The End As We Know It

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The Attack

I assume we’ve been walking for hours. No one speaks as we creep through the woods in pursuit of the church. My belly is aching again. I unknowingly bring my hand up to it as I shuffle along. Doc notices, and places his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me. Just as I turn to gaze up at him, he squeezes my shoulder. I’m confused until I look ahead and see a small, jutting structure in the clearing. The church. All of us halt for a moment before pressing on. I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing. For some of us, our end comes tonight.

As we surround the church, Doc nudges one of the weaker hunters. He knows how hungry he is, and with hunger comes desperation. “Go… Door”. Nice, Doc. He knows the hunter won’t question his order. The sluggish hunter obeys, and shuffles up to the chapel doors. He brings his fists up and clumsily begins to pound on them. We hang back, and listen to the stirring and frantic voices coming from within the church. As the doors open, our bait hunter immediately takes a bullet to the head, and his decrepit body crumples to the ground. That’s all the opportunity we need. We rush forward, and Doc grabs the man at the door, tossing him aside as food for the weak ones. Once inside the church the smell is intoxicating. I haven’t been around this much life since the hospital. I’m not sure where to begin eating, until I hear a distinctive sound in between the gunfire. I turn to my left and notice a young woman crouching between the pews. The baby in her arms shrieks terribly as his fellow Breathers are being torn apart around him. I advance on them, moving as quickly as I can. I’m not about to give up this delicacy. She clutches the baby tightly to her breast, while she frantically kicks at the air in front of me. I claw at her legs, as her foot makes contact with my torso, sending me flying backwards. She wasn’t making this easy. Just as I’m about to go in for a second attempt, Doc appears behind her, and grabs her hair, catching her off guard. I immediately take advantage of his action, and snatch the baby out of the shocked woman’s arms. Doc still has the woman by the hair as he bites a chunk out of her right cheek. My hero. I lay the screaming infant down on the nearest pew, and sink my teeth into his soft, tiny belly. He’s merely an appetizer. He flails around briefly, and gurgles a bit before going limp.

Suddenly, I feel something pierce my right shoulder. Before I get a chance to duck down, I’m struck again in the neck. Doc looks up from the woman, and immediately charges in the direction of the gunman. It’s an amazing stroke of luck that the bullet that hit me in the neck was his last. As he frantically tries to reload, Doc is on him before he knows what hit him. He goes in for the kill as he tears out his jugular, then quickly guts him before his heart stops pumping.

I stand and up observe the massacre that’s happening around me. It again reminds me of the hospital. Bodies are strewn all over, most of them are Breathers. The tiny chapel is splattered wall to wall and pew to pew with blood. The scent mixed with the chaos is invigorating. I look toward the altar and my gaze fixes upon a man repeatedly stabbing one of us in the head. All of the Breathers are preoccupied with either killing or dying, so no one takes notice of me creeping up behind him. I take him by surprise as I grab his neck and chomp into it. He reaches around and grabs a handful of my hair, but it peels loose from my scalp. He shakes it out of his hand and attempts to grab me again, but this time I bite into his eye, blinding him. He howls and scoots away from me, one hand on his neck and the other over his eye. Nice try. He knows he’s fucked. I’m on him before he can think another thought.

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