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The Asylum

I felt groggy as I regained consciousness, I opened my eyes slowly letting my vision clear and focus on the small dimly lit white padded room I found myself in. Where am I? Panic welled in my chest as I began to move around and noticed a white jacket had been placed on me, the sleeves folded over each other crossing my chest and restrained somewhere in the back. What is this? Suddenly, a small part of the wall opened up, almost like a small window and a voice came from the other side.

"Mackenzie Salvatore, our newest patient, according to the report cops were called on a missing person's case, they were questioning everyone in the area. When they arrived at the Salvatore residence they were attacked by Mr. Salvatore's father, the police were forced to take down both of Mackenzie's parents."

"Liar!" I screamed now using my legs to push myself up, approaching the small opening trying to see who was talking, and who they were talking too.

"After the police searched the property they found the bodies of those who were reported missing. Mr. Salvatore in particular had his own collection, the bodies were removed and have been returned to the families."

"You took my teddies?!" I screeched furiously, slamming myself against the pads uselessly.

"We believe that because Mr. Salvatore was raised by serial killers he doesn't know what he has been doing is bad. We think that we will be able to help him learn what he did was wrong, but I am afraid that because of his age we might have to use a more unorthodox approach with Mr. Salvatore and use electroshock therapy."

"What if your treatment doesn't work?"

"If the treatment is unsuccessful, Mr. Salvatore will remain locked up here. "

"You can't do that!" I protested even though it seemed like every time I spoke, I was ignored. The small opening was suddenly closed off and I was left alone in the padded cell once more, I slammed into the wall again, more aggressively this time. "Let me out of here!" Can they even hear me? Sliding down to the ground, pressing my back against the door I rocked back and forth, ignoring the feeling of the fear of the walls closing in on me. I didn't like this game, it wasn't very fun, "Let me out. Let me out. Let me out." I repeated in a whisper, squeezing my eyes closed, fooling myself by thinking it would help the claustrophobia from affecting me.

"Back away from the door!" I jumped hearing the voice barking out the order and scooted away from the door.

I should be able to get them before they get me. The door opened and despite my restrained arms, I rushed them planning on using my body to take them down. They were waiting for me though and were quick to grab me before I could do them any damage. "Let go!" I protested as one restrained me and the other produced a needle, stabbing it into the side of the neck. After a few minutes, I went limp against the man holding me losing consciousness once more.

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