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Chapter 15

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“What happen to my mom!!”

A guy frantically shouting while crying inside at the funeral.

Sydney patted her husband’s back:Darren who went home from his business in Mexico

“Mom? Dad?.” Peachy get their attention.

Darren embraced her daughter.

" how long Grandma lay inside that box?” Ask her innocently; pointed her finger to a white casket with gold decoration on it.

Darren and Sydney met their eyes.

“We don’t know baby... Grandma still sleeping...” Sydney try to make easy to understand the matters because she was only 4 and already turned in five;today is her birthday and her whole family were in agony.

“Grandma said she wants to be a sleeping beauty” Darren connect the words of her wife after she said the words she wore a smile.

“So she’s waiting for her prince” Peachy chortled as she said those words that seem made to her mom and dad. Feel better.

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