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Chapter Six

Tom Smith pushed the key into the front door lock and twisted it in the lock twice and then pushed the door open, as he did he was hit by a blast of freezing air, he shivered as he walked into the hallway followed by the others.

“Jesus it’s as cold in here as it is outside, let’s get the heating on and warm this place through.” He said as he closed the door after everyone had entered the house. “Let’s take the living room on the left this time as we don’t want a repeat of what happened last time do we.”

As Joseph, Jack and Alan began to get the equipment out of the metal foam lined cases, Tom led Alexis, Jane and Father Gabriel into the smaller and comfier living room, ‘Gabe would you mind sitting in here with Alexis and Jane while I give the guys a hand to set up the equipment. We’re going to place most of it on the first floor landing and at the bottom of the stairs and kitchen. It’s mainly camcorders that will be set up on tripods and they will be locked off so we won’t need to keep monitoring them. We’ll use some digital recorders too and motion detectors around the house.’

‘Not a problem Tom, it’ll give us chance to chat and get to know each other better, And once you’ve set everything up, I think it’s a good idea if you all head back in here as I want to perform the opening protection prayer, similar to the one we did at your house Tom.’

Tom made his way into the hallway and up the stairs where he found the guys taking the equipment out of the cases and making sure that the camcorders were near as possible to electric sockets. The motion detectors and the other equipment worked on built in rechargeable batteries.

“Here let me take some of the motion detectors and place them in the areas that we know were active last night.” Tom said as he joined the guys on the first floor landing.

As he was about to walk away with two sets of motion detectors a loud scraping sound came from the attic. All stood still and listened; it came again, sounding like something being dragged across the attic floor. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

“I think whatever is up there is going to give us one hell of a night” said Joseph. “Come on let’s get the rest of the equipment set up and get back down stairs.”

“Yes Gabe said he wants to do another protection prayer before we start and after what we have just heard, I would say that’s a damn good idea.” Replied Tom as he placed the second set of motion detectors at the top of the stairs. “Let’s hope these things pick up the entity’s movements. Come on then guys; let’s get back to the others.” As they stood in a circle in the living room, Father Gabriel recited the protection prayer and added another prayer:

“May the good lord protect us and help us tonight

And help banish the evil that is in this house

And send it into oblivion forever, amen.”

The team hugged each other then headed for the hallway, as they did the sound of motion detectors went off and the EMF meters started picking up electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere.

“It’s starting to build its energy up again, be ready and be strong everyone, let’s get up the stairs now!” Joseph shouted for everyone to follow him.

As they ran up the stairs they noticed the air had gone ice cold again even though the heating was on all over the house. As they neared the attic room the dragging sound came again.

“My god it sounds like its moving furniture around up there.” Alexis cried out in horror.

Now standing in front of the attic, Father Gabriel looked at the team, “I think it’s time that we faced this evil, don’t you. Have any of you been up here yet?” All shook their heads in response. “Well it’s now or never, so let’s do this!”

The priest pulled open the door, walking over the threshold he reached in to his inside jacket pocket and pulled out his crucifix and held it up in the air and began to walk up the attic steps, and as he did, the attic door slammed shut, the priest turned round and tried to turned the doorknob and tried to push it open, it just wouldn’t budge.

“Hey guys, get the door open again, we all need to be in here!” the priest shouted loudly to the others.

Outside Tom twisted the door handle and then yelled in pain, “Shit its red hot! How are we going to open it now?”

Alan turned around and made for the stairs, “I’ll see if there is an axe somewhere, the family must have one as they have log burners and a stack of logs ready for chopping outside.”

Inside the attic Father Gabriel could hear movement and what sounded like a male voice which appeared to be inside his head, “So priest, are you the same as all the other priests, believing in witchcraft and hanging people for their own beliefs?”

Father Gabriel knew he had to be strong and began to walk up the steps and stood in the attic. He reached into his right hand jacket pocket and pulled out a torch, switching it on he scanned the attic to look for the source of the voice. “Show yourself to me now I demand you!” Gabriel shouted. But there was no demon, no spectre, even the doll had vanished from the dark attic.

Hearing loud banging coming from the attic door he realised that Tom or one of the guys must have found an axe and were trying their best to smash the door open.

As Tom was wielding the axe and making a fair sized hole in the door, Jane and Alexis stood by the top of the stairs, suddenly Jane let out an almighty scream, all looked in her direction and to where she was pointing in fear. Coming up the stairs was the doll, slowly taking each step one at a time, stopping in the middle of the stairs for moment, then continued upwards. As it reached the top, Alexis pushed Jane out of the way and the swung her leg back and kicked the doll as hard as she could. The doll flew through the air and landed in a heap down by the front door. Alexis apologised to Jane for pushing her out the way. Jane just smiled and hugged her friend, “Thanks babe, I froze there sorry.”

Tom had virtually smashed the door to pieces by now and they were all able to get up into the attic. As the team got into the room they found Father Gabriel looking out of the attic window, Joseph walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey Gabe are you alright?”

Slowly the priest turned around and looked Tom, “I think I have just heard its voice, it was in my head. It asked me if I believed in witchcraft and hanging people. I think we need to say a prayer up here.”

The the team joined in with the prayer and splashed holy water around the attic room. Once finished they headed downstairs to make sure that the doll was still where it had landed after Alexis had kicked it. They decided that they were going to hack it to pieces and burn it.

“Dear God do you think it’s over Joseph?” Jack asked as they all sat in the living room.

“No Jack, I don’t this is only the beginning, the atmosphere in the attic is still chilled. We need to discuss what to do next while it’s quiet.”

Father Gabriel sat nursing a whiskey and appeared deep in thought after his experience. “I’m baffled as to why the spirit, which I believe it was, asked me that kind of question. It didn’t sound evil, just angry.”

“What do you mean Gabe?” Jack asked as he too nursed a glass of whiskey.

“This is just the beginning of the fight; the entity has shown us what it is capable of by trapping one of us, namely me. Has anyone seen the doll as it wasn’t in the attic?’ asked the priest.

“It was downstairs all the time Gabe, it began walking on its own accord up the stairs and Alexis kicked it back down. Tom asked us to chop it up and then we were going to burn it?” replied Jane.

“You said going to burn it, where is it?”

“That’s the thing, while we were all in the attic it must have got up and now it could be anywhere in the house!” replied Jane as she paced around the room.

“I’m afraid we’re going to be here sometime, this is not going to be an easy victory, and in fact it may end up being extremely dangerous as we have already seen.” Father Gabriel said as he finished off his whiskey. “I think we should leave the house shortly, leave all the equipment running while we are away. But take the tapes out of the camcorders so we can view them somewhere safe, and put new ones in. Tom, are we okay to all go back to your house for a rest and maybe view some of the footage?”

“Of course you can, you’re all welcome to stay as long as you want while we’re dealing with this problem. I’m on leave now for two weeks and Alan has a week’s leave, so we’ll be able to carry on for as long as necessary.”

Father Gabriel looked around the room, “In that case everyone while it’s quiet, let’s get the tapes out of the machines and get the hell out of here. I for one have had enough for one night.”

As they left the room and entered the hallway, they were all confronted by the doll, it stood looking at them all, its arms were twisted from the fall and its lower face was cracked where Alexis had kicked it. Tom rushed over to the front door and picked up the axe where Alexis had left it. With all his might he swung the axe and with a loud swishing sound swung the axe and decapitated the doll. Picking the head and body up he shouted, “Quick outside we need to burn this doll now!”

The team went outside into the back garden and found a metal bin which had the remnants of a fire inside it. Dropping the head and body into the bin, Tom asked if anyone had a lighter, Father Gabriel pulled one out of his pocket and handed it to Tom. Flicking the lighter he held the flame to the dolls black dress and then to its long black hair. All stood watching it burn and then Father Gabriel said a prayer over it and as the flames licked and consumed the doll then splashed holy water over it, which made the flames burn brighter for a few seconds. After retrieving the video tapes they needed they all left the house and securely locking all exits, climbed into the two cars and made their way to Tom’s house on High Cross Lane.

It was at this point that Wendy threw the bed covers off herself and started moaning in her sleep and began tossing and turning as if she was having a bad dream. Suddenly she sat up straight in the bed and screamed out loud “They’re burning me, they’re burning me!” then fell back on the bed and continued sleeping. Bill switched on the light and looked over to the double bed where his wife and daughter lay, his daughter was sound asleep, but his wife had also been woken up by their daughter’s frantic yelling. Both looked at each other and then at their sleeping daughter. They would talk to her in the morning about what had happened and if she remembered anything.

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