Revelations Two

By ChaseRamirez99 All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Action

Chapter Four:

Jennifer sat up and yawned softly, stretching. The plane had stopped moving, “Damon?” She got out of the seat.

“Freeze… I don’t wanna have to shoot!”

Jennifer turned around and groaned. “Jeremy, put it down…” She groaned softly, and rolled her eyes.

Jeremy laughed, “Ha! Now you want to talk. Quiet!”

“We’re on the same team you idiot. Damon!” Jennifer called for Damon who was most likely in the cockpit.

Damon walked out of the lavatory, “What?” He saw Jeremy and then at Jennifer, who shrugged.

“Damon watch out!” Jeremy pointed at Jennifer with his rifle.

“She’s with us.: Damon rolled his eyes.

“She brainwashed you?!” Jeremy’s eyes widened.

“N-no! What the hell?” Damon glared at Jeremy in disbelief. “Put the gun down!”

“I swear…” Jennifer wiped her face, “If you freakin shoot me…”

Jeremy stepped back, “I’ll do it!”

“Dammit Jeremy!” Damon groaned.

Jennifer yawned and walked towards Jeremy, “Okay look-…”

The rifle went off and Jennifer fell back. Damon stared at Jennifer’s body, his mouth wide open.

“I got her!” Jeremy was grinning ear to ear.

“Oh sh-…” Damon ran over, “She was working with us!”

Jeremy lowered his gun, “…you weren’t joking…?”

“Why the hell would I joke about that?!” Damon yelled, Jennifer wasn’t responding.

“Awww man!” Jeremy ran over and kneeled down.

“See what you did?!” Damon checked for a heartbeat, there was nothing. “You freaking killed her!” Jeremy looked down, Damon saw a blur and jumped back, “What?” Jennifer’s fist hit Jeremy square in the face. He fell back, once more he was knocked out.

Jennifer sat up and looked up at Damon, “He hit the seat…” Damon looked over at the seat to his right and saw the bullet hole. She was right. “Oh and the heartbeat thing…? It’s just a trick I learned in training.” Damon nodded, he was speechless. Jennifer got up slowly and picked Jeremy up with Damon’s help. “So where exactly are we?”

“Headquarters.” Damon grinned, “Prepare for awesomeness.”

Jennifer giggled, “I’ll try.”

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