Revelations Two

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Chapter Two:

James and Julia looked around the corner, James nodded and they both stepped out cautiously. The group had split up to cover more ground; Parker had gone with Mia and Alexa decided to go alone. Julia lowered her shotgun and let James take lead, the hallway was empty, despite the many Crypt operatives that had boarded the ship.

“You think Alexa will be okay?” Julia looked around at the closed doors around them.

James smiled, “She can take care of herself dear…” Even though he said this, there was a twinge of doubt inside his mind.

They continued down the hall quietly, they had seen Crypt operatives everywhere. James pointed towards a door at the end of the hall. Julia nodded and leaned close to the door as they approached it. James took four steps to the back and kneeled down, aiming his rifle at the door. Julia knocked and heard the talking inside cease.

“Who’s there?” The voice was husky.

There was silence, then a woman spoke up, “Just leave it. If they needed us, they would’ve come in.”

“What if…” The man had started to protest.

“Leave it.” She snapped before he could continue. “I’m going downstairs, no one gets through this door without authorization.” The woman exited the room from a different door.

Julia opened the door slowly, taking her pistol out, her shotgun was perched against the wall. The man inside was checking a PDA of some sort. Julia raised her pistol, the sights focused on his head as she fired a round. The operative’s head cocked back as the bullet struck and he crumpled to the ground. The PDA slid out of his hand and hit the ground. Julia looked back at James and nodded, the two of them proceeded into the room slowly. James closed the door behind them, Julia had pointed to a door on the right. “There’s the other exit.”

James looked around the tables and picked up a sheet of paper, examining it.

“Come on James.” Julia grabbed the door handle.

“It’s the lower deck…” James stuffed the paper in his vest pocket.

“What about it James?” Julia glanced back at him, opening the door.

James walked past her and spoke softly, his voice filled with anger. “The ship wasn’t attacked and infected…” He looked back at Jill, his eyes burned with hatred, “…the ship is the virus.”

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