Doll House

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Over the next few months more people were being found murdered in their homes. The few locals in the swamp started to come together to try to find who was committing the murders. A few of the locals talk about seeing a young woman dressed in doll clothing. Some of the locals said that Emily would come by and ask to play and when they played with her she would asked them what they wanted in return. Some locals asked for they house to be cleaned, some asked to be left alone. Liked Emily promised she did what they asked. The group came to the conclusion that it had to be her. The locals came up with a plan to deal with Emily. A few days pass and Emily’s father walks in the house late from work. As he walks in the house Emily is standing in the doorway to greet him. After she does she ask him to play with her. Emily father refuses he tells her that he is not able to play with her. Emily tells him that if he plays with her she will give him anything he wants. He tells her no again and said he was sorry. Emily said ok and walks to her room. Emily’s father exhaustingly slumps down on the recliner and starts to fall asleep. As her father is sleeping Emily goes outside to her father’s shed and finds an ax. With the ax in hand Emily sneaks up behind her father and strikes him with several blows. As he screamed in agony the front door gets kicked in by the locals. They see the ax in Emily’s hand and see her father grasping for breath. With his last breath he looks at Emily and tells her he still loves her. Realizing what she has done Emily started to cry. The locals grab Emily and as they take her outside, she starts screaming for her father but knows that he is unable to help. The locals found a large rock and tied her feet to it, and as they tie her hands together. To mock Emily, a local emerged from Emily’s house holding one of Emily’s dolls. The doll was tied to Emily and she was told that she had something to take to hell with her. With Emily screaming they threw her into the swamp. The locals burned the doll house to ground and they made sure that everybody understood not to say anything.

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