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Chapter 4

Sydney open her eyes and found herself standing at the hall way. Around the darkness was a lullaby that hovering inside the house.

Sydney start to run because the sound brings panic in her throat
, she was panting and ,seem tired in every steps she makes.

The hallway was dim and she almost see nothing, her heart was pounding inside her chest.
And her mind was going crazy.

She was running and, seems someone’s chasing after her..
She doesn’t know why she was doing it.

The sound of a lullaby still hovering in the darkness.
Sydney found her Baby’s room that open ,she immediately rushed inside and slammed the door shut behind her

Inside the room was a woman standing back beside the crib.
She only could see was the long and curly light-brown hair down the waist and, the white gown that stained with blood.

Sydney noticed that the lull came from that woman.
The woman held a baby on her arms,
Sydney stepped gradually and ,little by little she stretches her hand to reach the shoulder of the woman.

She bit her lip, she felt her sweat damped on her face and,the thudding of her heart was echoing in her ears.

Her hand almost touched the woman’s shoulder.
Then an instant -she heard a cracked from the neck ,the cracklings of the bones against the tendons.
Then, the head of a woman turned into her: face to face on an inhuman angle without moving the body.

Shock and amusement appeared on her face.

Sydney screamed with piercing noise all over the darkness.

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