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Chapter 1


A four- year-old cute young girl yelling into her mother; at the bedroom her mother groaned lazily got up on bed, she yawned and stretched her arms above her head , her fist were still tightly closed.

She wiped the sleep from her beautiful brown eyes, with her paled wrist.

As peachy ran into her mothers arms; Sydney dropped a kiss to her daughter’s forehead.

“What’s going on baby?...”
Sydney ask and flashed a smile...

“Guess what mum..”
Peachy said grinning to her mom.

“What??....sweety?..Anything new art for today??..”

Sydney said softly ,showing off her dimpled cheeks.

“Nah mom...not a new art.. But a new friend”
She said with excitement in her tone.

Showing a stuff to her mom.

A Doll with bright red hair and flawless porcelain skin, eyes were wide in light blue .

“’s cute the way where did you get that??”

“Grandma bought me this..she said it’s an advanced gift for me because I’m turning five ...”

Said peachy in her happily tone

“Oh yeah I forgot next week is your birthday...“she smiled.

Then ,peachy nodded with a smile flashed on her face.

“Sydney!!.. Peachy!!...breakfast is already!!..”

The voice in a raucous tone ;yells downstairs.

“C’mon sweety peach..let’s have a breakfast ”

“I want hotdog mom.!!. ” she yells with her innocent smile.

Sydney, smiled back to her daughter.

“Okay you go first sweety and I look for your little sister, I’m pretty sure she was hungry too...”

Peachy nodded in “yes”
And ran down the hall.

“Sweety take care of your steps”

She yelled over the hall til the tiny footstep is gone.
Sydney went to her Baby’s room while little Sandra cooing at the crib.

“Good morning my little honey...come to mommy..”

She stoop and gathered Sandra to her arms.and went out from the room.

The wind blew from outside ,the curtain waiving up and there’s a shadow of a woman standing behind it..

But Sydney did not noticed it.

“ and grandma waiting for you C’mon hurry up mom if you come late we’ll eat up all the food!!..”

Peachy yelled downstairs.

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