Doll House

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Meet Emily, she was born with a slight problem, as she got older she seemed to have anger control issues. When her parents told her no she would get angry, so angry that she would lash out at her parents at times slapping her mother and spitting in her father’s face. Her parents proceeded cautiously around her; they tried their best not to make their little girl mad. Giving her dolls was the way they would calm her down.

Emily seemed to have an obsession with dolls, so much so she dressed liked one all the time. She would put bows in her hair and wears a dress with polka dots, and would walk around smiling like her dolls. This odd behavior got the attention of her classmates who would make fun of her. This set the stage for Emily’s anger to control how she would react to the taunting of the classmates. Emily’s anger brought about screams and then attacks on those who choose to taunt her. One day a classmate made fun of Emily’s bows and Emily responded by stabbing the kid with a pencil in his arm. The school had enough so they called Emily’s parents to come pick up their daughter. When her parents arrived at school they didn’t react to what was being said, they calmly took their daughter home and played with her. When Emily turned twelve her obsessions with dolls intensified and her anger quicken.

For years now Emily would always asked her parents to play with her, for fear of angering her, the parents never told her no. Emily wanting to play was different it seemed to be an endless request of asking day and night. On Emily’s thirteenth birthday her father was off from work but her mother wasn’t. Her mother had to work late at the hospital; Emily felt angered thinking that her mother didn’t want to spend any time with her. So when her mother finally came home Emily asked her mother to play with her wearing her new dress that her father had bought. Usually Emily’s mom would say yes but she didn’t that night. When her mother told her no, Emily went into a rage where she started to scream, kick and spit, and then Emily tried to

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