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The unravel mystery that will turn your spine rise up to your nape... beware and listen! she will put you to sleep and never let you wake up again... The story of a doll and a woman in a bloody white gown and a mother.

Horror / Mystery
Ray Salvador
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Safe and Sound indeed-
,the night was dark and profound; as the stars and the moon looked down on the house from the sky.

The house was old and sits in the middle of no where ,and the nearest neighbor is at least miles away.

There’s a Baby cooing at the crib. Alone inside the dimlylit small room,while her Mom and Dad; well asleep in their room.

It was twelve and a half ,as the antique wall clock overhang on the wall and, ticking in the deep of the night


The silence permeated the air.
At the Baby’s room someone’s undid the lock and nudge the door,
There was a tiny taps against the floor that goes to the Baby’s crib.


The Baby girl started whimpering ,her brow furrowed and her little mouth turned down.
It almost crying ,when a little hand fall on the baby’s forehead and gently ruffling the baby’s hair.

Outside the house the zephyr blew ,making creak on the hinges; at the window and ,at the door.

And ,as the night was in the profoundness of silent.
There was a lull bellows around the house.

The mother woke up through the sounds that hovering inside of their room:
it caught her attention.

She sat up and studying the sound.

The sound was familiar for her,
She listened unblinking for a few more seconds.

The woman utter a question.

“A lull?....”

Shiver went from her neck to her spine.
The hum sounds lullaby ,
It’s a song; a spell to put the baby into sleep.
The lull still lingering and bellowing over the house.

Fear in a mother’s stomach seemed to be slithering through her entire body for her child now .
As she noticed that the lull was came from her baby’s room.

She patted her husband’s shoulder.

“C’mon Hon ...wake up..′

She softly said;
But, her husband groaned sleepily.

A lulling voice was deep and cold ,
Dark and creepy.

The curiousity building up through her stomach that made her leap out of bed ,though her body tense with dread.
Beads of sweat rolling down her face ,as she leads the hum towards her baby’s room.

Now her heart was thunder in her chest.

The woman feels every pulse reverberates through her body
And ,she felt a lump in her throat.
Sweats coated her face, as she saunter the hall.

The wind blew fiercely outside and the thin crooked branches of the tree dancing together with the wind towards into the forest.

The hum growing louder ,as she came to the front of her baby’s room.

She twisted the door’s knob and, when she opened the door; it made a creaking sound.


She stepped gradually inside.


flipped the light button on but it hasn’t work out.

" what the henpeck!!.. C’mon!!C’mon!!.”

She grunt .

it still has not worked.

Then she decided to step in the dimlylit room.
And went to her baby’s crib.

She saw her baby , well asleep and, she gave a sigh of relief.

As ,she was standing beside the crib, the atmosphere inside the room suddenly became heavy ,she felt someone’s lurking in the dark.

Out of the blue-
She heard a footstep running behind her; it quiet a tiny taps, and it moves rapidly behind the dark.


She jumped on her feet ,and spun around. But she found nothing.


Another creepy movement behind her
And another turn from her .

“Hey!!..w-who-who-ar-are you?..”

She yell; stuttering her words.

“Show yourself.!!.”

She valiantly say with trembles in her tone.

She dashed towards the wall and, again flipped the light button on ; to her nonplussed she forgot that it had not worked

“F**k!! ...please!!.” She grunt.

she sucked in a breath ,when she heard again:

A soft humming noise


She turned her head slowly to see who’s lulling behind her.

Fear filling her eyes ,cold sweat comes over her.

When she saw a doll seated inside the crib with her baby ;
It was grinning evilly to her and, the white skin glows eerily from the light of the moon.

Her heart began to thump loudly in her chest.
She couldn’t comprehend what the hell she was seeing.

The Doll in a light pink dress with white lace trim ,white thighs with black shoes and flawless porcelain skin.
The eyes were wide and brown ,the hair colored dark-brown ; it was long and curly that was pulled back on both sides with a matching light pink bow .

The woman was paralyzed with fear; she did not make a move nor utter a word.

The doll’s little pointing finger put on it red little lip and it was hissing to her.


Her face was became distorted and she was cloaked by darkness.

The hum sounds again and it was a gentle


....end of prologue.....


The characters ,places and events portrayed in this story are fictitious, any similarity to real person , living or dead , is coincidental and not intended by the author...

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