In Between Two Alphas

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Chapter 23

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Danny?” Liam yelled, taking a step forward.

I heard several guys growling loudly, but over them, I could hear Layton and Zev.

“Let her go, now!” Layton’s thunderous voice was heard throughout the clearing.

Everyone stayed quiet, and I could feel the air shift.

Danny, the Rogue holding me, didn’t loosen his arm around my neck. Instead, he pressed even tighter, making it slightly difficult to breathe.

“Danny, are you out of your fucking mind? I told you, no one touches Cassidy,” Liam growled at Danny.

He took another step towards Danny and me. We were standing about ten feet away from both sides. I had been closer, but when Danny attacked me, he pushed me away.

Liam had already taken a few steps toward us, but he stopped moving when Danny snarled at him.

“One more step and I kill her!” The guy holding me said, making us face Liam.

“Why are you doing this, man?” Liam asked, not moving an inch from where he was.

Liam was looking at me, trying to make me read a sign. I knew what he wanted. He had experienced first-hand what I could do.

“We came here to take revenge! Now you fixed things with Zeverus and want to join his pack? After all the shit you told us about New Elite and Blue Bloods— you’re just going to back down?” Danny said, his tone rising with each word.

I could hear more growls erupting from the crowd. They were coming from the Rogues that were following Liam.

“Danny’s right. We followed you to take out both packs. It’s not our fault you want out on the deal,” another guy said.

He looked dangerous.

“What the fuck do you guys think you’re doing?” Liam snapped, looking about to burst a vein.

“You are not our Alpha. We respond to no one!” One of the guys yelled, and the rest of the Rogues cheered on.

“I honestly could give a rat’s ass what is going on with you guys, but I want Cassidy back before I start killing people,” Zev growled.

He narrowed his eyes at the Rogues, who were now standing in between Zev and Layton.

“You make a move and I snap her pretty little neck,” the Rogue holding me replied to Zev.

He pressed on my neck tighter to show the dominance he had over me.

“Cassidy, I’m going to get you back right now. When I do, I’m killing that good for nothing Rogue holding you and anyone who backs him up,” Layton said to me, but kept his cold stare on Danny.

I was a second away from getting myself out of his hold when Liam spoke up.

“Now would probably be the best moment to do what you did to me a while ago,” Liam said cryptically, his eyes on Danny.

Everyone looked around, confused with Liam’s words.

Liam then turned to face me and looked into my eyes. He gave me a pointed look, nodded once and gave the signal.

“Now!” After Liam gave the word, he charged in our direction.

I bent down and twisted Danny’s arm, getting out of his hold in the process. He put resistance, but I was stronger than him. I put some distance between us before raising my hands in the air and pushing them forward with all the force I could muster.

Danny and the five Rogues standing behind him all went flying back.

They took next to no time to recover and get back up. I thought that Layton or Zev or any of the guys would step in and help during that time. As I looked around, every single guy and Wolf stood in shock, staring at me. All of them looked surprised, except for Liam.

Since Liam had seen me do the same thing to him, he already knew what I was capable of.

I was about to open my mouth to explain, but Danny charged at me and two other Rogues tackled Liam. Danny pinned me down, but I could tell he was unsure of his movements with me.

“You will see that what you just did was a bad idea in about two seconds,” I whispered in his ear, giving him a small teasing laugh.

I swiftly moved us so that he was below me and I was on top of him. It was then when all the guys snapped out of it and started capturing the Rogues attacking Liam and me.

“I’ll get him,” Layton and Zev both said at the same time.

They were glaring at Danny, who didn’t seem sorry at all.

“I’ve got it,” I told the pair.

I turned back to Danny and raised my fist, before it made contact with his face full force. I heard something in his face snap, but I got up and didn’t stay back to check what it was.

My knuckles hurt from the punch I landed, but slowly the pain was going away.

I walked a few feet away from the guys who were all trying to get a hold of the Rogues that had turned against us. Zev’s pack had gotten some, while Layton’s had gotten the others.

The guys were looking at me weirdly, but none of them said anything. They all focused their attention on what they were doing.

I started walking away from the crowd of guys. I wanted to make my way back to school, or at least walk enough to put some distance from the clearing. I started feeling weird again. I hadn’t moved around a lot, but my body started heating up and I couldn’t explain why.

I was distracted with my thoughts, trying to grasp what had happened with both packs and the Rogues. When I heard shuffling behind me, I assumed it was just one of the guys chasing after me.

“You bitch! Danny’s my mate,” someone said from behind me.

I turned around to see a girl looking at me with dark eyes. She looked like she ready to attack. I could still see the guys behind us, but they weren’t paying attention to what was happening with me.

“He tried to kill me. He’s going to get what he deserves,” I replied flatly and turned to leave.

“You’re gonna pay for that,” the girl said as she charged at me.

She was about to collide with me, when I reacted to what was about to happen. On instinct, my wings came out from my back and I flew out of the way.

It hadn’t been my intention to expose my wings, but they came out on their own accord when I sensed the danger.

“What the hell!” The girl cried.

She was staring at me with wide eyes, looking like she didn’t believe what she was seeing.

I kept myself low in the air. It was enough to have messed up by showing my true self. I didn’t want to scare her more by disappearing.

“You won’t catch me. And trust me, I really don’t want to hurt you,” I cautiously told her.

Little by little, we were getting the attention of the guys and Wolves surrounding us.

“I’m going to kill you,” the girl said, narrowing her eyes at me

I heard Layton and Zev’s growls over the crowd after the girl threatened me.

I lowered myself to the ground then. My white wings were fluttering slowly, but I wasn’t allowing them to elevate me.

I didn’t respond to her threat. I was waiting for her to make her next move. While I had to admit Wolves were physically stronger than me, I had all the advantages because of what I was.

I knew because of that, she was weaker than me. It was amusing to see how strong she thought she was.

“You are going down you freak,” the girl said, before jumping in the air and shifting into a dark brown Wolf.

I moved out of the way, barely missing as her teeth snapped right in my face. She was growling at me ferociously. Some of the guys were ready to step in and take over, but Liam was stopping them. I was sure he was also hoping to see how I would do against the Rogue.

She charged at me once again. I flew out of the way and high enough that they lost sight of me. If they tried to catch my scent, they would know where I was, but I became invisible to their eyes.

The Wolf was growling at the air. From my point of view, she looked ridiculous. I swiftly and speedily lowered myself to the ground and ended up behind her.

When she turned around to face me, she jumped at me. I started twirling in the air, wrapped in my wings. I created a whirlwind around us, but that didn’t do anything to stop her from coming at me.

The moment she touched me, the speed I was carrying made her rebound back and crash on the ground with force.

Even though she was hurt, the Wolf still got up and continued trying to get to me. I cocked an eye brow. The look of determination in her eyes amazed me, but not enough to make my guard go down.

The Wolf attacked me again, but I was decided not to play any more games. I just held out my hands. I was going to push her away using my telekinesis. I was hoping it would knock her out and prevent a bigger fight.

What happened next not only surprised the people around us, but it left me stunned as well. When I shoved my hands forward to push her away, the Wolf left flying in the air and collided harshly with the tree. But that wasn’t all. Two small balls of fire shot from my hands and landed on the girl’s body.

I was confused. I swallowed loudly and stared down at my hands, like if they didn’t belong to me. The Wolf had shifted back to a girl, and she lay naked next to the tree she had landed in.

Some parts of her body were charred but already healing. I could hear the guys around me talking, all trying to get my attention.

They wanted an explanation, but I was far from ready for that. I understood my Wings and could explain them.

I could explain my telekinesis. But the fire that had just escaped from my hands was a surprise, even to me.

I didn’t know how to handle the fire that shot out of my body. It was my last and final gift. I had received the element of fire. The problem was that it came a year early, and my body was definitely recognizing it.

I was supposed to receive my element— which would be what defined me as a Legen— until I turned seventeen. It was too much for me to handle, and I could feel my element colliding strongly with my body.

Layton was walking towards me, ignoring all of my protests. I was still standing up, but I felt like I needed to sit down.

When my knees gave out, Layton was there to catch me before I crashed on the ground.

“Cassidy, what’s wrong?” Layton worriedly asked, searching my face for answers.

“Is this because of what you are?” Liam asked, coming to my other side.

Zev stood in front of me, looking like he didn’t know what to do. The other guys started gathering around.

Layton ordered everyone to give me space to breathe. I couldn’t open my mouth to tell him that it wasn’t them that were making me feel sick.

I felt agitated and really thirsty. My mouth felt dry and my throat hurt when I passed saliva. I only paid half attention to what was happening around me because my mind couldn’t focus on anything else.

“She’s sweating a lot,” Layton said after touching my forehead.

I felt a burning sensation rise from my feet and slowly crawl up my body. I felt like fire was surrounding me. I wanted to yell but I couldn’t. All that came out of my mouth were moans of pain.

The mark on my neck that proved Layton’s claim of me as his mate was pulsating, and the burning sensation seemed to be emanating from there.

Layton carried me somewhere, but I didn’t know where he was taking me. I needed to get home. My dad needed to know what was happening.

I felt people following, but I couldn’t see who they were. I heard Zev and Micah’s voice faintly before my body gave out and I sunk into darkness.

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