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Chapter 5

Slapped across her face; Sydney woke up with scream, Her mom seated beside her bed waking her up
“Stop!! You were dreaming!!!”

As her eyes opened with tears and fear she saw her mom Beside her bed then, she embraced it.
Sydney’s body was shaking in terror.
“Relax dear - everything’s okay - it was a nightmare.” patting her back.

“Where’s Peachy and Sandra?”
Asking frantically while loosening her embrace.

“They were okay - they’re sleep already at their room.”
Elizabeth smiled as she said.

“Okay dear - back to sleep and I will look to your daughters for you...“she calmed the nerves of Sydney.

Sydney felt her head throbbing in pain, she closed her eyes again and felt her mind drifting to the dark.

The next morning
Sydney walked downstairs with her Baby on her Arms at the living room she saw her daughter; peachy playing with her doll; but, not a doll that gave her grandma.
It was an old and look buried by the years and there’s a crack on a doll’s porcelain face - also the hair of it was messed.

“Sweety? Was it the doll that grandma bought for you?”

Peachy put her attention to her mom and she shook her head slowly.
Sydney frowned
“Where did you get that??. And?. Where’s your new doll ?”
Asking to her daughter.

“My new doll was on the shelve together with my stuff toys - ”

Peachy explained;

“So tell me where did you get that old doll!?”
Sydney asked again;

" when I woke up earlier I saw Maria seated at the end of my bed.” Peachy articulated.

“Maria? - it’s that a doll name?”
Sydney ask; furrowing her eyebrows.

“What happen?”
Elizabeth steps towards the two.
“Can you hold Sandra mom?”
Sydney gave her baby to her mom and, face to peachy
“Sweety?.. Can you hand me - MARIA - “. She said to her daughter
“Uh - huh-”
Peachy gave the old doll to her mommy.

It was a life-sized doll with wide brown eyes Sydney felt something queer on the doll and she do not know why. she also felt her gut building dread to it
But the next thing happen makes her breath to stop
When she look over the doll’s shoulder; The woman with blood stained gown standing and staring to her.
She was shocked and amused
Trepidation. Appeared on her translucent cheeks.
And she almost dropped the doll.

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