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Chapter 6

“Mom!! Believe me !”
Sydney insists to her mother about the woman who saw her before she tripped down the staircase and, the woman she saw her that standing right in front of her.

" yeah!! — I believe you honey!..-”
Elizabeth trying to convince her daughter that she was believing.

“Wait mom! — you’re not believing to me!! — I saw her mom!! — with my own eyes!!!”

Elizabeth say nothing ,though she really knows what Sydney’s talking about because, the woman with stained blood and porcelain face was the woman she saw last day behind Peachy’s back.

While Sydney and Elizabeth arguing at the couch ; Peachy was busy playing with her new doll.
(It’s actually an old dusted doll )

She was busy talking to Maria (the doll) and her Mom noticed something queer to her; Sydney narrowing her eyes to her daughter as she was staring with bewilderment.

“Hey mom look at peachy..”
Sydney get her mom’s attention.

The gestures of peachy while playing her doll seemed weird the giggles and some time the annoyance voice from peachy which seems arguing to a doll makes sydney felt bad.

“Is there any something wrong honey??”
Sydney’s mom asked her; she doesn’t know what Sydney trying to show and tell to her.

“Haven’t you seen mom!..— it’s kind of a weird... — I mean — this is my first time to see peachy playing to a doll that seemed talking to a real kid”

Elizabeth burst laughed out of loud...

“What’s funny!!! — I am not kidding — ”
Sydney disgusted.

“Well love to play a doll and it’s okay she has no friends here — our neighbors miles away from here so, she might think that the doll was her true friends”
Elizabeth articulated;

“Grandma!! — mom!! — Maria said stop arguing! the way She said also she knew the woman in white that mom said! —”
Peachy shout on to them.

Sydney and Elizabeth said nothing but ,their eyes met
with shockingly surprised.

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