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Chapter 10

“Am I your best friend?.”
“Yes!! we are best friends ”
Peachy said.
“Why did you ask?” She added with confused in her eyes as she was staring at Maria (yes!! the doll!)

The doll gave a bear hug to peachy.
“So then, I wanna see your sister Sandra..”
Loosen the hug ,it asked.
Peachy grinning happily and nodding her head in “Yes”.

Maria ,the doll grinned evilly and peachy took it and Lift up to her chest she step out to her room then run outpaced to her sister’s room.

Sandra’s door room barely open.
The Doll peered inside and said;

“Let’s go out of here.”
“Why? - you said-”
“Stop!! You son of a bitch!!!”
The doll shout unto her.
Peachy with her watery eyes nod then walk away from the room.

In her age it was all fuzzy.
Why did the doll told to peachy that it want to see baby Sandra but then, it get mad and told to her to walk away from the room?.

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