Revelations Two

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Chapter Five:

Alexa followed the woman down the stairs, the vault was close. The two reached the vault and the woman swiped her card in the reader, there was a beep and the door unlocked. The woman opened it and Alexa stepped inside.

“Holy…” Alexa looked around in horror, the woman closed the vault door after entering.

“This is the hub.” The woman walked around the vault. There were vials everywhere, had to be hundreds.

Alexa shook her head, “How do we destroy it?”

“It’s not that simple….” The woman answered, “It’s airborne and spreads quickly through contact. We can’t destroy them or the fumes will infect us as well.”

“There’s no failsafe?!” Alexa argued.

“There is…” The woman nodded. “We all go down.”

Alexa looked over at the woman who broke a vial in her hand. “H-hey!” Alexa yelled and un-holstered her pistol.

The woman smirked, “Oops…” She grabbed another vial and drank the substance.

Alexa stared in shock, “This is one crazy son of a…” The woman laughed and threw a vial towards Alexa, Alexa caught it and placed it down. She couldn’t risk another one breaking. Alexa looked at the vault, she had to get out. She aimed her pistol and shot the woman in the head. She grabbed the woman’s ID card and opened the vault door. “Crisis avoided.” Alexa closed the vault door. “Whew…” She thought for a minute, but the pathogen is airborne. She couldn’t have been in there long enough to contract it…

“Alexa!” James ran over and looked her over. “You found it!”

“We can’t go in…” Alexa looked at her brother.

“Wait… why?” Julia soon joined them, “Is it locked?”

“It’s airborne… and when I was in there… a woman broke the vial and digested another… but she’s dead.” Alexa added.

“So what can we do?” James asked.

“Stop the ship.” Alexa answered. Alexa received a call on her headset and answered. “This is Alexa…”

“Alexa, we need you in the banquet hall.” It was Parker.

The three turned and ran back up the stairs, they reached the top and went through the door. “What is it?” Alexa saw Parker.

“Land…” Parker looked exhausted. “Mia wants us to get to the control room to stop the ship, she’s overridden the controls and is waiting on the bow of the ship.

“Then let’s go!” Julia ran to the main stairwell, she was followed by the other three. The four agents ran down the stairs and finally reached the door. “So much running…” Julia panted.

Parker opened the door, “You three keep watch for Crypt.” Parker ran inside and closed the door behind him.

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