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Chapter 2

It was a mid afternoon, Sydney aiming the lens of her phone to her daughter ; peachy who was standing at the centre of the house and behind her was a TV filming the spongebob.

“Okay! sweety....two...”

But before the count of three; she narrowed her eyes on the screen of her phone.

“It’s weird..” She mumbled to herself.

But then, she continued to take a photo.

Sydney plopped onto the couch with her baby Sandra on her arms, when a plump old woman in her graying hair with, old-fashioned glasses appeared in front of her.

“Hey my dear! I have to go out side- you know - my old friend called me this morning so... We decided to meet...don’t worry I’ll be back here before the night ”

Sydney’s mom grinning to her
In spite of being sixty-nine years old, she remains healthy and vigorous , she still driving a wheel.

Sydney nod in agreement.

" take care of yourself mom..”

" don’t worry I always take care of myself!!..”

Elizabeth yelled ,while heading to the car that had parked at the front of the house.

Peachy heard the engine of the car that has sparked to life , she immediately rushed outside the house.

Elizabeth noticed her grandchild to the side mirror ; waiving to her while the car moving away from the house

She widened her eyes and fear flows inside her body.

Behind of her grandchild was a bloody woman standing and staring at her.

She kicked the break and turned her head to see who’s the woman behind peachy; but it was gone already.

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