Revelations Two

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Chapter Three:

Alexa looked down into the square opening, the lines of the metal vent cover obscured some of her view.

“Cyprus insists that we stick together. No more squadrons.”

She saw an operative walk past the opening, there were at least five personnel beneath her in this room. Alexa looked through her vest, she had a sound cannon and a few different types of grenades. An explosive was dangerous on a ship. Alexa put her pistol in its holster and grabbed her rifle from the other side of the opening, “Here goes nothing…”

Another operative walked underneath the vent, “This wouldn’t have happened if you kept watch!”

“Bullshit!” There was an operative seated in a small, single-person sofa. He took his helmet off.

Alexa took the vent cover off carefully and put two earplugs in. There were two others somewhere in the room, but they were also distracted. Alexa heard the first operative walk by and dropped down, wrapping her legs around his neck. As she landed on his shoulders, Alexa fired three rounds into the lounging operative. She heard guns cock behind her and twisted around. The first operative’s neck snapped and Alexa let herself fall back, she rolled off and onto her knees as the guns started to fire. The body provided a shield for a short duration before it fell. Alexa had already grabbed the sound cannon and aimed, it charged up, a high pitched whine emitting as it charged up. She watched the bar rise, it indicated the intensity of the sound blast. Alexa saw her shield fall, she pulled the trigger and a devastating boom emitted. Different sets of glass shattered, the two operatives covered their ears and cried out. Alexa put the gadget away and slid the earplugs out. She walked over and slipped her pistol out, she killed the one operative on the right and grabbed the other one. She holstered her pistol and took out her knife.

“Listen up.” Alexa glared at the female operative. “We can do this my way, or you can cooperate.”

The woman’s ears were bleeding, but she seemed to understand, she nodded quickly.

“What is Crypt doing here?” Alexa clenched her knife.

“Virus shipment…” The woman answered quickly.

Alexa thought for a minute then demanded her to explain. The woman nodded, she was clearly frightened, “It’s a mutation virus. We are shipping it into Florida. It takes the form of a clear substance that has little to no taste.”

Alexa tilted her head, “Why Florida?”

“This ship is assigned to Florida… It’s the ship’s assignment.” The woman inhaled shakily.

“There’s more than one ship…” Alexa thought out loud.

“One for each state with a shore.”

Alexa looked down to hide her horrified expression. That was at least twenty states. “You’re a sick person…” Alexa looked at the woman, enraged.

“No no no…” The woman protested, “Please wait… I can help you!”

Alexa looked at the woman, “How?”

“I-I can take you to the virus hub… I have access.” The woman pulled an ID card.

Alexa looked at it, “Listen… if you try anything… I will put this…” Alexa pulled a grenade out, “… in a place you can’t even imagine.”

The woman’s eyes widened and she nodded. Alexa put the grenade back on the chain and started to put one of the other operative’s suits on.

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