The End As We Know It

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The Plan

Doc, I, and the rest of our pack now reside in an old library. We make it back just before dark, and are greeted with some interesting news from one of the hunters. His group discovered a decent size pack of Breathers who are taking shelter in a church on the outskirts of town. Upon discovering them, they had wanted to move in right away and begin feeding, but the more they surveyed the scene; they realized that was a bad idea. They were far too outnumbered. There were only five of them, and at least fifteen Breathers. So, they reluctantly resisted the urge to eat, and decided it was best to retreat.

Doc had assumed the leader position from day one, so it was mainly to him in which the hunter spoke. During his childlike speech, he told Doc that we should all go to the church. There were more of us than there were of them, and they would be completely caught off guard. Yes, they had weapons, and yes, there would be casualties, but it would be for the greater good of the pack.

Doc stood motionless as the hunter slowly spoke his peace. The hunter had a point, and there were some of us that hadn’t eaten in weeks. Living survivors were far and few between these days. A feast of this magnitude could sustain us for quite some time. But it was risky. There was always a chance that the living would prevail, and wipe out the entire pack. Either way, we needed to do something. Doc knew it just as well as I did. “We go… tonight” Doc’s voice had long since faded, and he was left with crackling whisper. I look up at him and give him a nod of validation. He nudges me, and then goes to watch the sun set.

Before long, it’s time to head out. Doc and I hang back as the others shuffle out of the library. It occurred to me that we might not make it back here. I’m not alive, but I’m also not ready to give up. The thought of dying for good conjures something within me. I look up at Doc “Scaaared” I whisper. “Be… okay” he reassures me. We’re now the only two left in the library. He nudges me, signaling me that it’s time to go. I follow him out into the starless night and we join our undead army.

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