Revelations Two

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Chapter Six:

Damon looked through the files on the USB-Drive. Surprisingly, Jeremy was able to access more files than just the footage, which had already been sent to Charles.

“What’re we looking for?” Jennifer watched as he switched between multiple windows.

“Anything.” Damon answered simply. Jennifer looked at the screen and shook her head, too much work, she wasn’t a computer person. She stood up and walked outside of the office, the building was packed. Agents swarmed in and out, there were red dots all over a giant map of the world, potential Crypt bases. The ones that were verified were in blue, while ones that were destroyed were in green. She couldn’t wait to get in on the action. “James Velasquez, come in!” Damon yelled into his headset, Jennifer heard him and walked back into the office.

“We have an issue…” Damon continued, “Mia is with you guys, correct?” Damon typed rapidly on his laptop, verifying the document was official and not a fake. “What do you mean, ‘on the deck’?”

Jennifer looked at the computer screen and raised an eyebrow. Mia was a double agent.

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