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Chapter 9

The next morning...

“Maria!!.? What are you doing here?!”
Peachy flabbergasted; while tiptoeing inside of her grandma’s room.

“I was looking for you” she said to the doll as she get it.

Elizabeth woke up with piercing scream Peachy step back and shrieked too.
“What’s going on ?!!”

Sydney rushed inside the room.

******** ***** **** ***** *****

At the couch, in the living room Elizabeth and Sydney huddled in a conversation.

“You’re right Sydney - about the doll!!...”
Elizabeth said;

“ were the one whom said that the doll was a thing and has no any weird matter.”
Sydney articulated.
“And by the way it was a dream mom!..” She added.
Elizabeth say nothing while staring to Peachy that was seated on the carpet in front of the television with the doll (Maria)

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