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Chapter 7

The sun had set and almost dark;
Stars are little by little looming and visible up to the sky.

Inside the room Sydney was busy lulling her baby Sandra to her arms.

And at the dinning area
Elizabeth was busy placing their dinners down on the table,
When she heard a quick movements running into the living room.
She looked, but found nothing.
Elizabeth ignored it .

When she have done preparing their dinner,
the television turned on and the Sponge Bob shown on the screen together with bursting giggles sounded at the living room
She was stunned and amused.

“How you?..-”
Bemused; Elizabeth staring at the television.

She walked towards the T.V and look for the remote , she thought it might be on the couch; but, it wasn’t there.

“Where’s the remote?? ” she mumbled to herself.

Behind her, a tiny taps against the floor running


Elizabeth turned her head and see no one was there, but the taps leading into the kitchen.

“Peachy?!” Thingking , it was her grand daughter; Peachy, which playing with her.

“Peachy??? Its that you?..”
She led herself to the kitchen.

“Peachy?!—” she called again.
No one answer.

Under the round wooden table ,there is someone hiding.
She didn’t noticed it ,and while Elizabeth busy looking on the strange sounds.

An eerie voice getting her attention
“HellOOooo ....Oold gall!!!.....”
It was a hoarse whispered up on her ear.

Elizabeth felt her spine rose to her neck ,and dread flows over her body.

She stiffened her stand.
“Aaarrreee yyooouuu aaaffrraaiidd nnnoowww...”
A dark voice said behind her.

The cold sweat on her forehead rolled down on her cheek and she winced as if the fear made her in pain.

Elizabeth heard a little step strides behind her.
Then suddenly —

Elizabeth jumped on her feet and abruptly turned her head ;
Peachy shouted upon the stair cases

And she ran towards the doll where
Maria lied down on the floor behind Elizabeth.

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