes creaking noises.”

“Hopefully our recorders are picking all this up and the camcorders on the landing picked the dark shape up.” replied Joseph Daniels. “Let’s sit awhile and gather our strength. I’ve a feeling we’ve got a long night and a hard battle ahead of us.”

Back at the Travel Safe Inn hotel the Rodgers family slept soundly unaware of the horrors unfolding in their house at that moment. Wendy was snuggled up to her mum but still had a frown on her forehead as if she was still having bad dreams. Bill Rodgers tossed and turned and finally after a few hours’ sleep lay on his back with his eyes closed but his mind racing. He would get in touch with his sister tomorrow to ask her where she got the doll from in the first place.

In the attic the doll stopped rocking as the music box stopped playing, its porcelain hands resting on the chairs armrests, its body encased in the long black Victorian dress. Slowly but surely the doll lifted itself up and off the chair, as it moved forward the chair rocked once, twice, three times, and then stopped. The doll began to walk slowly across the attic floor, its porcelain face grimy with dirt, but its blue eyes intense. An evil smile split its once pretty face and now pure hatred came into its whole being. The negative entity was no longer a shadow person but a force of pure hatred which had the power to control and move inanimate objects. As it reached the top of the steps of the attic its once pretty face looked down towards the doorway, the door opened quietly. It began to walk down the attic steps and stood in the doorway as if listening. Turning right it walked across the landing towards the top of the grand staircase. The doll began to descend the stairs, and at the bottom it stopped. Its head turned slowly left and then right and then moved slowly towards a doorway which lead into the kitchen.

“Well, how are we all feeling now, should we try again to move the entity over to the light?” Tom asked.

“But what if it doesn’t want to be moved over to the light, after all it is a negative entity?” Jane replied, looking somewhat fearful of what may happen next.

“We have got to try and be positive Jane for the sake of the Rodgers family and for our own safety. Listen I know you’re scared, I think to some degree we all are after what happened to Colin. But we must do this and we need to start again right now.” Tom replied.

Jane nodded and said that she just needed to get a bottle of cold water from out of the fridge in the kitchen.

“I won’t be a minute, don’t leave this room without me please.”

All nodded and Jane walked through the archway and down the short passageway to the kitchen. Going to the fridge she opened it and bent slightly to grab a bottle of cold water from the send shelf down. Closing the door she turned and screamed as she saw the doll in front of her, it looked at the table and then at a sharp bladed knife. The knife flew from the table and just missed her and embedded itself in the wall next to a large Welsh dresser; Jane screamed again and ran towards the living room via the passageway. Halfway down the passageway the others were running towards her.

“Go back, for pities sake, go back into the other living room now!” she yelled as she ran passed them.

As she ran she felt dampness in her jeans. Stopping inside the other room, she looked down to see that she had peed herself through fear. The others gathered in the living room,

“Jane, Jane what happened, what was it you saw? My god Jane you’ve peed yourself honey?” Jack said as he rushed over to his girlfriend.

“It was the doll, it was in the kitchen and somehow it managed to throw a knife at me, luckily it missed me. But the look on its face, my god, I’ll never forget it. I’m sorry guys but that’s it for me. I’m leaving. I never expected it to be this bad. Whatever is in this house is demented and totally evil, and if it can control not only a doll but make things move by what appears to be thought alone, well that’s it for me. Sorry but I’ve never been so scared in my life hence me peeing myself.” Jane then burst into tears and started shaking with fear.

“Jack can you take Jane home please and stay with her until she calms down.” Joseph asked.

“We will be three people down if Alexis doesn’t come back tonight, Jane will you be okay if Jack comes back?”

Nodding, Jane said she would get Jack to drive her to her sister’s house and she would stay there for the night.

“Right let’s go to the kitchen and see if the doll is still there.” Joseph said as he closed the front door behind his two friends after watching them get into Jack’s car and drive away.

Joseph, Peter and Tom made their way to the kitchen to find it was in darkness. Flicking the light switch on the wall made no impression at all, the room remained in darkness. Tom pulled his torch out of the back pocket of his jeans and turned it on, its powerful beam lit up the room, to reveal nothing, and there was no sign of the doll anywhere in the kitchen.

“Do you think Jane may have been mistaken?” Peter asked.

“I don’t think so.” Tom replied “Look over there on the wall near the dresser.”

Embedded in the wall was a twelve inch bladed knife. Tom walked over it followed by the other two men.

“It’s embedded in the wall by at least an inch and a half. Bloody hell that has been done with some force, no wonder Jane was so scared, the poor girl. She’s lucky to be alive!”

“But where the hell is the doll if it’s not in here?” Peter replied now feeling very scared.

“It’s either back up in the attic or it is hiding in another room down here.” Tom replied.

He then made his way through the kitchen door which led back into the hallway. Suddenly all three men heard thunderous banging from upstairs.

“What the hell?” Peter screamed.

He was now backing up towards the front door, shaking with fear as he did.

“I’m not staying here to be attacked by that thing, sorry guys but this is too much for me I’m getting out of here.” Peter ran to the front door turned the door knob but nothing happened.

“Shit, shit, it’s locked, Tom where the hell is the key?” he screamed.

Tom ran over with the key and turned it twice but nothing happened. “No, no, don’t say we can’t get out, please don’t say that!” Cried Peter, now frantic and shaking even more.

The banging filled the house and sent shivers down the three men’s backs.

“Tom, I think this is your call.” Joe said.

Tom looked at Joe, “What the hell do you mean Joe, it’s my call?”

“Call your colleagues for back up. We’re going to need them, right now!”

Tom pulled out his mobile phoned and taped a key which took him straight to police headquarters. “It’s Tom Smith here Alan. I’m at 215 Lexington Avenue with a couple of other people. We need help right now and bring the door breaker when you get here as we can’t get out of the house. We need you here now!”

Five minutes later the front of 215 Lexington Avenue was filled with flashing lights and policemen were racing towards the house. PC Davies looked at his fellow officer but before he told his fellow officer to use the door breaker he tried turning the doorknob. The front door opened straight away. Rushing into the house PC Davies found his colleague and two other men.

“Quick PC Davies let’s get out of here.” Tom Smith shouted.

As they got down the pathway, they all stopped still as the front door slammed shut behind them. “Are you alright Tom? I thought you said you couldn’t get out, the door opened easily enough when I turned the door knob.” PC Davies asked.

“We couldn’t Alan, it was shut tight! I feel we are not going to be able to control or banish whatever it is from this house. It is pure evil, and I don’t think we are strong enough to move it on.” Tom Smith replied.

Smith asked Joseph and Peter if they would like to go back to his house to calm down and discuss what had occurred in the house.

“I think going back to your house is a good idea Tom, I can phone Jack and let him know what’s happened. Peter can you phone Alexis and tell her if she’s not staying at the hospital to go straight home?” Joseph asked as he stood looking at the house on Lexington Avenue. “Pure evil is right Tom.”

“It might be a good idea if Jack and Alexis came back to my house too Joe, I’ve got enough room, my parent’s left me their house in their will when they both passed away and it is quite a large house, so I’ve no problem about you all staying at mine for the night. We can all sit and discuss what the hell just happened and what how we’re going to help the Rodgers family.” Tom said as he got into his car.

Peter got into Joseph’s car and as they all pulled away from the house none of them noticed the doll looking out of the attic window and standing next to it were two dark figures also watching them leave.

The doll stood in front of the attic window its deep blue eyes looking out, it then slumped to the ground as the third entity released its grip on it. The energy around the attic room began to build up and things began to move and vibrate. The old music box began playing a tune and the jack-in-the-box began popping up and down getting faster and faster as the entity energies grew stronger and stronger. Items of furniture began to levitate off the floor and two disused mirrors shattered, the fragments of glass shards flying through the air and puncturing walls, ceilings and old toys.

The energies grew ever stronger and every door in the house began slamming shut then opening and slamming shut. Lights went on in all the houses in the street as people were awakened by the loud banging, but most of all, by the inhuman screams coming from 215 Lexington Avenue.

Then as quickly as the energies built up, it petered out to a whisper and once again the doll was sitting in its rocking chair and the music box played its sweet tune. The spirits had made their presence known and waited patiently for the ones who wanted to move them into the light to return.

The following morning after only a couple of hours sleep Sergeant Smith headed into town to check on the Rodgers family and inform them of what happened the previous night. Entering the hotel he walked to reception and asked if the Rodgers family were down from their room yet. He was informed that they were at breakfast in the dining area. Smith was in his casual wear as he was still off duty and as he walked through the dining area he spotted Bill Rodgers and his family sitting at a table for four.

“Good morning folks how are we this morning and it’s good to see Wendy is with you. Did you sleep well last night?” He asked

“We did Tom once Wendy joined us, but it looks like you’ve been up all night, you look shattered.” Tina replied as she was tucking into a full English breakfast.

“I managed to grab a couple of hours sleep, but I really needed to come and see you folks about last night.”

“Would you care for a cup of tea Tom?” Bill asked as he poured himself a cup

“That would be great thanks.” After taking a sip of tea, Tom continued. “Last night we had to call a halt to the investigation as one of Joseph’s team was injured and ended up in hospital. Also, one of the girls narrowly missed having a knife stuck through her, and now she refuses to go back into your house.”

He took another mouthful of tea and looked at the three members of the family. “I’m telling you this while Wendy is here with you as I recall what you told me about her nightmare. Whatever is in your house is controlling the doll and it can move objects as well. Another member of the team wanted to leave and upon trying to open the door he found it locked. Even using the key wouldn’t open it.”

“How did you all manage to get out Tom?” Bill asked topping up his tea cup again.

“In the end I had to call the station for back up to get us out, and when they arrived they were able to open the door from the outside without any problems. This was very strange to say the least.”

“Oh my god, that is awful Tom, is the person who got injured going to be alright?” Tina asked.

“Yes, Alexis, one of the team members went to the hospital with Colin, that’s the guy that was injured. He has suffered bad bruising to the legs, arms and ribs, and concussion, but he should be out of hospital in a day or two. The rest of the team except Jane, the girl who won’t go back into the house are all staying at my house. We are going to hold a meeting this afternoon to see what we can do. I’m going to book a week’s leave as I think it’s going to take longer than expected to solve it.”

“But what about us Tom, when do you think it’ll be safe for us to go back to the house. We can afford to stay here at the hotel for a week, but we are booked to go away on holiday in two weeks.” asked Bill as he finished off his breakfast.

“All I can say Bill is to stay here for now and as soon as we have dealt with the entity and banished it, I will let you know. I’ll keep you in the loop anyway regarding what is happening. I think Joseph mentioned getting a priest in to perform an exorcism of sorts, as it is beyond us at the moment. I’ll know more after we have our meeting later. But for now I need to go and see my boss and explain to him why I need time off earlier than planned.”

Tom stood up and shook Bill and Tina’s hand and gave Wendy a big hug. “Now listen to me young lady, I’ll get this problem sorted for you and your mum and dad and once it’s all sorted you’ll be able to go back home. Is that okay?”

Wendy hugged Tom back and smiled, but then looked serious, “Tom, what if the entity doesn’t want to leave, what then?”

“The team of investigators that I’m working with won’t let them stay honey, and that’s a promise.” Tom kissed Wendy on the forehead and ruffled her hair, and bid the family farewell.

As he drove back to police headquarters his mind was full of the horrors of the previous night. Smith was also trying to think of ways to put an end to the haunting. At police headquarters he met up with Superintendent James Fisher and explained everything to him regarding the events at 215 Lexington Avenue. Fisher had known Smith for a number of years and held him in high esteem and had no problem with him taking a week’s leave. Knowing Smith’s interest in the paranormal he told him that if he needed a further weeks leave to let him know. Fisher had already been given a report on the disturbances by PC Davies, and even offered the help of back up if needed again.

Tom Smith drove home and checked the time on the car’s clock, it read ten thirty five and he stifled a yawn, he knew he would need a power nap before he, Joseph and the others had their meeting. As he entered the house he could hear raised voices coming from his living room, removing his jacket and hanging it up he stood and listened to what was being said.

“I really don’t want to go back there either.” He heard a voice saying.

“But we need everyone in the team if we are to beat the entity!” Another voice replied.

Tom recognised the two voices. One belonged to Peter, the other to Joseph. Upon entering the room the talking stopped and the team turned to look as Tom.

“Is there a problem here Joseph?” Tom asked stepping into the living room.

“You could say that Tom. Peter doesn’t want to go back to the house again after what happened last night, and Jane is taking time out and is demanding Jack does as well. This leaves three of us, Alexis, you and me.”

Yawning loudly Tom replied, “Let me get an hour’s sleep and I’ll see what I can do Joe.”

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