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Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

As Father Gabriel drove up Lexington Avenue he started to feel a deep sense of dread and horror and took a quick glance at Father Driscoll and knew that he was feeling the same as he was. He slowed the car down and pulled over to the left hand side of the road. Switching the engine off he turned to his colleague and asked if he was ready to do what they had come to do. Father Driscoll nodded and the two priests’ climbed out of the vehicle and headed towards the two cars in front of them. On seeing the two priests walking towards the parked cars, Joe, Jack, Jane, Alexis, Tom and Alan piled out of their cars. After introductions and handshakes all round everybody grabbed all the equipment and holy items they needed which were all in flight cases, except the two priests, they both had leather cases that looked like old doctors bags. Tom and Alan both grabbed a large sledgehammer and a crowbar each. As they all neared the house the feeling of dread was mounting and they all knew that they were being watched by something unseen, something evil.

Tom dropped the sledgehammer and crowbar to the floor and fished inside his jacket pocket for the house key. Twisting it in the lock twice he turned the ornate door knob and pushed the door wide open and everyone walked inside. Collecting his tools Tom also walked inside and closed the door behind him. Even in the daytime the house felt dark, oppressive and evil. “Let’s take the living room on the left again everybody and once we are ready, find that basement.”

Tom had spent some time earlier drawing a ground floor plan of the house by memory and with the help of some of the photos that Margaret had sent him via email. He had also done a rough plan of the first floor, and attic, from his brief but harrowing time in there. “Okay everyone I’ve done some rough plans of both floors and their rooms,” opening them up and laying them on a large oak table he continued, “I think the area under the stairs and the kitchen could be the best places to start looking. I only say this as the paranormal events that have occurred have been on the stairs and in the kitchen.”

Looking at Jane he asked if she would be okay going back in the kitchen, Jane nodded saying as long as everyone was with her she would be fine and with the doll being destroyed she felt better.

“Right folks let’s try under the staircase first.” As they walked towards the door they all gave a curious look up the stairs, all appeared quiet. The team split into two and began knocking on the walls either side of the grand staircase.

“Here we are I think I’ve found something!” shouted Father Driscoll. On the left hand side of the staircase part of the wall sounded false.

“It could be the doorway we’re looking for.” Joseph replied, “Let’s get the sledgehammer on it!” After pounding a hole in the plasterboard they managed to find what appeared to be an entranceway, but the walls inside were solid. “Damn, okay let’s try the kitchen.”

They all walked together into the right hand side living room and then through the archway and short passageway leading to the kitchen. Again they banged and knocked on all the walls and were totally mystified as all the walls were solid. “Damn, the entrance must be in here surely!” Joseph shouted banging the wall in frustration and hurting his hand.

“Hey Joe are you alright that was some whack you took there?” Alexis asked as she took a look at his hand.

“Yeah fine Alexis thanks, just frustrated. Hey do you have your crystal pendulum with you?” Alexis nodded and produced a five sided crystal which ended in a point and was attached to a silver chain.

“What’s the idea Joe, we’re looking for an entrance to a basement not buried treasure?” Alan Davies joked as he looked at the sparkling crystal in Alexis’ hand.

“Alexis is one of the best dowsers I know, even though she doesn’t boast about it. The idea is for Alexis to ask questions and use the pendulum to locate the entrance. You have to see it to believe it. Do you want to try it out Alexis?”

Alexis nodded and began to concentrate asking the pendulum to show her ‘Yes’ which it did by moving in a clockwise motion, when she asked for ‘No’ it swung back and forth.

“Can you show me where the basement is please?” Nothing happened. “Please direct me to the entrance of the basement if you can.”

The crystal began to move back and forth and then it stopped abruptly and then began to move clockwise, as it did it spun faster and faster and without warning it stopped in a straight line and the crystal was pointing to a large Welsh dresser in one of the kitchen’s large alcoves.

“It’s there behind the dresser, I’ve convinced the way it stopped straight in the air pointing in that area.” Alexis cried as she pocketed the now warm and still crystal. Everyone started taking all the plates and pots off the dresser and then tried to move it.

“Damn it weighs a ton, let’s take the drawers out as well, it should make it lighter and easier to move.” Alan said as he began pulling out the first of three drawers below the shelving.

The dresser moved easier with four of the men lifting it. They placed it along a wall further down the kitchen and then walked back to the space. Tom knocked on the wall, “My God it sounds hollow.” Grabbing a sledgehammer he swung it in an arc and hit the wall. After the second and third time he began to make a hole large enough to peer into. He saw a corridor which was about eight foot in length and covered in cobwebs. Tom reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled put a small but strong Maglite torch. Shining the beam through the gaping hole, he could see an old door. “I think we have just located the door to the basement folks.” He said turning around and smiling and then gave Alexis a big hug. “You kept that quiet about you powers with the crystal pendulum honey, but I’m so happy that you used your talents to locate the entrance.”

The rest of the wall came down easily with both Tom and Alan hammering at it; and soon it was large enough for everyone to walk through. As they stood brushing dust off of themselves, Joseph stood listening to something, and then he looked upwards. “I think we may have company upstairs listen.” They all listened and Tom picked up one of the crowbars.

“That sounds like someone walking along the landing, you don’t think someone has broken in and are hiding do you?” Jane asked looking slightly worried.

“I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to after what the neighbours heard the other night do you Jane. But I agree, it does sound like footsteps up there. Alan let’s take a look and see what it is.” Tom replied and he began to move through the kitchen with his colleague. Two minutes later they heard the two men yell as they ran back to the kitchen. “You are not going to believe this, it’s the bloody doll, standing at the top of the stairs, all back together but blackened from the fire!”

The rest of the team stood in shock and were totally lost for words. Tom reacted first my grabbing a sledgehammer and told Alan to do the same. “We are going to smash that bloody doll to pieces, every single part of it. And hopefully that will stop some of the activity!” The two men rushed out the hallway and saw the doll now standing near the entrance under the stairs. “Are you ready mate?” Alan nodded, “Right let’s do this!”

Ten minutes later the two policemen stopped and dropped the large hammers to the floor. The doll, what was left of it, was unrecognisable, smashed to a pulp. They swept it into a waste bin and took it outside to burn it again. As they did this both priests said prayers over the remains and then sprinkled holy water over it. Then they placed four heavy logs onto the remains and watched as the flames licked the logs as well as the doll. She wouldn’t get out a second time.

Back in the house they returned to the entrance to the basement, Jane used the sweeping brush to clear the years of cobwebs as they were so thick, and as she did spiders of various sizes scuttled around looking for a way out. Tom handed Joseph a crowbar and said as he was a demonologist and real life investigator, he could have the pleasure of prying open the old door.

“Sure thing Tom here goes, everyone be on your guard at all times as we don’t know what could be inside.” Joseph placed the crowbar into the side of the door near the lock and with an almighty push the door flew open. They were all hit by the smell of decay making them gag.

“Jesus that smells like death doesn’t it?” Jack said holding his sleeve to his nose to block out the smell. “It could be dead rats or mice that have been trapped in there.”

Father Gabriel said that he and Father Driscoll should enter the foul smelling basement first to see what lay in there. As they walked in both priests began coughing, Father Gabriel turned on his torch and shone the beam around the basement room. “There appears to be a number of rooms in here, but no bodies of rats or anything else for that matter as far as we can see.”

Tom and Alan walked into the basement which was massive and it must have been the length and breadth of the whole house and as Father Gabriel noted had three doorways to the right as they entered. “Oh hell you’re right Gabe; I wonder what the hell is in here making that smell, and I wonder what could be behind those doors.”

“Only one way to find out Tom.” Alan said. “Let’s see what secrets they hold.” Both men walked over to the doors and tried the handles of each door and found they were all unlocked. The three rooms were full of old furniture and junk, the remnants of the various families that had lived in the house over the years. There were no signs of decaying bodies in any of the rooms which left them all puzzled. “So where is the stench coming from? It’s not the smell of fresh decay, but seems to be old and has been hanging in the unopened basement forever. So what are we looking for in here anyway Tom?”

Moving around the room Tom said “I was informed that there could be a pentagram on the floor in here. But I think we’ll know when we find it Alan. Come on everyone let’s regroup up in the living room; mind you after being in here I could do with some fresh air now.”

Closing the basement door as best they could they all hurried back to the front door to get some fresh air but it would not open. “Damn not again, let’s try the back door.” But that was locked tight by some unknown force.

“Right only one way out of this house is to use brute force.” Tom said picking up the sledgehammer and striking the back door. It didn’t even make a mark on it. “Well I’ll be, what kind of force are these spirits using here?”

“Hang on and let’s not panic, let’s do what we did the first night we were all here when Alan came with back up. You just opened the front door didn’t you Alan?” Joseph asked.

“Yes, I’ll call the station now and ask for back up again.” Alan replied as he pulled out his phone and began tapping in the number he needed.

It was Superintendent Fisher who arrived this time, and turning the door knob walked into the hallway. Tom appeared from the living room along with everyone else. “That door was locked sir we couldn’t get out just like the last time, how weird. We’ve also found the basement sir and there appears to be something decaying in there but we don’t know what or where about in there.”

“Okay let’s get down to the basement, by the way Tom where about is it? It looks like you’ve been having a renovation party in here, looking for the basement I imagine.” Tom led the way through the living room on the right along the short passageway and once in the kitchen he pointed at the old corridor leading to it.

“There are three more rooms in there sir, but all are just filled with old furniture. We can’t locate the smell, whatever it is.”

Tom, Alan and their boss walked around the basement and again looked in the three rooms finding nothing to be causing the smell which was now becoming stronger in one area of the basement. As they stood next to the far wall opposite the wall with the three rooms, they all noticed that the smell was a lot stronger there, but still found nothing to indicate where it was coming from.

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