Doll House

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Two months pass and one of the locals involved with Emily’s death was sitting in the kitchen reading the paper, his little girl comes in the house from playing outside all day. He asked her did he enjoy herself today, she told him she did and that she made a new friend today. With a smile on his faced he asked her what was her friend name, she told him that her name was Emily and that Emily gave her a doll just for playing with her. He looked at the doll in horror as he realized that it was the same doll he tied to Emily. He told his daughter to run upstairs and to wash up for dinner. As his daughter ran upstairs he went outside to see if someone was out there. Realizing that something was wrong he thought about calling his neighbor to tell him what was going, so he went back inside to use the phone. As he was starting to dial the number he heard his daughter laughing and talking to someone upstairs in her room. He grabbed his gun and started to run upstairs, when he arrived at his daughter’s room to his horror he saw Emily sitting on the floor with his daughter. He told his daughter to get away from Emily. Emily lunged forward and dragged him into the next to room and slammed the door behind her. The daughter heard a gunshot go off and heard her father yelling for help. Then the house went silent, the daughter stood there frozen as the door across from her slowly opened. Standing in the doorway was her father. Her father fell to the floor with a butcher knife sticking out of his back. His daughter let out a big scream and started to cry. An hour passed and the local sheriff department arrived at the house, the locals gathered outside the home and they realized that Emily had returned. Over the course of the next few weeks more locals were found murder in their homes. The last local left started to pack his thing to move. As he was about to leave his home Emily was standing at his door steps. The men started plead for his life telling Emily he would do anything she wanted if she didn’t kill him. Emily look at the man and told him she wanted to play, he agreed. After Emily was done playing with the man she said he should come back8tomorrow to play some more. The man agreed and it seemed like his life was spared. Later that night he started to leave his home. When he stepped outside his door he sees a doll, as he makes his way fully out the door he sees more dolls and then starts to hear a little girl singing. As he turns around he hears a little girl saying that all she wanted is to play. He screams as he is dragged into the swamp.

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