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Chapter 3

At the couch,
Baby Sandra well asleep to her mom’s arms while, Sydney narrowing her eyes at the photo.
Trepidation appeared on Sydney’s cheeks, her eyes were wide with surprise , as she was staring at the picture of her daughter:Peachy.

She cleared her throat.
Bemuse suddenly drifted inside her mind.

“What... — it’s weird—”
She said with puzzled; while studying the photo.

There, she saw a vaguely image of a woman beside Peachy.
But, she wasn’t sure ,if it was a real image of a woman.

She can’t fathom what was on the picture.

It was a bright and sunny outside but Sydney heard a strange thud upstairs.

She jumped on her skin and, thought it was peachy playing upstairs.

“Sweety!!?..what are you doing up there?.!!.”

She yell at the staircase with Sandra on her arms but, no one answer.

Peachy shout behind her,
Sydney jumped on her feet.
She turned to look ;peachy was grinning to her.

“Whoa.!!..You almost give me a heart attack sweety..”
As she said to peachy.

Peachy giggling and jiggling to her mom’s reaction.

Sydney heard again a strange sound ,this time it wasn’t a thud;
It seemed someone’s upstairs and,running down the hallway...
She was stunned, when the next sound was slammed of a door
That had shut.


“Okay sweety can you be a big girl for me??.”
Sydney ask her daughter ;
Peachy nod and flashed a smile

“Sure mom I will - I can be a big and good ..good girl”
Chuckled after she said her words

“So come with me..”

At the couch she left Baby Sandra and Peachy

“Okay...just wait a moment ...sweety ..take care of your sister”

Peachy nod with a grin in her innocent face she doesn’t know what was happening.

Sydney immediately went upstairs and go to her room she saw Peachy’s door room was open. so it wasn’t the door that had shut.
She go to her mom’s room and to her room but they were not the doors that had shut too.
But across of her room was Baby Sandra’s room.

And it was close.
She walked near at the door because she heard the movements again inside.

She took a deep breath and,
She hold the door knob.
But before she twist it.

A soft and low voice whispered behind her ear.

Fear flows inside her body

She spun around and found nothing.

Suddenly the door unlocked


Sydney step backward and obscured her mouth with her palm to stop her fear.

The door gradually open and, before it widely open
Sydney’s eyes filled with dread,
As if she has seen something
Then ,she dashed downstairs
But unfortunately she tripped and yanked down the staircase and the last sound she could hear was a thud ;

A thud of her head that had knocked on the ground and, her vision went all blank..

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