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Chapter 14

...Aflashback...scene before Chapter 11...

The door of Peachy’s room nudge to open; there was a footstep entered inside the room gingerly stride towards Peachy’s bed.
And someone took the Doll besides Peachy.

“I’ll turn you into charcoal” a hoars voice whispered to doll.


Outside the house; a match turn into fire “you evil... I’m gonna kill you!”

Then the doll threw on the ground and it bathed by the gasoline...


" do you really want me to kill??.”
The doll speak and spit on the ground.

Elizabeth who held a litted-match.
Stumbled; and she paralyzed with fear.
“God!!! You speak?!!-” she yelled with astonishing eyes.

Maria the doll stood up and dusted off itself from the ground.

“What happen?? Are you afraid already?.” The doll said.

Elizabeth tried to lit the match again but her trembled hands made the box of match dropped.

“What??? Why are you trembling are you in terror??”
It said to Elizabeth

Maria get the matches and the box

“What are you doing bastard?!!!”
Elizabeth frantically shout.

“I’m just gonna help you to light the match”
The doll said in a sarcastic tone while tilting it head.

Maria step into Elizabeth.
The old woman creep backward her eyes are filled of terror.


Coming from the inside of the house Sydney called Elizabeth.

The doll threw the litted-match.
And Elizabeth shrieked with piercing noise.


Sydney rushed outside the house and went to Elizabeth that now is looked paranoid in dread.

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