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Chapter 13


Elizabeth called;

“Peachy?! What are you doing here darlin’?“.

Her grand daughter didn’t response, it was continuously lullying at the dark space of the room.

Elizabeth took one step and slowly another step towards peachy.

“Stop! Old Gal!.”

A peculiar voice said; it was peachy.

“What did yo-“.

Before she finish her words the wind blew lavishly inside the dark room

Making creak on the hinges and on the curtains.

Elizabeth felt panic rise in her throat

Her eyes widened when she saw a blood-written on the walls “I WILL KILL YOU!!!”

Then a sudden movement of the objects; the cabinet dropped ,Sandra’s crib shakes abnormally and the wind blew piercly towards her and she almost stumble on the floor.

Peachy slowly turn to Elizabeth,her eyes are hollow ,dark , and had no eye balls the sockets have bloods flows down the cheeks.

The dreadful night comes to Elizabeth followed by a loud slam of the door.

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