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Chapter 8

(“This on editing.“)

Humid and sultry; it was the air bellows inside the dimlylit room.
The room was litten by the moon through the open - window.

There’s someone nudged the door and left it hung-open,and through the open window ;the gently hum sounds and hovering inside the room; it was a lullaby,and amplified in the silence.

Elizabeth well asleep on her bed ,inside the dimlylit room a little foot tiptoeing towards her bed.
As the night kept it silence Elizabeth winced on her sleeping as if she feel some pain.

“Ouch!!!” Again; she blurted out.
She groggily awakened ,when she felt a pain on her face :the slice of a knife makes a curdling blood that rush down on her cheek.

Dread filled her entire body, her eyes widened open ; when she saw a doll seated in her body it was MARIA; an old rug - liked doll.
The tremor swallowed her , now she is paralyzed with fear.

“HelloOOOo GrandmaAAAAa!!!”
A creepy hoarse voice dropped on the doll’s mouth.

Elizabeth say nothing but the tears flows down on her cheek.

She essay to shove the doll upon her body but she felt the numb inside of her.

“You wanna play grandma”
Said the doll
Maria lifted up the knife
And dropped on Elizabeth’s chest then she - (it) started to hum
A gentle sound of lullaby

" now you’ll be going back to sleeping ” MARIA whispered;
“FOREVERRR!!!” evil laughed sounded inside the room.

After she saw the creepy face of the doll the next Elizabeth seen right next to her eyes was the eruption of blood that curdling like a fountain
She open her mouth but words didn’t came out.

Maria chortles while she’s stubbing Elizabeth on the chest
It stabbed her fifty times or more blood diffuses upon the white sheet of the bed.

Elizabeth vision went blank and the smidgen sound she had heard was a thud into silent.

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