Mercy's Killing

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Chapter 9: Never Ending Horror

Abby sleepily steps into the nursery. She sees a strange man standing by the crib holding Adam in his arms. Screaming, she dashes across the room. As Abby gets closer, she realizes her baby is headless. Looking down on the floor, she sees a bloody ax propped against the crib, Adam’s tiny head is lying right beside it. Both the man and baby disappear when she reaches the crib.

“Not my baby!” she yells, dropping to her knees.
“My baby is gone, he’s gone,” she sobs. Scooping up the baby blanket lying on the floor, she cuddles it against her body. Abby can still smell the scent from his baby lotion lingering on the cover.
“Oh Adam my baby, my sweet, sweet baby,” she cries, rocking back and forth on the floor. Hearing his wife’s terrifying screams, Greg quickly springs up in the bed. Glancing around, he soon realizes that Abby is no longer beside him. Jumping out of bed, he starts looking around, Abby screams again. Greg dashes towards her voice, fearful of what he might find. Stepping through the doorway, he sees Abby weeping beside the crib. She’s holding Adam’s blanket and his teddy bear firmly against her chest.
“He’s gone, my baby is gone,” she sobs, rocking on the floor. Hearing her mutter these six simple words Greg frightently runs to her side.
“What do you mean he’s gone, Abby?” he asks, glancing in the crib. Seeing Adam sleeping peacefully, he looks back down at his wife. Abby continues to move back and forth, muttering the same words. She must be having a nightmare, he concludes, placing a firm hand on her shoulder.
Screaming, Abby spins around.
“Oh Greg he’s gone our baby is gone,” she sobs, louder than before.

“He’s right here.” Greg scoops the infant out of the crib and hands him over to Abby. Grabbing Adam out of his hand, Abby holds the baby against her. She feels his soft breath brush against her cheek as he sleeps peacefully in her arms.
“Oh baby, oh my sweet, sweet baby,” she cries, gently swaying back and forth.
“Is everything alright, daddy?” Lilly yawns, stepping into the room.
“Everything is fine pumpkin; go back to bed.” The young child starts to leave when she sees her mommy sobbing on the floor.
“What’s wrong mommy?” she asks, running towards her grieving parent.
“She just had a nightmare is all, so go on back to bed.”
“Oh Lilly my darling,” Abby cries, bringing the small child in closer.
“It’s ok, mommy, the bad man is gone,” she says, gently stroking her mommy’s tussled hair.
“What bad man, what are you talking about, Lilly?”
“Suzanne made Jack go back to the barn where he belongs.”
“Jack who, who are you talking about, Lilly?”
“Jack Abbot, he was in the house.” Looking down at her mommy the child continues.
“Suzanne said she’s sorry mommy and promises it’ll never happen again.”
“Jack and Suzanne who?” Greg asks.
“Jack and Suzanne Abbot, they are two of our five ghosts.” Abby replies
“That’s it, we’re out of here,” he declares, storming towards the door.
“No daddy we can’t leave,” Lilly whined, grabbing a hold of his hand.
“You heard me tell them what would happen if they did anything!”
“It wasn’t the girls, it was their daddy,” she protests, stomping her foot on the floor.
“I don’t care, get dressed, we’re leaving,” he says, storming into the hall.
“Greg, wait,” Abby says, running towards him. She’s halfway across the room when she hears Lilly scream. Turning around she sees the figure has returned.
“Leave us alone, Jack!” Abby spat.
“That’s not Jack, mommy,” Lilly stutters, running towards her parents. Greg steps over to the crib, the image disappears. That’s strange he thinks, taking a step back the picture reappears. Glancing over he sees a small ray of light beaming from the diaper wipe package.
“Turn on the lights,” he instructs, stepping towards the box. Opening the lid he sees a small projector inside the empty container.
“Here is your ghost,” he laughs, pushing the power button.
Rachel had just stepped into the parking lot when her cell phone rings. Placing her purchase on the hood, she quickly answers her phone.
“Sergeant Bower. Ok, Jerry, I’ll meet you there,” she says, climbing in the car. She starts to pull into the street when she remembers her coffee on the hood. She slowly presses on the brakes, hoping she won’t upset the cup. She hears a small bang followed by a river of steamy liquid running down the windshield. I’ll never going to get a decent cup of coffee, she thinks, turning on the wipers.
Driving up to the house, she sees Kirk and Jerry talking to the Jenkin’s on their lawn. Jerry says something as he points down the road. Abby waves her arms around in response to what he’d just said. Shoving Abby aside, Greg gets into Jerry’s face. The detective pushes him away. I better stop this before it gets out of hand, Rachel thinks, bolting out of the car.
“That’s enough!” she warns. Rachel sees Gregg push Jerry as she runs through the yard.
“I said that is enough,” she scolds, stepping in between them.
“What is going on here?” she asks, looking back and forth between the two. Jerry’s face turns red as he mumbles something.
“What’s going on?” she asks, neither said a word. Typical men, she thinks, glancing towards her friend.
“What’s going on, Abby?” Rachel asks turning towards her.
“Someone set up a projector in the nursery,” she nervously blurts out, giving her husband a stern glance.
“A projector?” The Sergeant asks, confused by the odd answer.
“See for yourself,” Abby says, walking towards the house. Rachel looks back and forth between the fighting duo, trying to figure out what she should do.
“I’d like to get your take on this, Jerry,” she says, giving him a stern look.
“You too Kirk,” she adds, turning towards the house.
“Greg found the projector hidden in here,” Abby says. Moving the bassinet out of the way, she grabs the box off the dresser.
“Was it showing anything?” Rachel asks, handing it over to Kirk.
“It was a horrible, horrible picture,” Abby shivers, remembering the ghastly image.
“What was it?”
“It was a picture of a large man holding a headless baby,” Abby answers, shivering again.
“It looks like the image was blue toothed into the projector,” Kirk says, turning the equipment around in his hands.
“That means they’d have to be in the house the entire time,” Abby anxiously replies.
“Not necessarily. If they used a blue tooth extension, with a high-performance antenna, they could be a quarter of a mile from your home.”
“Blue tooth signals can go through walls?”
“I’m afraid so.”
“They’d have to come in at some point to set it up!” Greg points out.
“Maybe they set it up when they broke into your home.”
“It’s been in here the entire time?” Abby asks.

“That’s possible.”
“I wonder what else they’ve planted in the house,” Abby says, nervously looking around.
“We can do a scan and find out,” Kirk suggests.
“I’d appreciate that officer.” Wrapping his arm around his shaken wife Greg continues.
“Can you trace the Bluetooth signal?”
“Only if their Bluetooth is on.” Seeing the downhearted look on their faces, Jerry adds;
“We might be able to trace them through the projector.”
“I know who did it, daddy,” Lilly says, stepping into the room.
“Who, pumpkin?”
“Mike, he put it there when he was looking for Suzanne’s diary.”
“Did your friends tell you this, sweetheart?”
“Yes, Ashley Anna and Amy tell me all kinds of stuff, mommy.” Seeing strangers in the room Lilly hides behind her Daddy’s legs.
“Like what honey?” Rachel asks, squatting down beside her.
“I don’t know,” she says, clinging onto his tighter. Seeing how uncomfortable her daughter has become, Abby makes a quick suggestion.
“Why don’t you and I go play in your room?”
“I want Rachel to come too,” Lilly says pulling her through the door.
“I like your room,” Rachel says, admiring the decorations.
“A princess room for our little princess, isn’t that right, Lilly?”
“Yep.” The child smiles.
“What would you like to play today, Princess Lilly?”
“I wanna play dress up.”
“That sounds like fun,” Rachel replies. Hearing someone knock, they turn to see who it is.
“Sergeant, the Captain needs us on another call,” Jerry says, peeking his head through the door.
“You don’t have to go do you, Rachel?” Lilly whined, grabbing her new friend’s hand.
“I’m afraid so, princess, but what if I come back and play later?”
“Oh, alright,” she says, plopping down on the bed.
Abby is washing the last of the breakfast dishes when she hears pounding on the back door. That was quick, she thinks, running to answer it. Opening the door she sees the baby’s bassinet sitting at the bottom of the stairs, with Adam asleep inside.
“No!” she screams, scooping up the infant. She finds the object thought to be her baby is nothing more than stuffed clothes. Looking closer she realizes they were the items she had just put on the baby.
“Adam!” she screams, bolting up the stairs. Running to the nursery she sees Adam lying naked in the crib. Darting across the room she scoops him up in her arms, he whales in response.
“There, there, honey it’ll be alright,” she says, bouncing the infant in her arms. Looking in the crib she sees a note pinned to where he was lying. Opening it up, she sees five handwritten words in the center of the page.
The police can’t protect you.
“Lilly,” she screams running to the hallway. The child didn’t reply.

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