Doll House

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persuade her mother by promising if she played with her she would give her whatever she wanted. Her mother still refused. As her mother started upstairs to change Emily ran into the kitchen and found a butcher knife and started to run up the stairs after her mother. When Emily reached her mother she stabbed her in the back. Emily’s mother screamed in pain as she tumbled down the steps breaking her neck at the bottom. Her father was horrified; he couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. Emily told her father that mother didn’t want to play with her anymore. Emily’s father stood in front of his wife lifeless body and started to think should he call the police, but he couldn’t call the police on his little girl. Her father elects to pick Emily’s dead mother up and buries her in the Louisiana swamp. Not wanting to bring about questions Emily’s father only had one option, to leave their home and move deeper in the swamp.Nine years goes by as Emily and her father live in isolation deep in the swamp.

Emily is twenty-two, but she still has the mental capacity of a six year old. Over the years her father has been buying more dolls, playing with her every day and even built a life size doll house for them to live in. Things were going good for Emily in her mind, but her father was suffering slowly. Money was slowly disappearing so he had to start working three jobs just to keep Emily happy. With her father hardly home Emily started to get lonely, so she started wondering around the swamp eventually finding other homes. At one home she knocks on the door, an elderly man opened the door asking could he help her. Emily told him she would like to play. The man told her to go home. Emily told him that if he would play with her she would give him something. The man still refused and shut the door. Emily got angry and threw a rock through the man’s window. When he heard the window shatter he ran outside yelling. Emily snuck up behind him and threw a heavy rock at his head knocking him out. As he laid there unconscious Emily started to smash a large rock on his head. With the man lying there lifeless Emily started to skip home.

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