Spinner's Bones

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Startled awake
Eyes open to complete darkness
Ears prick to listen for the slightest sound
The crack of a twig just feet away
Hold very still feign sleep
the frosty finger of foreshadowing tickles its icy way up the spine to spread down each limb, and back to settle in a heavy lump on the heart, nudging it to halting
Don't dare breathe too loudly lest risk being heard
Wait for the light
Brightness momentarily blinds
Still unseen, the hunter's sight adjusts, prey spotted mere inches away
the scent fills every fiber
Millions of tiny ants of excitement dance randomly along the inner walls of the hunter's belly, sending a smolderingly wicked smile to spread upon her features
In the instant before she's seen, the smallest movement of a foot prompts a startled scream from the unsuspecting victim
Tangled roots of fear grab hold of his feet, freezing him in place.
The hunter steps closer, ants multiplying within her to intensify the potency of her sensations as she watches him shrink away
She stands a moment, motionless

One swift movement swings the scythe in a smooth circle just a breath from the top of his head, sending the prey to run screaming from the room to fall into the waiting trap. The dull thud of a human body impacting on the small hill of his predecessors sets her shoulders to shiver with a small chuckle.
She turns and slinks to her chambers, successfully entertained for the night. The freezer amply stocked, the "Spider" is ready for winter.

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