Jeffrey The Crow

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A gothic tale about a man and his pet crow and the fate that fell upon them.

Horror / Mystery
Jonathan DeLacuso
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Jeffrey The Crow

I sit here all alone, for I have nowhere else to go.

I sit here all alone, just me and my crow.

How many times have we shared, how many dreams have we left in despair.

And now I am all alone.

All alone with my crow.

Its glassy eyes glare at me from above, asking about what I have done.

But I had to do it, you see, for a higher good all it was to be.

The lies he told, about honor, glory and wonders untold.

It was all just a façade, just a plain, empty mirage.

And now I sit here, wailing in my darkness, watching as my final sun sets.

My best friend, my darkened crow, still reminds me that I am here and have nowhere to go.

To take my life away, would be a shame, because then my soul he would easily gain.

But I digress, for a story must be told, about me and my crow.

Since I knew for myself, he was there with me.

Always filling my dark days with glee

And when no one came near, he approached

my faithful companion Jeffrey the crow.

Such a delight, Jeffrey was to be around

and to hear his screeching sound.

After some time, I began to see

that this dark feathered creature understood what it was like for me.

Both of us were feared and exiled by many

and both of were understood by nobody.

The crow is often called a thief

because it takes the jewels that do not belong to it.

But Jeffrey would never steal from me, or anybody.

He understood my pain, and my torment he happily gained.

The crow and I bonded more and more

As the weeks, months and years passed on so.

It followed me everywhere I went, so I decide to adopt it

because what the heck.

After the painstaking years of high school life ended,

I decided to move out, from my parent’s basement,

And live in a new life in my lonesome apartment.

I decorated it, by my taste

the dark allure filled it with grace

and a special place was set for thee

my dear and loving Jeffrey.

A single skull over the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe

was the place where my crow would gleefully go.

Like he knew to whom, did we belong

away from master’s throne, Jeffrey would never roam.

Years went by, time slowly died.

Yet I remained stuck in my endless stride.

I worked for the longest of time

writing tales of darkness with rhyme.

But unrecognized I remained

and a new fear I began to base.

I feared I would be left behind

as time would surely pass me by.

That I would die without a trace

that I would be a complete disgrace.

So I invoked the powers of the demon lord himself

to help me pass eternity’s cruelest test.

I took out my ancient scrolls

I looked upon ‘Forbidden doors’.

And as I read from the hidden tome

A wicked smile began to grow.

A chalk and ancient words were all I need

to complete this immoral deed.

I drew a pentagram on my floor

and started to chant from my dark scroll.

The crow gawked a warning sign

and it pecked me right in the eye.

In anger I began to profess

The words I have come to regret.

“Stupid bird what have you done

the process has already begun”

I exclaimed and turned away

as my vision blurred a dark haze.

As the hellish fire filled my chamber

a monstrous beast arose from ember.

The beast turned to me and said

“Mere mortal, to this you will be led!

Say your wish now

or don’t wake me again”

In fear I began to tremble

As I spoke the words of ember.

“Oh the great demon from under

before my soul to hell you plunder.

Fulfill my only need

for to be famous is all I plead”

The demon scoffed

and the demon roared

“As you said

it shall be foretold.

But before you wish can come true

there is one last thing you must do

“What is it my evil lord

just tell me and it shall be foretold”

“Sacrifice just your crow

And you dreams and honor will come also”

“Why must I sacrifice the life of my darling crow

I do not wish to see it go”

“If you want, the body shall remain

But it’s life, it will never gain”

I hesitated for a minute or so

but then I said, with my heart full of woe

“If it has to be

then finish your heinous deed”

The demon roared and flamed

as my life now was filled with fame.

He kept his promise

Oh, it was so

but it wasn’t the way I wanted

to be remembered in this world.

A monster he had made me

a monster from which everybody began to flee.

A monster embuked with the taste for flesh

A monster which will only be released in death.

The media had named me

‘A murderer with a crow’ you see.

And I was forced to flee

to survive in this world, just my stuffed crow and me.

No more will my crow gawk

with glee

no more will its eyes see me.

Now I wander the land

hoping one day to take it all back.

If I could turn back the time

to that hell spawn contract

I would have never signed.

To hear it gawk one last time

That wonderful crow of mine.

But I know I am damned to roam

Just me and my stuffed crow

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