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No Escape

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A horrible dream or a horrible reality... There is no escape for her except through death.

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No Escape

Adelia stopped to catch her breath. She clung to the tree in front of her, the bark biting into her palms. She took gulping, gasping breaths her lungs burning and her heart racing. The forest floor, covered in leaves, twigs, rocks, and things she didn’t want to think about, dug into her bare feet. She tried to block the pain out the best she could. It didn’t matter how bad her feet hurt or her lungs, she had to keep moving. She couldn’t stop no matter what. She didn’t even know what she was running from. Adelia only knew she had to get away. She took a few deep breaths, trying to slow her breathing down. She knew the panting breaths she was taking were too loud. She had to be quiet or it would hear her.

Though the night was muggy, stifling even, a shiver ran through her body as the sweat clinging to her began to cool causing her skin to feel clammy. What was left of her tattered dress clung pathetically to her body in places. Her hair was in matted clumps on her head, stray pieces plastered to her face. She straightened from the tree and used shaking hands to brush the hair off her face.

Adelia had no idea where she was. All she knew was that she went to bed and when she awoke she was in a dark, damp room. A bare mattress was on the filthy floor. She could hear the slow trickle of water. When she ran her hands along the walls looking for a light switch, she recoiled in horror as she felt the water and something thicker sliding down the stone walls. The floor was muddy from the water mixing with the dirt on the cement floor. Although it was too dark for her to tell, there were cracks in the floor that the water seeped through so as not to accumulate in the room. But it made a fertile breeding ground for all kinds of creepy crawlies Adelia had to keep brushing from her body. They were drawn to her as she was the only living thing in that room besides them. She screamed and cried, pounding on the door when she finally found it. All to no avail. No one answered her cries. She didn’t know how long she kept at it, but eventually exhaustion got the better of her and she fell into a fitful sleep on the bare, musty smelling mattress. She awoke to what she thought was her boyfriend’s hand brushing her face. In her half-awake state, she reached up to link her hand with his and encountered something squishy. She curled her hand around it, pulled it off her face, and looked at it. Adelia shrieked in horror as she instinctively threw the slug that had been crawling on her face across the room. She was able to make out what it was from the sunlight trying to shine through the high windows she hadn’t noticed earlier. Not much light trickled in because the windows were so dirty. She looked frantically around trying to get her bearings. As she brushed something from her left leg, she realized that she wasn’t wearing the baby doll pajamas she’d gone to bed in. Now she had on some type of frilly party dress.

What the fuck is going on? Where am I? , she thought, as she brushed something off her arm trying to hold back her screams.

The door began to rattle and she turned towards it gasping in fear. The second she turned, the noise stopped. She scrutinized the door closely. Not sure how long she stood watching, she turned away when nothing more happened. The rattling started again. It was like someone was shaking the door knob trying to get in. She faced the door again, only to have it stop once more. She cautiously moved closer to the door. About three feet from it, the noise started again more forcefully than before. Adelia literally jumped two feet straight up screaming in terror. Her feet slipped on the slimly floor and she went down on one knee. Bracing her hands, she pushed herself to her feet, shaking her hands and wiping them on the party dress to get the muck off. Her gaze never left the door. As she watched, the door began to ripple and move. She blinked positive she hadn’t seen the door move like that. Staring harder at the door, she still had the impression it was moving. Then it stopped. Almost immediately, Adelia felt another presence in the room. She opened her mouth to scream when she heard whispered directly behind her…

No one will hear you…

She didn’t think she just bolted for the door, slipping and sliding the whole way. She grabbed the handle and tugged trying to get the door to open. It didn’t budge. She pounded on it with both fists, yelling for help as tears streamed down her face. Adelia pulled her arms back intending to strike the door again when what felt like hands closed around her wrists stopping her. She looked at her wrists but nothing was there. Yet when she tried she couldn’t move her arms. As she watched, her arms were made to move until they were flush against the door. The touch felt like tiny pin pricks against her skin and where she felt the touch, her skin was ice cold. Once, she’d had a spider crawling on her arm. She remembered the pricking sensation as it made its way from her wrist to her elbow. She’d frantically brushed it away screeching in horror the whole time. Only this time, there was nothing to brush away. There was just the awareness of being touched, being violated and no way to stop it.

Her arms were moved together until whatever it was could grasp both of her wrists in one of its hands. She watched her arms being stretched so high her toes barely touched the cold, slippery floor. She felt pain explode in her shoulders as she felt a body press hers into the hard wooden door. She felt it grinding against her back causing bile to rise in her throat. She shuddered as its hot breath blew against her neck. After pushing against her so hard that she cried out, the pressure let up as it moved away from her. The hand not holding her wrists wrapped around her pulling her back against its front. She watched in revulsion as invisible fingers clawed at the pretty party dress she wore leaving tears in the material and scratches on her delicate skin. Her whole body began to shake as she pled with whatever held her.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered, her voice trembling. She barely got the words out. Her mind racing as it thought of ways she could escape.

I won’t need to. You’ll come to me in your own time. There is no escape.

She froze when she realized it was responding to her thoughts and not just her words. It finished ripping the dress to shreds. When it was a tattered mess, barely hanging on her body, it tossed her roughly onto the old stained mattress.

You’re not ready for me.

While she lay there shivering from reaction as much as the cold, she felt the heaviness in the room dissipate. She realized with a start that whatever she just encountered was now gone. Adelia drew her knees into her body and wrapped her arms around her legs. She held herself as tight as she could despite the pain in her shoulders. She wasn’t aware when she fell asleep.

She awoke with a gasping breath thinking it all just a dream. She blinked her eyes open expecting to see her room. Instead she saw the same dank cellar from before. Glancing down her body, her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the new party dress she wore.

She had no idea how long she was there. She wasn’t sure that every time she woke up another day had passed. But every time she did wake up it was the same thing. She wore a new party dress and eventually the door rattled followed by it touching her and tearing the dress to shreds on her body. It never did more than that. Always throwing her to the mattress telling her she wasn’t ready yet.

When she woke to the seventh new party dress, something was different. At first she didn’t register the extra light coming into the room because it was so faint. Her eyes drawn to the source, her breath caught when she realized the door was slightly ajar. Sensing a trap, Adelia nevertheless moved cautiously toward the door. She tried to peer through the opening only to have the door swing wide when she leaned against it. That made no sense considering how heavy the door appeared. Her slight touch should not have moved it at all much less as much as it did. She knew she was giving it what it wanted, but she had to do all she could to survive, so she ran surprised to see another door standing open at the end of a short hallway. She stumbled through the door only to find herself in what appeared to be a dark forest. She lived nowhere near a forest. Where was she?

It didn’t matter. Adelia ran like never before.

So now she was trying to catch her breath and not get caught. She saw some moss on the tree she’d been clinging to. Wasn’t moss supposed to grow on the north side of a tree? Or was it west? Hell if she could remember. And even if she could, it wouldn’t do her any good since she had absolutely no idea where she was. Her breathing under control, she took a look around. It was dark, but her eyes were adjusting to it. She could make out nothing but the trees and vegetation surrounding her. She could hear the different sounds the creatures inhabiting the woods made. She tried not to think about it too hard. She needed a way out. She wanted to go home. She took off again, not wanting stay still for too long. She knew it was still around. She could feel it watching her. Playing with her in a game of cat and mouse she knew she had no hope of winning. But she had to try. Adelia was a fighter. She wasn’t going to give up easily.

Run all you want. There is no escape. I’ll catch you when you’re ready.

Adelia stumbled and fell to the ground as the words exploded in her head. Holy shit, she thought. What the hell is this thing? It knows what I’m thinking and can project its own thoughts into my head.

Before she could get herself together, she felt it grab her foot, pulling her back towards it. She kicked out violently and scrambled to her feet taking off again like a shot. She could hear her dress ripping as it caught on a branch. It just laughed in her mind. She turned to look behind her, and tripped over a tree root pitching forward. She fell to her knees. She heard twigs snapping and leaves crunching as it closed in on her. She clambered up and took off again. The faster she ran, the nearer it got. Until she could feel its clawed fingers brushing her nape as it tried to grab her. She wrenched away only to be pushed from behind into a tree. Before she could even think about moving it was pressed to her back. Bracing her hands on the tree she pushed back trying to throw it off. She heard its laughter in her mind. It pressed her harder into the tree.

You ruined your pretty dress. Tsk tsk, it scolded. Bad girl. Gonna have to punish you.

Before she could take her next breath, it spun her around pulling her tight against it. Even though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the pinpricks of its fingers on her. While the touch left her skin cold and goose bumpy where it touched, its breath was hot and moist as it washed over her. She shuddered in fear. Her terror increasing as she heard it lick its lips and the words, Tasty morsel, were forced into her head. Her horror became complete when its tongue snaked out to run up her neck. It left a slick, slimy trail of slobber in its wake. It laughed softly in her head at her revulsion. Her knees went weak when she heard it smacking its lips in pleasure. Mmmmmm, made its way into her mind.

Adelia could feel its head next to hers. She didn’t know how but she knew its mouth was open. After another smack it blew putrid air into her ear just to watch another shudder make its way down her body. It laughed out loud this time, throwing its head back in its mirth. It reveled in her fear. As its head came back down, spittle dripped from its mouth. She looked down to see a line of drool—it was too thick to be sweat—making a path down her chest. Also sweat is clear and this substance had a yellow mucous type of color to it. Her eyes widened and she recoiled in disgust as it slid beneath the front of what was left of her dress. It was as if it had a life of its own. It seemed to know where it was and what it was doing. She could feel it continue to slide beneath her dress and seem to expand when it reached her breast. Her stomach heaved as she felt it wrap around her nipple and squeeze. She started to double over as she lost what little there was in her stomach. Her momentum was stopped as the icy arms wrapped around her kept her upright. Unidentifiable particles and mostly bile came from her mouth, running down her chin and dribbling onto the front of what was once a pretty party dress.

Adelia was frozen not only in fear but also by its arms around her. She completely lost the use of her legs, its arms the only thing stopping her from dropping to the ground when she felt its tongue licking at her lips, chin, and all over trying to get everything she expelled. It wanted all of her. The most terrifying part was that its chin was resting on top of her head the entire time its tongue consumed her puke. Its arms tightened around her as if trying to squeeze the last little bit from her stomach. Its tongue swept down her body licking at her. It seemed to be everywhere at once. She felt it on her quivering stomach, then across her thighs. It swept up and down her legs. She felt it between her toes, under her arms, across her face. It left behind a slick, slimy trail on every part of her body it touched. When she felt it flicking between her legs, something clicked in her mind and she began to struggle in its arms. Tears fell in a steady stream down her face. As pitiful and useless as her struggles were, its tongue stopped and wound its way up her body. She gagged when she felt it on her face consuming her tears.

All of you belongs to me.

Gathering the last bit of her strength, Adelia took a breath and opened her mouth to scream. Before a sound could emerge, she felt its tongue force its way into her mouth twisting and thrusting in its distorted version of a kiss. The rancid taste and smell caused her stomach to contract forcing more bile up her esophagus. Before it could reach her throat and spill out, she felt the tongue push its way down her throat and into her esophagus sucking and swallowing what it saw as an offering. Adelia’s eyes widened as she tried to take a breath and couldn’t. It was choking the life from her. She could still feel it twisting and turning in her mouth, down her throat and beyond. She started to feel dizzy and light headed from lack of oxygen. Adelia’s body went limp in its arms. She struggled to stay conscious but it was hard. This was it. This was how her life ended.

Not yet.

Adelia bolted up out of a dead sleep. She glanced frantically around trying to make sense of her surroundings as she struggled out of the nightmare she’d been trapped in. Her heart raced, sweat soaked her baby doll pajamas, and her hair was in wild disarray around her face. Stray strands stuck to her face and shoulders. She slowly got her bearings and tried to calm her panting breaths. Though the room was dark, she recognized that she was in her bedroom. As she came back to herself and started shaking off the remnants of that terrifying dream, she realized she was whispering repeatedly, “I’m not dead. Just a dream. I’m not dead. Just a dream. A dream. I’m not dead. Not dead. Not dead. I’m alive, alive…”

“Not for long.” A voice came from the darkness. She thought it was still part of the nightmare until she saw the dark clad figure emerge from the shadows and move to the foot of her bed. The stranger had on a black ski mask to match the rest of his clothing. His eyes were so light and bright they seemed to glitter as he watched her closely. Her mind hadn’t completely shaken off the nightmare so she was slow to react. She opened her mouth to scream only to stop when the stranger held up one finger and shook it back and forth.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he said. “No screaming.”

That’s when she noticed the knife in one of his hands and the duct tape and rope in the other. Her mind seized in new horror as she knew without a doubt that her real nightmare was just beginning. Adelia recalled the news story she’d watched before going to bed. It was all about the serial rapist and murderer that had been plaguing the city for the last eighteen months. So far the killer had claimed twenty-one victims and unless she did something fast, she was going to be twenty-two.

He dropped the tape and rope at the end of her bed as he moved towards her. She never got the chance to do anything. He was on the bed, grabbing a fistful of her pajama top before she could react. She opened her mouth to beg for her life, but nothing came out because he drew back his fist and punched her in the face, knocking her semi unconscious. She was too dazed to fight him as he moved her into the position he wanted. Her bed was a queen sized four posters and she came fully awake when she felt him grab her legs, jerking her toward the bottom of the bed. Her arms could only go so far because he had them tied to each post attached to the headboard. She cried out in pain as she heard something pop as her left shoulder was yanked from its socket. He roughly secured each of her feet to the bottom posts. She was tied so tight she could barely move.

He climbed back onto her bed from the bottom and crawled toward her. He stopped when he was hanging over her, looking into her frightened eyes. Adelia started to plead with him, begging for him to let her go. He backhanded her across the face. “I said, ‘No talking’, bitch!” He moved to straddle her and reached behind himself getting the duct tape. He pulled off a piece and slapped it over her mouth. “There. Now we can have some fun.” His smile was not nice.

He brushed the hair from her face and cupped her cheek almost lovingly. “Be a good girl so we can play.” He picked the knife up and moved down her body slicing her pajamas open as he went. He cut the top off her and watched as she squirmed trying to get away. There was nowhere to go. He smirked at her helplessness. He sat the knife down beside him and used both hands to caress her breasts. He squeezed and manipulated them, his eyes gleaming as he watched his hands move on her body. She shook her head back and forth and tried to buck him off of her. But she was tied too tight to make any impact. He took the first finger and thumbs of each hand and pinched and twisted her nipples forcefully. Adelia tried to cry out in pain but the sound stayed trapped inside her impeded by the duct tape. He used his hold on her to lift her breasts from her body until she was forced to arch her back in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain. He let her go and she sunk back into her bed. Tears ran down the sides of her face and into her hair mixing with the sweat already there.

He moved further down her body, picking up the knife as he went. When he straddled her lower legs, he cut the bottoms from her body. The way he had her splayed spread eagle left her body open to him. She trembled in fear. She knew what he was going to do her. While the news reports hadn’t told the entire graphic truth, her boyfriend was not only a police detective, but he was also on the task force assigned to capture the serial killer. A couple of months ago when she was at his house, he went to pick up their dinner. He left his office unlocked and curiosity got the better of her. She went snooping and found reports and pictures that she wished she’d never seen. The brutality of what he did to his victims before and after death was something she had yet to erase from her memory. Now it all came back to her in horrifying detail. This monster liked to draw things out and keep his victims alive to torture as long as possible. Then when he finally killed them, the things he did to their corpses afterwards was something no one needed in their heads. Unfortunately for her, she knew what was coming.

He rose from the bed and stood beside it never taking his eyes from her body. She watched as he removed the leather gloves he was wearing to reveal a thin pair of latex gloves beneath. Her eyes widened in renewed horror. She started wiggling and squirming in a renewed effort to get away.

“These make it feel like my hands are actually touching your skin. Unfortunately I can’t actually touch you. I wouldn’t want to leave any pesky stray evidence for the cops to find.” He looked her in the eyes. “Like your boyfriend.” He saw the confusion in her eyes. “Why do you think I chose you? I know it’s a risk killing the girlfriend of the cop in charge of catching me. But think of the fear it will inspire. If I can get to you, people will know that no one is safe. I am all powerful. I can get to anyone.”

With those words he leaned over her and latched onto one of her breasts sucking hard and biting the nipple. He ran his tongue all over her until he reached her other breast treating it the same way he did the other one. He stood up and saw her body was slick and wet where his tongue had been. “Don’t worry. I’ll wipe it off before I leave.” He walked back to the foot of the bed leaned over and began running his latex covered hands up and down her legs, her skin tingling where ever he touched. He crawled onto the bed between her legs. He looked at the core of her, her pubic curls damp from the moisture leaking from between her folds.

His lips curled into a sneer. “You are such a bad girl. Pretending you don’t really want me when I can see you’re all wet and ready for me. Too bad for you this won’t be easy. I want you to feel everything I do to you in what little time you have left.” He picked up the sheet and used it to wipe the moisture from between her legs. “There. That’s better,” he said. “Now you can really feel me.” He took three fingers and violently shoved them into her body. She froze as the pain washed over her. She tried screaming again, but the duct tape stopped all but the faintest of whimpers. Over and over he moved his fingers in and out of her body as roughly as he could. He even curled his fingers so that he could scratch and dig at her insides.

Adelia didn’t know how long he kept up the abuse, but when he finally stopped and pulled his fingers from her body, he raised his hand so she could see the blood glistening on them. She closed her eyes and turned her head away when she saw him lifting his fingers to his mouth. He straddled her body and used his other hand to grasp her jaw tightly forcing her head back around. “Open your eyes and watch or it will be much worse.” So Adelia, her will completely broken at this point, watched as he licked his fingers clean of her blood.

Adelia could feel her lungs becoming restricted. It was getting harder for her to breathe. And it was only partly because he was resting his weight on her. He smiled his evil smile at her as he rose up onto his knees. He reached into his pocket pulling something out and tossing it on the bed. She turned her head and saw the condom. Bile rose in her throat as she thought about what was coming. She did her best to force it back down so she wouldn’t asphyxiate on her own vomit. She could only lie there helplessly and watch as he unbuttoned his pants and slid his zipper down. His dick came flopping out as the material parted. It was long, thick, and hard. She watched as he grabbed the condom, opened it and smoothed it down his length. He ran his hand up and down himself, using his free hand to cup his egg shaped balls. He moved further up her body and smacked his cock against her duct tape covered lips. The added weight of him on her chest hampered her breathing even more. He took his hand and placed it at the edge of the duct tape preparing to tear it from her face. “No teeth or I will knock every one of them out of your head.” With that he ripped the tape off. A slight scream emerged from her but there was no real power behind. She was taking gulping breaths as it was trying to get air into her lungs.

He clutched her hair forcing her head back causing her mouth to open. He took himself in hand and started feeding his dick down her throat. He kept it just inside her mouth at first, moving it around only to pull it out and run it along her lips. After a few minutes he shoved is dick in her mouth and down her throat as far as he could, choking her. Her eyes watered and spit and drool seeped from the sides of her mouth as he continued to make her blow him. This was one of the things he loved the most. Watching the bitches choke on his monster cock. The only thing he enjoyed more was sodomizing them. He took the phrase rip you a new asshole literally taking some of his greatest pleasure from the act.

He pulled his dick from her mouth. Adelia gasped, trying to take a breath. Her lips were swollen from the rough treatment. Her lungs labored to give her the oxygen she so desperately needed. Her throat swelled as he forced himself back down her throat. He was so immersed in his own pleasure and fantasies he didn’t notice at first as her throat constricted firmly around him. He went to pull out again and couldn’t because her throat was locked like a vice around him. He pulled harder and still he couldn’t withdraw his member from her mouth. Looking down he saw white foam mixed in with the slobber coming from her mouth. Holy fuck, he thought. In his panic, he wrenched his dick from her mouth so forcefully that her teeth scraped his skin as they tore through the latex.

“You fucking bitch!” he yelled. “I told you no goddamn teeth!” He pulled back his arm, fist ready to punch her again when he froze. He noticed that her body was jerking sporadically over and over. He looked up in time to see her eyes rolling back in her head. A memory long suppressed came to the forefront of his mind and he realized she was having a seizure. When he was a little boy his older brother had been an epileptic. He remembered how terrified watching his brother seize made him. All of the fear he experienced as a young child came rushing back with a vengeance. He grabbed his knife, tape and what was left of the rope and fled. In his haste, he left behind the condom wrapper and his saliva on her skin. The coroner would also find faint traces of his skin particles in the microscopic grooves of her teeth.

What the killer didn’t know, couldn’t know was that Adelia had a severe allergy to latex. His touching her and forcing his latex covered cock down her throat started her allergic reaction sending her into anaphylaxis shock. She lay there twitching every so often and taking wheezing breaths into her body. While part of her mind was glad he couldn’t finish what he started, another part struggled to accept that she was dying. Tied as she was, she couldn’t get to her epi-pen to stop the reaction. Tears leaked from her eyes as her breathing continued to be more labored with each one she fought to take.

You’re ready for me now. I told you there is no escape. There is no outrunning me. I win every time.

Death’s malevolent chuckle was the last thing Adelia heard.

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