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The Hunter

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A young girls parents are brutally murdered. The killer leaves her alive by mistake. This is its final mistake. She sets out with a goal for vengeance, where only one of them will survive. When she was young, her parents were killed in their sleep. The thing that kills them, leaves her alive by chance. She heads out on a war path, determined to take down the monster by any means necessary. She'll cross lines she didn't know existed, and sacrifice everything, but will she get the vengeance she needs...

Horror / Mystery
Kyle Franklin
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Chapter 1

The first scream pierced my ears, destroying the peace I once knew. I sat bolted upright, wondering if I had imagined it. A second later the next one came, this one worse than the last. It was blood curling, like nails across a blackboard.

I leaped out of bed, still only in my underwear, and ran for my parent’s bedroom. I threw my door open and raced down the landing. The hall was pitch black, not a drop of light in the oppressive night.

Slowing to a crawling pace, my heart racing, my breathing shallow, I edged towards their door. It was open, as always. Nothing looked amiss.

“Mum? Dad?” I called into the emptiness. The response was a consuming silence. Uneasily, I approached the door. A deep breath, I stumbled into the enveloping darkness of their room.

A faint silhouette was visible against the window, a motionless figure, facing my parent’s bed. The frame was masculine, it was my dad.

“Dad. Is everything okay?” I whispered.

‘It must have been a bug, or maybe mum had a nightmare. Nothing bad could’ve happened...’ I prayed, whilst an ice-cold fear settled in my chest.

Creeping along the wall, I felt for the light switch. I found it with ease.

‘Snap’ and the darkness was vanquished.

And then came the third scream, only later did I discover this one had been my own. The figure flinched in the harsh, white light. It wasn’t my father. He laid on the bed, next to him was my blood soaked mother. Both of my parent’s were dead. Their throats torn, their chests slashed open. Blood, Organs, Bone. Nothing had been spared. The bed was covered.

Then it looked at me, its piecing yellow eye’s devouring my soul.

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