Revelations Two

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Chapter One:

“We’re getting ready to take off Jennifer!” Damon started the plane’s engine.

“Got it!” Jennifer yelled back and put a seatbelt across Jeremy. “We’re ready.” She reached the cockpit and closed the door. This was going to be a long flight back to the states. The plane inched forward and Jennifer sat down. She looked out the window and sighed, the snow was beautiful. It was like a dream, she closed her. Too bad it held a terrible secret.

Twelve Years Before…

The snow blew past her, she could feel it on her face, the bitter cold. Jennifer opened her eyes and shivered, there was no end to the white abyss ahead of her. Her feet ached, the blisters that had formed on her feet were now popped, leaving a trail of dark crimson behind her as she ran. Her whole body was numb and slowly the life would drain out of her, she would eventually succumb to the fate of the others that she had known. Jennifer felt the tears on her cheek frost over as the brutal wind slapped her in the face repeatedly, it was her punishment for leaving. The sound of the dogs broke the peaceful atmosphere.

“Jennifer!” The voice boomed, echoing in the white blur of a sky. It was him. Jennifer continued to run forward, she couldn’t stop now. She made out an outline in the snowy atmosphere; it was a house, maybe some kind cabin. Jennifer pushed herself and soon made it to the cabin.

The door to the cabin closed slowly as she stalked inside slowly. The darkness swallowed her as she took up a spot behind a toppled wooden table. The sound of the dogs drew closer, three men approached the desolate cabin.

“You think she’s actually in there?” One man asked, he stood to the left of the boss. The boss shot a glare at him and he sighed, “I guess so…”

The boss spoke gently and calm, “Go get her for me…”

The two soldiers looked at each other and walked towards the door with the dogs, snarls emitted from their jaws. The first soldier opened the door and the two dogs were set loose. There was a mixture of barking, growling and snarling for a couple minutes before it went silent. The two soldiers glanced at each other, the boss growled at them.

“Go get her body!” They looked back at the boss and raised their flashlights, walking in. The boss exhaled, his breath forming a cloud in the air. Gunshots cracked from inside the cabin. The boss watched, and called out. “Did you get her?” There was no response. The boss grumbled and pulled his revolver out, walking into the cabin. A single gunshot rang out, followed by a painful groan. Jennifer ran out the cabin, breathing heavily. Jennifer gripped the hilt of a knife and felt the cold snow, burn against her blisters.

She cried out and continued to run, she had no injuries. There was loud groan as the boss stepped out of the cabin, “You!” He raised the revolver and held his right eye with his left hand, blood dripped down his cheek. He swayed slightly, his aim was off. Jennifer continued to run, a shot rang out and she cried out in pain. She hit the ground, it was soft, the snow bled crimson. The man stumbled over and kneeled over her, pulling her hair back so she looked up at him. “Not yet dear…” His eye was just a hole, blood dripped from the wound. He pet her head with the barrel of his gun, “Shh… be Quiet…” Jennifer couldn’t move, the breaths escaped ragged and heavy. Her vision faded. The warmth of the plane surrounded her once more. Twelve years ago; they killed her family, kidnapped her and forced her to do their bidding. At the age of fourteen, Jennifer acquired the name ‘Quiet’ due to her reputation and assassination of the world’s top targets. Now that she was eighteen, she worried less about Crypt hunting her down. Jennifer opened her eyes and yawned, she hadn’t slept in days, in fact this was the first time she actually felt safe and relaxed. That hadn’t been achievable for a while. Jennifer looked to her left, Jeremy was still out cold. Too bad, she thought, she could use someone to talk to.

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