By Dying Light

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The only thing scarier than being alone, is not being alone. As a young woman's car breaks down on the side of the road, she soon realize there is more in the dark than she knows.

Horror / Thriller
S. P. Stephens
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By Dying Light

As Shelby stepped out of the car, and into the crisp fall air, she noticed the overhead light flickering. Numerous bugs swarmed the gas station’s few lights, and no other cars could be spotted driving down the highway.

The moonless night was immense around the woman, and she nervously walked to the poorly kept gas station door. The door made a banshee-like screech as she entered, and the employee behind the counter slowly looked up from his phone.

“What can I help you with?” He asked bored.

“Can I get some gas,” Shelby asked pulling her wallet from her purse,“About twenty dollars worth please.”

The worker leaned forward and replied, “Sorry ma’am, we’re all out of gas. Diesel too.”

“Is there any place nearby that has some?”

“There is a small town about ten minutes from here,” he answered, “Gas station is on the left side. Hard to miss.”

With that, Shelby said her thanks to the man and walked back out into the night. As soon as she looked up to her car, her heart dropped.

Standing next to her car was a man. He was wearing a black hoodie and had a burlap bag with a smiley face drawn on it, over his head. The man was looking into her car windows, and then looked up at her when the door screeched shut. The man stared up at her for a few seconds before speaking.

“Are you all alone?” he asked softly.

Shelby stood there petrified. After a minute, the man turned and began to walk away. Shelby finaly inhaled once he disappeared into the darkness, and quickly ran over to her car and got in, making sure to lock the doors.

Shelby ran her hand through her blond hair and caught her breath. She then turned the key and listened as the engein roared to life. The headlights clicked on and there in the beams stood the man.

The woman jumped and gasped. The man just stood there. Staring at her. Shelby finally had enough and put the car in drive and drove pass the menicing figure. As she passed him, he turned and watched her pull off onto the highway.

Twenty or so minutes passed and no town was in sight. Shelby’s car gave a long awaited DING!. She cursed under her breath and pulled over to the side of the road just before her car shut off. She pulled out her phone and attempted to call for help, but was left with a few beeps before dying.

“No, no, no,” she pleaded. She tried to start her car, but was only left with a series of clicking. Giving up, she clicked on her hazard lights, and hoped someone would drive by soon. As minutes turned to an hour, Shelby found herself drifting off to sleep.

She awoke a few hours later. The highway was still dead and the sound of the hazard lights clicking echoed in the car. Shelby sat up and looked around. As she once again attempted to start her car, something in the rearview mirror caught her attention.

Standing beind the car in the blinking red lights, was the man from the gas station. His smiling mask stared into the mirror at Shelby. She quickly turned around and peered out into the empty night. The man was nowhere to be seen.


Shelby’s heart sank. The tapping came from the driver’s window right beside her. Tears began to run down her face as she slowly turned around.

There he was. The man with the smiling mask. He looked down into the window and taped once more on the glass. Shelby screamed and crawled to the passenger side, not once taking her eyes of the man.

The masked man stood there blankly at the frightened woman, and then tilted his head. He raised his hands over his head and then down into the window. The glass shattered, sending shards Shelby’s direction. She screamed and quickly reached into the glove box and pulled out a flashlight. Climbing out of the car, Shelby turned on the light and dashed into the wooded area off the highway. Never once looking back.

She ran for what felt like hours, but were only mere minutes. Coming to a stop, Shelby bent over and tried to catch her breath. The cold air burned her lungs and her breath fogged in her face. She looked around with the flashlight and saw only trees.

Walking forward, Shelby became more and more aware of her surroundings. The hooting of owls, chirping of crickets, and the leaves crunching beneathe her feet. But something wasn’t right. She could feel eyes on her. Then her flashlight began to flicker.

“No!” she begged, “No, no, no”


Shelby wiped around to see the man. Then her light went out.


The flashlight flickered back to life and the man was gone. Shelby sobbed as hot tears now streamed down her cheeks. Her light then faded out into a dim beam.


Shelby slapped the head of the light and the beam brightened. There in the center of the beam, stood the man. His drawn smile gleamed in the light, and he was now only a few yards from her.

“What do you want!” Shelby yelled, “Why are you doing this?”

“You’re all alone,” he replied softly. Then the light went out once again.


The flashlight flickered on. It illuminated the trees and leaves around, before fading out completely.

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