Mercy's Killing

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Chapter 12: Help From Beyond

During his sweep, Kirk finds a bug in the captain’s office and another on Rachel’s phone. Instead of dismantling them, Joe decides to use them to their advantage.

After giving everyone instructions, Joe walks back to his office. He’s arranging the papers on his desk when Jerry knocks on the door. Let the games begin, he thinks, waving him in the room.
“Did you find anything boss?” Jerry asks, walking into the spacious office, he plops down on the sofa. I doubt if this room’s ever been remodeled, he thinks eyeing the deteriorating woodwork.
“Not a damn thing,” Joe says, plopping his hands down on the desk.
“We’ll get them eventually.”
“I hope you’re right, Jerry.”
“The hospital is releasing Abby and the kids today.”
“What about Greg?”
“He’s still in critical condition up in ICU.”
“Abby and the kids are going back to Arizona with her mama, right?”
“The kids are but Abby wants to stay here until Greg is released.”
“Doesn’t she realize her life is still in danger?” he asks throwing his hands in the air.
“I told her, but she insists on staying with Greg.”
“I guess we better find her a safe place to stay then.”
“I have the perfect spot in mind, boss,” he says, scooting to the edge of his seat.
“Where’s that, Jerry?”
“You know that old trailer behind the hospital? The one they let families stay in sometimes?”

“That’d be perfect Jerry, just perfect,” Joe says, jumping up from his desk.
“I’ll let Rachel and Abby know,” he says, searching for his phone.
“Tell Rachel I need to talk to her about the Springdale Captain’s complaint against her.”
“I think she’s still at the hospital, but I’ll call her and let her know.” Dialing a number, he waits for it to connect.
“Rachel, Joe loves your idea about the trailer,” Stepping into the hallway, Jerry continues.
“I didn’t tell him she’s already there. Oh and Rachel, the Captain said that he needs to talk to you about the complaint. I’ll let him know.” Jerry pops his head back in the door.
“She’s on her way, boss.”
“Ok, thanks, Jerry.”
“You wanted to see me, sir?” Kirk asks, rushing through the door.
“Did you find anything, Kirk?”
“I’m afraid not sir,” he replies, downheartedly.
“No, sir.
“Well, I want you and Jerry to go back out and look some more.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Aunt Rachel, Aunt Rachel” Lilly says, popping up in the bed.”
“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty,” Rachel says walking across the room. Unlike the other hospital rooms, it was wallpapered in earth tone print, making it seem less dreary.
“I’m not Sleeping Beauty; I’m Princess Lilly, silly.”
“What was I thinking?”
“My friends told me to tell you something just now.”

“What’s that?” Rachel asks, sitting on the bed beside her.
“They said that their daddy left a note in the barn and that it’ll help you with your invetagtion.”
“Do you mean investigation?”
“That’s what I said. What is an invtagation, anyhow?”
“It’s when we look into something to try and find the bad guys.”
“Did they say where it’s at?” Rachel asks, picturing all the clutter in the barn.
“Can you ask them for me, please?”
“They’ve already left.”
“Well thank you for telling me,” Rachel says, scooping up her phone, she heads towards the door.
“How can I get anything done with the blasted cell phone ringing all day?” Mike mumbles, grabbing the phone off of his dusty dashboard.
“Yeah, what do you want?”
“Mike it’s me, George. Larry says we need to figure out how we’re going to get rid of the Jenkins once and for all.”
Rebecca was busy dusting the antiques in her shop when she hears the bell chimes over the door. She quickly turns around.
“It’s so nice to see you again, Rachel,” she says, walking towards her friend. Hearing her name, Wanda steps out from behind the counter.
“Can I help you find something for that scrumptious husband of yours,” Wanda volunteers.
“I’m afraid I’m not on a shopping spree today.”

“I was wondering if you ladies could help me on another investigation.” Using their psychic powers, Rebecca and Wanda helped her solve a missing child case, a few months ago.
“So what do you want us to do?”
“I want you to talk to the spirits, see if they can tell you anything like you did before.”
“When do you want to do this?”
“As soon as possibly.”
“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to close the shop a little early today,” Rebecca says, glancing down at her watch.
“Where do you want us to go, Detective?” Wanda asks, excitedly stepping towards her.
“The old Arnold house.” The two women turn towards each other, a terrified look in their eyes.
“I’m sorry, detective, but we can’t help you with this case.”
“Why not?”
“We just can’t, alright,” Rebecca replies, glancing towards her friend.
“I can’t force you, but I want you to know that there will be a killer roaming free all because you’re too scared to help me out.”
“We’re not scared, Detective, we just don’t want to do it is all.” Wanda corrects.
“Alright, but if these perps hurt someone else it’ll be your fault.”
“That isn’t fair, detective, blaming us for their atrocious actions.” Wanda protests.
“I don’t think they’ll kill again,” Rebecca blurts out. Cocking her head to the side, Wanda gives her friend a stern look. Seeing the deadly stare, Rachel steps in between them.
“Really, and why is that, Rebecca?” Rachel questions.
“Well because ah...”
“Because whoever did this hasn’t killed anyone in over forty years,” Wanda adds, nudging her friend.
“So you think Mike and his buddies killed Jack for revenge?”
“Yes, no I don’t know,” Rebecca stampers.
“What she means is we don’t know if it’s Mike, but whoever it was probably killed Jack because of what he did to his family.”
“You know for a fact that Jack was killed?”
“It was in all of the papers.” Wanda replies, nervously waving her hand through the air.
“You’re wrong, his death was ruled as a suicide, not a homicide. So you two better tell me what you know and you better do it, now!”
“We don’t know anything, Rachel,” Rebecca replies, anxiously glancing towards Wanda.
“Yes you do, and if you don’t tell me I’m locking you two up for accessory after the fact,” she says, reaching for her handcuffs.”
“All we know is what we’ve heard from the rumors around town,” Wanda says.
“Which is?”
“Mike and his two pals forced Jack to write the note and then hung him in the barn.” Wanda quickly replies.
“I need something more concrete than that.”
“I’m sorry, detective, but that’s all we know.”
“So if you’re not scared, then why won’t you help me?”
“Because we don’t want the town to turn on us the way they have the Jenkins.”
“What do you know about that?”
“All I know is the town is trying to scare them into leaving.”
“Who’s trying to scare them?” Rachel demands.
“We don’t know who, exactly.”
“What else do you know?”
“That’s it, I swear,” Wanda says, glancing towards Rebecca.

“Would you help me if I kept your assistance a secret?”
“I don’t know detective. I mean Jack did deserve it.”
“So now you’re condoning a murderer’s actions?”
“If you knew what he did to his wife and three little girls you would too.”
“I know what he did, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to take matters into their own hands, now does it?”
“Well, I. I.” Rebecca stutters.
“Fine, I’ll do it myself,” Rachel says, storming towards the door.
“Detective?” Rachel quickly spins back around.
“This will help you talk to the spirits,” Wanda says, handing her an Ouija board.
“A game? How in the world is a game going to help with my investigation?”
“It’s not a game detective; it’s a way to talk to the spirit world. Here I’ll show you,” she says, laying the board across the counter.
“Is someone here with me?” The plastic piece moves to yes.
“I saw you move it,” Rachel skeptically says.
“Here feel for yourself.” Wanda places Rachel’s fingers on the triangular object.
“Who is here?” The board spells out Anna.
“Oh my god it is real,” Rachel exclaims, as she watches the piece move back to the center of the board.
“How old are you?” It went to the number 10.
“Wait, Jack has a daughter named Anna,” Rachel says. The piece moves to yes.
“Are you Anna Arnold?” Wanda asks. The piece went to yes again.
“Did Mike kill your father,” Rachel asks. The piece moved off the word, then back on the yes.
“Did he have help?” The piece stayed on yes.
“Was it Larry and George?” the piece didn’t move.

“I need proof, Anna. Something that will hold up in court.” The piece continued to move around until it spelled check the barn.
“What’s in the barn?” It spelled out prof.
“Prof?” Rachel asks.
“I think she means proof detective,” Wanda says. The object moves to yes.
“Can you tell me where I should look or what I’m looking for?” It spelled out Daddy’s note.
“Where is the note?” Rachel asks, but Anna didn’t reply.
“Please tell me, Anna!” The piece didn’t move. A cold strong wind started blowing through the shop. Shivering, the women nervously glanced around. Screaming, Rebecca points towards the storage area. Turning they see a large black being slowly walking towards them.
“I have to close this down, now!” Wanda says, grabbing a hold of the planchette.
“Goodbye, Anna. The small plastic piece weakly moved around in response. It had just landed on the last letter when the planchette jounced across the board. Wanda tried to stop it, but the resistance was too strong. Using both hands she picks up the piece and tosses it across the room. Looking up she sees the ghostly figure starting to fade away.
“That was close,” she says, folding up the board.
“Wha. What.. just happened?” Rachel asks, anxiously looking around.
“An evil spirit tried to take over the board but I disconnected it when I threw the planchette across the room.”
“I wondered what you were doing,” Rachel laughs, shakenly pulling out her phone.
“Jerry, have the nearest patrol to sit on the Arnold house until I get there.”
“Ok, Sergeant, but.” Hanging up the phone she turns towards the ladies.
“Is everything fine, here?” Rachel asks, quickly glancing around.
“I don’t think the spirit will be back.”

“Let’s hope so,” Rebecca says, frighteningly looking around.
On her way over Rachel starts thinking about where the note might be. If I were Jack I’d put it where someone would find it, but It’d have to be in a place where my kidnappers wouldn’t see it, a place they wouldn’t go. Evidently, it’s somewhere no one else has looked either since it’s been there since the 70′s. Where would that be? She asks, trying to picture the layout of the barn in her mind.
Could it be in the loft? No, they tossed him down from there. Where else would it be? She asks, smacking her hands on the steering wheel. Maybe Jack will help me find it, she concludes, pulling in the driveway.
When Rachel arrives, she sees two patrol cars on either side of the house. She pulls up to the one closest to the shed.
“Hi, Sergeant.”
“Did anyone come in or leave?”
“Not in the last fifteen minutes,” he says, glancing down at his watch.
“Good.” Walking over to the old withered structure, she quickly opens the door. Taking a deep breath for courage, she slowly steps in the doorway.
“Jack, I know you’re in here and I know what happened to you,” she nervously begins, taking another step inside the barn. Something banged in the loft, causing her to jump. Taking another deep breath, she continues.
“I know you don’t like anyone being in here.” It bangs again only louder this time.
“I’m not here to hurt you; I’m here to help you.” The banging gets louder and louder.
“I want to bring your killers to justice,” she yells over the noise. The banging stops.
“Anna says you left a note. If I can find it, I can put your killer behind bars for the rest of his life.” The barn door slams shut. Rachel jumps again.
“Show me where this note is and I’ll leave.” The barn door opens then slams shut again. Hearing a creaking noise coming from the loft she quickly looks up. She sees a large piece of wood propelling towards the ground. She watches as the lumber smacks the wall, before bouncing a few feet away from her. Running to the door Rachel tries to pull it open but the heavy wooden object wouldn’t budge. A strong hand pushed her backward, causing her to stumble over the board.
“Do you want me to leave or not?” She asks, picking herself off of the ground. She sees a piece of paper flapping around when the door closes again. Pulling the note off the nail, she starts to read.
I’m being held hostage in my barn by Mike, Larry, and George. The three have taken turns beating and torturing me every single day for the better part of a week. For the last four days, they’ve deprived me of food and water. Their inhumane treatment has made me so weak I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on.
Jack Abbot
Today they told me if I didn’t tell them where my wife and three girls are they are going to kill me. In my poor state of health, I can only pray they will carry out their threat.
Jack Abbot
“That’s exactly what I need, thanks Jack.”

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