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The Interview

"Mr. Salvatore?"A woman's voice pierced through the darkness, pulling me toward the light.

"Kenzie" I corrected the woman, unable to rub my head, which throbbed painfully. "Where am I?"

"Athens Lunatic Asylum." The woman answered, looking me over as if She had seen anything like me before, it was flattering really. "Kenzie, will you tell me about your teddies?" It seemed like the woman had trouble using the word, I didn't understand why. "How do you make them?" The woman reached into her folder taking out pictures of my teddies, I growled darkly when I saw them.

"How did you get those?"

"I'll tell you after you have answered my question." She bargained with me, I stared her down for a few minutes and grinned, my lips twitching into a sadistic smirk.

"I cut them open with my bladdie..." I began and the women revealed a bag holding one of my bladdies inside.

"You mean this straight razor?" I looked away from the bag, looking around noticing that I was alone with the woman. Despite my arms being restrained in the straight jacket, I suddenly lunged across the table knocking the woman and the chair to the ground, slamming my head into hers knocking her out. Using my teeth, I struggled to open the bag to get to my bladdie, struggling to cut myself free of the straightjacket. Standing over the women, I reached down and slit open her throat, watching for a moment as the blood squirted from her throat, smiling to myself. Searching the woman's body I found a set of keys and took them, it was a shame I had to leave such a pretty girl behind, she would make such a lovely teddy, but carrying around a dead body would slow me down, and I had to get out of this place.

Slowly I opened the door, spotting a guard with his back turned toward me, I slipped out of the room and flicked my bladie across his throat, stepping over the man after he fell to the ground, bleeding out slowly. I looked through the halls until I saw the sign pointing out the nearest exit, common sense went out the window as I ran in the direction the sign pointed me to stopping at the corner to peek around making sure that the coast was clear. Rounding the corner, quickly and quietly I made my way to the marked door, my heart pounding with excitement as I got closer and closer to the door, until finally I was able to reach out and open it.

A loud high pitched whine of a siren wailed, startling me, now was not the time to freeze up. I made my way out of the exit, running as fast as my legs would allow, distancing myself from the building hearing voices shouting at me. I wouldn't look back, and I wasn't going back. I knew they were coming after me, and I had to do something quick to lose them, the area I was in was so exposed, that finding a hideout was nearly impossible. When I thought all hope was lost, I saw a tree line off in the distance and headed toward it, hoping I could get there before they got me.

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