Vampires,Wolves and Humans. Oh my, The Tale of Tessa

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Vampires, wolves and humans, Oh my. A tale of Tessa. a young college professor, William Bergwolff is asked to interview a strange woman at a military base, hidden in the Texas desert. First in a series of stories regarding Vampires, Wolves and humans. Oh my!

Horror / Fantasy
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chapter 1

I remember our first meeting. I was going over notes for a lecture I was giving at the University for Prof. Davies. Who was on another wild goose chase for an unknown creature. when I got the call.

The next morning, I woke up early and prepared. I brewed coffee putting it in my thermos and made toast and cheese for the three-hour drive. Stephanie followed me to the door, with her hand on her pregnant belly, “be careful…” She whispered as she kissed me. “I will…” I sighed, I knelt kissing her belly, “I will be home tonight.”

“Hello…” I walked into a small interview room. She was sitting in the chair facing the wall. She didn’t say a word nor did she make any movements. The small room was white, the ceiling, the walls and the floor. A small table and two chairs placed at opposite ends, a two-way mirror for observation. I had spoken to the four observers, two men and two women. We had met before they lead me to the interview room. Madeleine greeted me. She was friendly. She was tall with bright red hair and white skin. Well dressed, the fabric clung to her lean body. But what caught my eye was her eyes, one was blue and the other green. I must’ve stared a while when she opened her lips and smiled. “Yes," she could easily tell i was looking at her eyes," I know…”

I nodded my head as I leaned back, “wow.” It wasn’t professional. It was the only word as I looked at the total package. I shook my head realizing my wife would pinch my cheek later.

“Thank you.” She nodded with a smile.

I met Himagami. She wore a black kimono that hid her petite figure. She had soft white skin with dark eyes that shined like marble. Her long black hair flowed to the middle of her back, wrapped with black ribbon. “Good morning.” She smiled, tilting her head. she was cute. Wow, I thought again. Her eyes sparkled. She read my mind.

I was presented to the general. He was your typical lifer. He had a well-trimmed gray hair and mustache and his skin was soft leather from years in the sun and hazel eyes. His lean figure was perfect for his uniform. We shook hands, spoke a little complementary conversation. I moved to the advisor.

The advisor nodded, cold in personality. He wore black from his sunglasses, yes sunglasses, to his boots, to his long coat. I held my hand out but he shook his head. It was a very uncomfortable moment.

Madeleine spoke explaining the situation in a businesslike manner.

One. I was to interview the young woman for three days.

Two. Update each morning.

Three. Tell no one.

Four. leave after three days.

She had told me that Prof. Davies did this for them but he was on one of his explorations, somewhere in the mountain region of Scandinavian. It caught me by surprise. The professor never mentioned it. but I had been told not to tell anybody. And be well-paid. “Not bad…” I said to myself. I remember the room smelled sweet, and I commented on it as I placed my notepad and pencil on the table. I reached into my pocket, pulling out a small recorder and placed it on the table. It made a soft metal click as it touched the surface of the table. Then she spoke." Are you going to do, what the other man did. While I slept?”

“Huh...” I looked up, surprised.

She had broken the silence and her voice was beautiful. It was a mix of a mothers’ and a seductress. I listened to her soft sigh as she lowered her head. I hesitated trying to gather my words, “um… I don’t understand what the men did?“. I paused, taking a nervous breath, “I apologize if it inconvenienced you…”

“You are apologizing for the inconvenience,” She answered, exhaling a little louder. “Little boy.” She referred, sounding annoyed, “I dislike having a male push his fingers inside me. Tells me to say cheese then that click noise. He even had the audacity to put his fingers in my mouth, spread my lips and click again.” She shook her head as her long brown hair reflected the florescent light. “If… I had been involved I wouldn’t have minded.” She chuckled, “it’s been a while since I have taken a male… Or a female.” She softly growled. It sounded like a wild animals. It was deep, primal. My heart beat faster. I went cold. I felt overwhelmed and afraid, wanting to run and hide. I realized she had been sexually assaulted while sedated. “Just a moment.” I huffed, turning to leave. “Where are you going?” she sounded surprised. “To find out why.” I said moving towards the door. I grabbed the doorknob, turned it and left the room. I entered the room behind the mirror. How this could happen in a military complex? I took a deep breath, opening the door and was greeted by yelling. Ms. Himagami was yelling at the top of her lungs. Her expression like a wild animal, furious. Her eyes narrowed, flashing with anger. Ms. Madeleine had her arm across Himagami’s chest, holding her back from the general and the advisor. “What the hell.” Himagami’s eyes bulged. Her face burned red as her throat straining, “could you allow this to happen!”

“No, No…” The general spoke, waving his hands, shaking his head. Ms. Madeleine stood firm, her blue and green eyes creased. She was angry but in control of herself. Her glare burned through them. The air was thick with anger. She glanced at me, shaking her head. “Himagami… Please…”

“Why?” She narrowed her glistening eyes. I thought it was odd, maybe she had suffered something like it. “Stand down.” She tilted her head as himagami lowered her chin, “yes ma’am.” She closed her eyes, tightened her lips. I could hear her breathing; it was hard and angry and justified. Madeleine held her arm out with her hand open wide, “no…” she said, glaring at me. She turned to the general and his advisor. “You are telling me that in a military installation with cameras everywhere this happened?”

The general shaking his head in disbelief, released an irritated breath. “All we have is her word." he nervously cleared his throat. "That means…” Madeleine interrupted, “Really.” She cocked her head, thinning her eyes, “you are going with that?”

“We don’t..." He took a deep breath, glanced at the advisor, he eyes begging for a little assistance. The advisor just remained quiet. “How about I go to your superiors, Or mine…” She glared at the advisor, “or yours.” the advisors’ eyes grew wide. His thin lips twisted. They reminded me of something reptilian. Madeleine narrowed her eyes, shaking her head. She paused taking a deep breath. “I had hoped that the first words out of your mouth, General, lets’ check the camera feeds. Because God knows. What if he took his little clicking device off the base and,” she paused, stepped forward, staring into the generals’ eyes, “published it,” she yelled in his face. Himagami reach inside her long kimono, fingers wrapping around the hilt of a sword. My heart jumped, catching my breath, as i saw her fingers wrap around the hilt. She glanced at me. Her narrowed eyes filled with pain. She blew out a breath, uncurling her fingers from the hilt and closed her kimono, shaking her head. “I will go check.” The general sighed in defeat, turned towards the door. “Himagami,” Madeleine’s voice became friendly again, “could you go with him?” Himagami straight lips curled. She glared at the general. She had a certain satisfaction on her face that sent chills across my spine. The general closed his eyes, resigned to the fact. He was not in charge. “Fine…” He sighed. He gave her a hard glance then turned to leave. “You!” She thinned her eyes, pointing at me. I thought I was back home again and been caught doing something I shouldn’t have been doing. “Huh?” My mouth went slack. “go, do your job, now!” She ordered, waved me off like I was a nuisance. I nodded turned, closing the door. Himagami and the general walked down the hall. I shook my head, bringing my hand to my chest. I inhaled a deep breath and, slowly released it, calming myself. I opened the door and stepped inside the room. She was sitting with her back to me but the atmosphere of the room had lifted. “So…” She spoke, turning her head slightly, smiling, her blue eyes brighter than any blue I had ever seen. “Did you assert yourself?” The end of her lips curled. “No…” I gave out a short disappointing chuckle, running my hand through my hair. “Madeleine and Himagami beat me to it” I shook my head, catching my mistake. I raised my chin to the ceiling, biting my lip. “Did you give something away?” She spoke with a certain pride in her tone. I blew out a breath, shaking my head. I had told her the names of two people behind the mirror. “should’ve kept my mouth shut.” I blew out a disappointing breath, walked over to the chair, pulling the seat out and sat. She chuckled again, it was a beautiful laugh. My cheeks must’ve been bright red. “How long?” She spoke as I turned on the recorder. “I’m sorry what is that?”

“It is a recorder. It allows me to listen to our conversation later.”

“What was the other click? Earlier…” she spoke as her head dipped. “A camera.” I sounded a little disappointed. Truth be told I was greatly disappointed. She was vulnerable and had been taken advantage of and it bothered me. “What is a camera?” she asked. I stared, listening to her question, “you don’t?” She shook her head. “it takes pictures and you can print them for viewing later…”

“Like a portrait?”

“Yes, Only quicker…”

“And that is art. You hang that on your walls…” she sounded amused.

“No, Not really.”

“It is a shame.” she spoke, her shoulders rose and fell in perfect motion. A smile grew on the corners of my lips, a change in her tone of voice. “I would’ve taken him. ” She chuckled, “it has been a while but to do that, He is not worthy…” She slowly looked over shoulder again, softly smiled, winked at me. “How about you?” she grinned. I was getting myself ready for the interview. When she said that. The comment had caught me off guard. My mouth dropped, my heart skipped a beat. I swallowed what little salvia in my mouth. And an odd sensation grew in my stomach. I was like a teenage boy being asked out by a girl. And my response was as effective as it was then. My voice cracked as the words tumbled. My tongue twisted in an inaudible huh? I stared at her smiling profile. “Are you worried about the glass?” she said, chuckled. “Are you shy… Or do you prefer boys?” She cocked her head to the side and arched her eyebrow. “No, No, no…” The words came out in rapid fire succession. My voice sounding like a high pitch girl’s voice. She laughed a little louder. She turned back facing the wall, “I am just teasing.” She sighed. “How long?” I couldn’t help but be nervous. She was attractive, confident and in control of meeting. “How long what?” I placed the recorder closer, turned it on. “How long are you going to talk?

“Three days…” I nodded taking a pencil off the table. I wrote across the top of my yellow 11 x 7 notepad putting the date on the top right-hand corner, August 8, 1979. “What then?”

“I don’t know… I mean I will go back to the University and complete my report…”

“You will leave me…” I looked up, setting my pencil on the tablet. She sounded like a child, her voice like my daughter’s when I left for a job. I felt a pang in my chest. I don’t know why she said it but she did. “I’m sorry.”

“Why? ” I asked, looking at my trembling hands. “I made you sad.”

“No… Not really… I…” I took a deep breath, leaning back into my chair, looking at the ceiling, “you sounded like one of my daughters.”

“Daughters.” she chuckled then sighed, “How many?”

“Three, ” I laughed, " I'm the only male." I let out a deep breath, “and I really don’t mind.”

“Do you love them?” she asked.

“Very much.” A smile grew on my face as I spoke without hesitation, “the boys I hate…” She raised her head, her laughter filled the room. “Yes, they can be troublesome…” she shook with laughter, “especially if we want them to be.” She released a breath, “My name is Tessa and only Tessa. I have no last name. except for when he said Tessa mine…”

“Mine…” I said with a questioning tone. I tilted my head, my hand writing across the tablet as I listened to her. “It took a while to get him to say it. But when he did, I wrapped my arms around and kissed him…” She pushed the chair back, stood up, turned around and faced me. She was wearing a lab technician’s coat that hung open, and nothing else. My eyes widened, catching my breath and my heart stopped. She stood 6 feet and a few inches tall. Long brown hair fell to her rump. Her exposed breasts were perfect and round, her stomach firm and tight. Porcelain White skin perfect with a fragile quality. Bright blue eyes narrowed as her soft natural colored lips warm. She leaned forward scooting the chair towards the table. The coat falling open, giving me a clear view of her breasts, hanging like ripen fruit. I could only think of three words to describe her as she sank into the chair. Goddess, Succubus and predator. She smiled, recognizing the twinkle in my eyes. She tilted her head, winked as she sat at the table. “Thank you.”

“For what?” I held my breath, lost in her gaze I waited, no expecting, no wanting her answer.“Thinking me attractive?” She nodded, looking over my shoulders at the glass. “I hope your mate will not be jealous.” She leaned forward and whispered. “I can’t tell her this, still she’ll know.” I held my lips tight, looking at the tablet as I wrote her name. “When she sees the look, that something is.”

“Yes…” the right side of her mouth curled. “She will reach over pinch my cheek and say. When we get home, I will need to claim you.” My eyes were glowing as I licked my lips. She leaned forward put her warm hand on mine, “then I hope she claims you for the next three days…” She nodded with a smile that warmed her face. I laughed again put my hand over her hand. “We have a fourth one, on the way…” She shook her head, chuckled, “I guess you find a lot of you know attractive…”

“Since you have told me so much of yourself…” she tightened her lips, asking me with her eyes. I nodded my head, telling her my name. “William… William Bergwolff” I spoke. “William…” She paused, nodding her head, “I like that, William Bergwolff…” She leaned back, her hand slipping away, her warmth faded. “What would you like to talk about?” She tilted her head, her eyes looking like a predator waiting to leap. She grinned. “But first I would like you to talk.” she stopped me from speaking , “it has been a very long time...”I didn’t understand her comment, but I knew building a relationship was important. “Okay…”

“Tell me about your mate….”

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